Hurricane Track iPhone App Review

Hurricane Track 3.0 for iPhone is a modern and easy to use hurricane tracking and radar application. It gathers its data from 12 radar locations from around the world to provide hurricane forecast in different parts of the globe. You can download Hurricane Track app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.


Hurricane Track iPhone app helps you stay away from the storm’s path. The app provides projected storm path for up to five days so that you’ll know which way the storm is advancing. Forecast and Hazards give you detailed forecasts for different periods of the day, and hazards that you should look out for (Tornado Watch, Flood Warning, High Tide, etc.) Said information is updated hourly for US residents. The innovative lightning intensity radars tells you the lightning patterns around the globe. The app uses 8 World Radars for 12 different Locations (that is, 96 in all) around the Globe to put together the weather information to you.


You’ll be amused to find out that Hurricane Track app for iPhone also provides you sea surface temperature for the past two months. Marine biologists might find this handy in their work. Perhaps, this is the first storm tracking app that provides graphical outlines of cloud formations that can turn into potential Tropical Storms. An interactive 3D Earth with Live Clouds, Tropical Storms, and Earthquakes gives you a fair idea about these natural phenomenon and how it occurs. Last but not the least, the app provides tropical storm and weather Information, summaries, discussions, and outlooks. The discussions by experts could give users a fair picture of how the storm is unravelling. The UI of Hurricane Track app is well designed and easy to use. The storm progress is portrayed in an easy to comprehend format. The 3D earth view is impressive, so is the lightning strike intensity on the map. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive as well. Hurricane Track requires iOS 8.0+.


Hurricane Track app for iPhone provides accurate storm information and its predicted path to the users. It relies on 8 World Radars for 12 different locations around the globe for its operation. The forecasts and hazards section gives you detailed forecasts as well as hazards for different periods of the day, wherein said info is updated every hour. The interactive 3D earth is a revelation. Summaries and discussions should give your more information about the storm and other weather information. The UI is largely user friendly. We found the app to be slick and responsive as well. Overall, a nice storm and weather forecast app worth checking out, if you happen to live in one of those states.

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Real Gangster Crime 2 Android Game App Review

Crime is a new word in the Android market and its leading the way by Real Gangster Crime 2 developed by Good Thoughts Affect. It has fetched an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 and more than a million installations on the Google Play Store. It is one of the best simulation games doing the rounds on the Android platform.

Outstanding graphics with zero lag in the game play

The interface of Real Gangster Crime 2 game for Android is intuitive and easy to go through. Once after successful installation, launch of the game begins with you as a player spawn next to a police car in the middle of the silent lakeside location. The theme play is pretty similar to well-known GTA where players adventure around the city accepting missions and accomplishing the same while avoiding hostile enemies. The graphics and aesthetics of the game play is phenomenal to experience as it unveils multitude of scenarios such as observing the city in an aerial view by using a helicopter. As a gangster, a player has to commute using cars and bikes and accomplish the mission to clear the levels in order to rank up the levels to enhance the performance and unlock power-ups to do well in the difficult stages.


Real Gangster Crime 2 Android app is compatible with both smart phones and tablets. It requires Android version 2.3 or higher. The app is a free download from Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases starting with $0.25 per item to unlock multiple weapons and powers to clear the mission levels at an ease.

Decent progression system in a simple roaming game

Real Gangster Crime 2 for Android brings new advanced graphics and cash rewards to experience a plethora of nail biting action thrilled levels along with new equipment’s and skills from more health to additional damage. The landscape and ambience are crafted in a way to let a player explore more and don’t ever run away from cops or strangers. If you are looking for a simple roaming game with an added flavor of GTA, then it won’t disappoint you. Grab a free copy of the app from Play Store to get into the shoes of a crime-master to create havoc in the city.

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Viber Messenger iPhone App Review

Viber Messenger for iPhone is a free messaging and calling app that keeps you connected to anyone in the world through your Internet connection. In fact, it predates WhatsApp and Hike Messenger, and has revolutionized chatting over the internet. You can download Viber for free from iTunes.


Viber Messenger app for iPhone set the standards for chat and calling apps. You just got to choose a contact from your phone book or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Viber. Users can make audio or video calls, text, share photos and videos, express yourself with thousands of stickers to choose from, record audio messages and even send files. All messages and calls are protected by end-to-end encryption so that you can breathe easy. But, as users, you got to manually authenticate the contacts to be sure you’re talking to the right person. Do you need to interact with a big group? Viber for iPhone allows you to create groups with up to 250 participants and “like” messages when you don’t have time to reply. You can also delete messages that you’d regret sending. It is a great way of damage control, provided the other person hadn’t seen the messages yet. You can also hide the chats you don’t want to be visible in your chat list and access them later with a PIN. The app also has stickers to convey your mood and emotions.


The biggest USP of Viber Messenger for iPhone is the ability to make hassle free long-distance calls. You can make free international calls without having to set up a username or provide login information. You can also make video calls, as well as instant video messages. For the latter, tap and hold the instant video icon to capture the moment with 30-second videos, and release to send. Last but not the least, there are public accounts you can follow. There are also games, option to share contacts and location, and see message information including who has seen and liked your messages. Viber Messenger requires iOS versions 8.1 or higher.


Viber Messenger for iPhone is an easy to use messaging and calling application. Using the app, you can send text messages to other Viber users, or make video calls with HD-quality sound while having a face-to-face conversation. Group chat feature is unparalleled. The calls and messages are protected by end-to-end encryption that hacking threat is minimal. The UI layout is largely user friendly. Multiple language support comes handy to non-English speakers across the globe. Check it out if you are looking for a chat/call application that is secure and easy to use.

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