Alto Email App for Android Review

Email has given us a whole new way of communicating with people from all across the world. Email has becomes such an important part of our life that it has become really hard to imagine life without email. However, sometimes it becomes hard to organize our mail, especially on our smartphone. However, Email – Organized by Alto app makes it easier for us to manage the email. Developed by AOL, the app provides intuitive organizational tools and features to make emailing easier. So, let’s take a look at the app and find out how it truly helps you to manage your emails with greater ease.


Almost all of us have multiple email accounts. Now, most of them might not be with the same service provider. For example, you might have one account with Gmail, another with Outlook Live and another with Yahoo. Now, to check out the mails of all those accounts, you need to log in to different pages or you need to use different apps for different email accounts. This is one of the areas that the Alto app helps you out perfectly. The app helps you to manage emails from different accounts. Some of the accounts that you can manage with the app is Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo!, iCloud, Hotmail, Outlook and the likes. It also helps to manage your corporate accounts. With just a few simple touches, you can shift from one email account to another.


Alto Email App for Android comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easier and more efficient to manage the emails with ease. Instead of the same old boring interface that you see in every email app, this app has an innovative cards layout which makes management simple and fun. The app also moves beyond just emails and helps you in more ways than one. It also gives you real time shopping and flight updates. So, if your flight is delayed by a few hours, you would get to know instantly. Nice, isn’t it? Well, this app has more than that! You can also get your rental car location as well as directions to your hotel. Hence, this app would really be useful if you are travelling. This app has more features and all you need to do is to explore.


Alto Email App for Android is one of the best email management apps out there. It has got a large number of features but still it manages to be extremely simple. So, get the Alto app by AOL and get the smartest way to manage the emails.

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Sesh Life Coach iPhone App Review

It will be easier to improve if there is someone to give you feedback on your performance. Sesh for iPhone will match you with an expert life coach and connect you via live video chat and instant messaging. Interacting with them help you improve your career, overcome stress, and build happy relationships. Sesh- Life Coach & Executive Performance Coaching app can be downloaded without cost from iTunes App Store.


Sesh app for iPhone matches you with an expert life coach who could help you out. You start by picking area wherein you think you need improvement. The app automatically matches you with a life coach who specializes in the areas you want to work on. The life coach might be from any part of the world. But it makes sure that you get connected to the right person. The life coaches with Sesh are trained and certified. They are handpicked for the community.
Here is how you use the app: to start with, choose your top areas for personal growth. The app will show you a list of areas that people often want to improve. Once you choose your area, the app will automatically match you with a coach who specializes in the areas you want to work on.


Sesh makes it possible to connect with right expert, anywhere in the world, in just seconds. Now your free trial begins. Your coach will help you define specific personal or professional goals, set clear and practical steps to reach them, get real feedback and encouragement along the way, and most importantly, keep you accountable for the goals you’d set for yourself. The UI of Sesh for iPhone is beautifully done. The layout is largely user friendly. Anytime you can check the qualifications of the life coach you are interacting with. The app is also stable.


Sesh for iPhone is your life coach in your pocket. The app let you choose the areas where you need improvement and automatically connects you to a life coach who is specialized in the area you need to work on. All the coaches enlisted by Sesh are trained and certified so that quality of service is guaranteed. The user interface is well designed and easy to navigate. Check it out if you want a happier and more productive personal and professional life.

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MastFlow app for iPhone Review

MastFlow for iPhone help you bring clarify, focus and purpose to your life. With so many distractions, self-reflection is needed to bring your dreams to fruition. MastFlow app helps you do just that. You can download MastFlow app for free from iTunes App Store.


MastFlow iPhone app allows you to set goals, dates, and reminders, therein helping you build a plan to make your life organized. Life coaches stress that balance is the key aspect to happiness. By planning different aspects in your life from health, money, work, health, giving to others, self-care and relationships, you’ll see what you are lacking or what brings you joy the most. In a sense, having MastFlow for iPhone is like having your life coach in your pocket. It holds you accountable for the goals, wishes and reminders you’d set for yourself. The app also has a center of core values which allows you to master your thoughts: as your thoughts becomes your reality.


MastFlow for iPhone has a beautifully done user interface. The various options/goals are presented in a circular format. Tapping on each icon opens up the corresponding page wherein you can enter the details. Scheduling the tasks is also easy enough. The UI layout is largely user friendly. On the flip side, you can have only limited number of goals in the free version of the app. For unlimited goals, you got to upgrade to the paid version that could set you back by $0.99. In terms of performance, we found the app to be stable and responsive. MastFlow app requires iOS versions 7.1 or higher.

Final Thoughts

MastFlow iPhone app helps you organize your goals, thoughts and other aspects of life such as money, work, health and resolutions so that you’ll have better clarify of things to focus and work on. Setting up the goals, reminders and dates are reasonably easy, thanks to the intuitive user interface. The layout is user friendly for most parts. Its color theme also looks nice. In the free version of the app, however, only let you have a limited number of goals. For more, you got to upgrade to the paid version. Check it out if you are scouting for an app to help you organize your goals regarding the different aspects of your life.

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