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WebDrive App for Android Review

Imagine you being able to access all your important documents/files stored in multiple devices from a single app in your phone. Well, that is WebDrive Android app for you. It can securely connect to popular cloud services as well to your corporate file servers (with permission of course). WebDrive app can be obtained for $4.95.


WebDrive app for Android, South River Technologies, let you connect to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. It can access popular protocols such as Google Drive, Secure and Legacy FTP Servers, Amazon S3, SFTP servers, WebDAV servers and share point servers with few taps of your finger tips. And it can access file sizes as big as 2GB. For secure file transfers, WebDrive supports SSL, TLS and SSH types. You can browse your files, review them (editing will be supported soon!) and share them with friends and colleagues through email, Twitter or Facebook.

WebDrive App for Android

WebDrive app for Android features a structured and well defined interface. It is also easy to use. For example, it is pretty easy to add a site: simply tap on ‘add site’ at the top left-hand corner of the main menu screen. From there a list of websites will be presented to you and you can proceed in logging into your account or initializing personalization security access as per your requirements. You can edit existing sites as well from the same location function on the main menu screen. The best part is that, in case, if you find it difficult to grasp the working of the app or its features, you can seek the free technical support offered by the app’s developers. Further, all new features incorporated in the upgrades will be made available to the existing users for free.


WebDrive app for Android brings the power of WebDrive to your phone. It let you connect to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. The ability to make secure transfers and multiple sharing avenues gives it more value for the money spent. The UI is intuitive. Ability to directly edit documents will be incorporated in the future versions of the app. Free technical support offered comes handy to new users. To sum it up, a useful app to those who store a lot of data and accumulate lots of file across multiple storage services. Check it out if you think you’re one of them.

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Hungry Bugs App for Android Review

Hungry Bugs app for Android is a simple arcade game with great cartoon graphics that kids will enjoy for sure. Why Hungry Bugs specifically suits children because it contains no blood or violence. Your objective in the game is to defend your delicious goodies from fast, angry and very hungry bugs by touching them before they reach your candies. You can get the app for free from Google Play Store.


Here is the premise of Hungry Bugs for Android: you’d prepared a selection of cakes, cookies, and candies, but your kitchen has been overrun by bugs that are trying to eat the delicacies. You got to stop them from reaching your candies. To keep the bugs away, simply touch them and they’ll run back. Once you’d tapped enough of those bugs, the next level with a different goodie or cake unlocks. Each level has a different treat and the position of the cake also might change with levels. The basic cake sits square on the middle and the bugs approach from all directions. This includes flies coming from all sides and spiders that drop down from above. As you unlock progressive levels, the cakes might move off to one side or the other, therein changing the approach of the bugs. In some levels, you’ll be defending cookies spread over a table attracting nothing but spiders from above. Interesting isn’t it?

Hungry Bugs App for Android

Each successive level requires more bug taps to advance to the next level. The bugs also change their mechanics to keep the game interesting. Keep in mind, you’ll lose points if you tap in random without hitting any bugs. The graphics of Hungry Bugs for Android is cartoony. But it looks nice throughout. The jaunty sound track with cute little bug noises each time you tap is interesting.


Hungry Bugs for Android is a pick up-and-play game that requires little instruction whatsoever to start playing. The concept is simple and you need fast fingers to progress through the levels. The difficulty levels increases as you move up the levels. The cartoony graphics looks good. The game is also stable and responsive. You also have an option to share your game score on Facebook and Leaderboard. Check it out if you’re looking for a fun game to kill time while waiting in the airport lounge or traveling to work.

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SHAREit App for Android Review

SHAREit app for Android is one of the best innovative applications available on Google Play Store. Developed by a renowned application team of Lenovo, the app has clinched the deal against its rivalries by snatching near to ten million installations and an impressive rating of 4.4 out 5 as stated on the Play Store. SHAREit app is a free download from Google Play Store.


As the name of the app suggests, the objective of SHAREit app is to provide a cross platform to ease the transfer/share of the media contents at a blazing speed. It offers a more compelling and comprehensive Wi-Fi direct sharing service at the present juncture and sharing of files, images, videos can be accomplished in a short span of time. The interface of the app is clean, intrusive and simple. Once after successful installation, all one need to do is to switch on the Wi-Fi local hotspot, subsequently the launch of the app automatically search and displays a list of the devices in the range. Just select the relevant file and a receiver and you are done with the transfer in a moment. Besides this, the app permits a user to share the files with more than one receiver (up to 5 receivers) simultaneously.

SHAREit App for Android

The notable feature of SHAREit Android app is its speed and it delivers exactly as stated on the paper. Normally the speed of the file transfer is 40 times as compared to Bluetooth and it provides an advanced security layer to protect from any unauthorized access to the group or list of receivers. The other impeccable feature it bangs on the board includes backing up the phone contacts, securing the phone data and a majestic two camera function. There were a few technical hiccups related to the stability of the link and connection speed which are now completely fixed in the most recent version available on the Play Store.


SHAREitapp requires 2.2 or higher Android version. The app is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and even PC. It’s downloading is really a worth because of its scintillating performance in sending media contents and documents with no work required at the other end. Grab this app on Google Play Store and enjoy hassle free sharing of files with your peers to let your mind free from tizzy.

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