WeSki Ski Trip & Resort Trail Maps iPhone App Review

WeSki for iPhone is probably the world’s first and only ski app that provides turn-by-turn trail map directions, therein making it easy to find and meet up with friends and family members on the mountain. You can download WeSki – Ski Trip & Resort Trail Maps app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.


WeSki Ski Trip & Resort Trail Maps for iPhone provides directions to anywhere at the ski resort based on your skill level—even if you don’t get cell service. You will get turn-by-turn audio directions while you’re skiing or snowboarding down the mountain. This comes handy if you are new to a ski resort or mountain slope. It also gives real time GPS locations of your friends and family members at ski resorts. Knowing the location of your friends/family allows you to schedule meetings so you can easily meet up when you’re not skiing or snowboarding together.


WeSki Ski Trip & Resort Trail Maps iPhone app also got an SOS function wherein you can quickly send your current GPS location to ski patrol in the event of emergency (at supported resorts). You can also chat and share pictures with other skiers and snowboarders on the mountain, provided they also use WeSki app for iPhone. Other notable features include the ability to track your on-mountain stats: Speed, vertical, time, and distance, the option to save and share custom locations, and get directions to restaurants, lodging etc. The UI of WeSki for iPhone is well designed. The various trails are clearly rendered on the backdrop of a mountain image. Important places and points are marked. You can also find the location of other skiers on the map. Heat map is a good feature. In terms of performance, the app is reasonably stable and responsive. WeSki app requires iOS versions 9.0 or higher.


WeSki app’s biggest USP is the turn-by-turn trail map directions. The trails are all rendered neatly on the image of a map. As it gives real-time GPS location of friends/family members at ski resorts, it will easy to find and meet them if required. The ability to send your GPS location to ski patrol is a nice touch. The app also let you chat as well as share photos with other skiers. You can also see slope views and mountain cams. The UI is user friendly as well. Overall, a well-conceived ski app worth checking out.

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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds iPhone App Review

Are you not able to fall asleep fast? Check this one out: Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app for iPhone. The app features 49 high quality endless white noises that lull you to sleep in no time. You can download Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app for free from iTunes App Store.

Sleep Well with Natural White Noise

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds for iPhone could be a one-stop solution to your sleeping woes. The default download comes with 49 loops, including paid ones. Like Noisli app – which incidentally is a paid app – you can mix your loops together in any combination to create custom sounds. Since the available sounds are all natural white noises, mixing them in any combination does not disturb your sleep. In the free version, you can listen to twenty-five great free tracks in six categories: rain, storms, water, nature, transportation and appliances. I am rather amused to find that sound of airplane and washing machines are white noises that soothes your nerves. The paid sounds falls under the categories: weather sound, sleeping baby, nature sounds, and sounds of summer.


Rain Rain Sleep Sounds iPhone app features a robust mixer that let you combine any sounds you wish, wherein you can independently control the volume of each. So it is possible to hear campfire in the rain or washing machine and dryer together. You can also save your favourite sound combinations for easy recall later. It also has a useful sleep timer that let you set the app to gently fade-out and then stop the rain after a specified duration so that you can get to sleep without leaving your phone on all night. The timer is also intelligent enough to learn your preferences after use and automatically starts the next time you use Rain Rain for iPhone. The app requires iOS 8.0+.

Best White Noise App for iPhone

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds for iPhone help you relax and sleep. It comes handy if you feel stressed out at night, and not able to fall asleep. The app has a rich collection of white noises that you can listen to, either independently or as a mix of different sounds as your prefer. The app got a robust mixer tool to mix and combine the different sounds. Using the app is easy, thanks to its intuitive UI. It is also slick and responsive. Overall, an effective white noise app that let you sleep, relax, meditate, study, work, and focus.

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ProFlowers Send Flowers Bouquets & Plants iPhone App Review

Flowers are great gift ideas, whether it is your dear one’s birthday or someone is celebrating their anniversary. ProFlowers app for iPhone help you choose the best flowers for an event, and have it sent to the desired address. You can download ProFlowers: Send Flowers, Bouquets & Plants app for free from iTunes App store.


ProFlowers app for iPhone basically allows you to send fresh flowers and plants to others in seconds. It could be any occasion, and you can select the most ideal flowers and plants to be presented to your dear ones. Using ProFlowers for iPhone is easy. You just got to fire up the app and choose the flowers or plants you think is perfect for the occasion. You can choose from dozens of beautiful bouquets and plants like roses, lilies, succulents and more. The available choices are plenty. After selecting the flowers/plants, add the recipient’s address from the iPhone address book. Of course, you can type in a personalized message to be delivered with the flowers. Finally, take a photo of your billing info and save for quick, secure checkout, and eventually click ‘send’. Usually, your gift will be delivered at the recipient’s address within a day.


The flowers are shipped with a free vase, personalized card, and easy care instructions. The flowers arrive field fresh and ready to bloom. It also offers guarantee for at least 7 days. Similarly, the plants come with plant food and care instructions. The app also offers a two week guarantee. The UI of ProFlowers for iPhone is beautifully designed. The color theme looks nice. It is easy to choose the flowers/plants and place an order. You can view the photo of the flowers/plants and their prices before placing an order. The app is reasonably secure as well. ProFlowers need iOS 9+.


ProFlowers: Send Flowers, Bouquets & Plants iPhone app lets you quickly order flowers, bouquets, and plants for your friends, to greet them on a special occasion. The app got a wonderful UI that makes it easy to browse the flowers and place orders. The option to add a personalized message to go along with the gift is a nice touch. We found the app to be stable, responsive and secure as well. Check it out if you are in the lookout for a reliable app to send flowers, bouquets and plants.

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