Back to Back Android App Review

How difficult it’ll be to count from 1 to 10? If you’re playing Back to Back puzzle app for Android, believe me, it won’t be easy. Yes, it won’t be easy to count from 1 to 10 across a grid in random order with obstacles in front of them. And you got to do it as fast as you can. Back to Back game app can be downloaded for free.


Back to Back app for Android becomes progressively difficult. Every time you manage to successfully count from 1 to 10, the app provides a more difficult layout, pushing you to go faster than before. The better you perform, the more of a score multiplier you get, and the higher your score will be. There are powerups that you can use to reorder the tiles, as well as curveballs like numbers displayed in Roman Numerals. Here is how the game is played: when you fire up the app, you’ll see a grid of tiles, some with numbers on them. Now, you got to tap the tiles – in sequence – the numbered tiles in order for 1 to 10. Each time you manage to highlight a square precisely, it changes color. There is a multiplier on the top-left corner of your screen. It increases as you progress, so does your score just below.

Back to Back Android Puzzle Game App

There is nothing to mention about the theme. It is minimalistic and augurs well with the game unfolding on screen. It would have been great however had it come with extra themes to spice things up. The game play is fun and addictive. Strangely, the game lacks integration with Google Play Games. Back to Back is stable and responsive for most parts. We’d never encountered any lags or freezes while testing it.


Back to Back app for Android expects you to have some sort of intelligence. Counting from 1 to 10 might seem simple. But you start to slow down with larger grids and Roman Numerals, as the board refreshes after first few rounds. The concept as such is new and fresh. It is also pretty fast. The arcade style scoring and game play is great to kill time while you wait in the airport lounge or commuting from/to work. The game is ad-supported. But you can get rid of the ads by paying a nominal fee. To sum it up, a perfect game to challenge yourself and give your brain a decent workout.

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Opera Max Data Manager Android App Review

Internet is the lifeline of our smart phone. Most of the time we don’t know where our network data bytes are getting consumed and hence add more cost to our bill. Then we definitely need a good data managing application in our Smartphone. Opera Max – Data Manager app is a complete solution for data management in Android phones. With Opera Max, user can easily keep watch on data usage by system and downloaded applications. Due to optimization of data consumption, your data plan will last long that eventually help you to save money. Opera Max Data Manager app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.


Opera Max Data Manager for Android is a free solution that helps to save significant data bytes and extends your data allowance. It is loaded with all advance features to support optimal use of data. Users can keep track of daily usage of data and limit data hogging applications to Wi-Fi only. You can compress videos, photos and media to save memory. During compression, the quality of videos will not deteriorate and size limit will get lowered. Opera Max requires less download applications that means higher mobile browsing speed. It is good watch videos, as the application compress high size videos into small size videos for viewing. Due to this high end compressing, your phone browser will take less time to download and buffer videos.

Opera Max Data Manager Android App

Opera Max app’s data managing option is quite useful in daily routine. In this feature, user will get real time data usage statistics. You can block data hogging websites and applications to avoid unwanted consumption of data. Opera Max is a quite safe and secure application and it does not poach into your privacy. It is good to note that Opera Max does not optimize any data sent using encrypted connections. Thus all your private data gets advanced directly to the desired destination instead of being proxied through the Opera Max savings cloud. New version of the app is more stable than the previous versions. Opera Max app is compatible with Android version (4.0) or higher.


Opera Max – Data Manager app for Android is an awesome tool to keep track of data usages and avoid high data hogging applications. All its features are quite user friendly and UI is very effective. Pick it, to assist you for optimized mobile data usage and improved connectivity.

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Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editor for Android Review

Photo editing applications have been in great demand ever since the advent of camera centric smart phones. Autodesk Pixlr – Photo Editor is yet another addition to that list by the famous Autodesk Inc, the pioneers in designing industry. Like other photo editors, this one too is loaded with attractive features and options to convert and change your photos in the way you want. What makes it more special is its relatively small size that doesn’t consume much of your memory, easy to use options and processes and of course the plethora of photo effects and functions. Autodesk Pixlr for Android is absolutely free in the Google Play Store with enough in-app purchases though the inbuilt features are more than enough to complete your task.


The highlights of Autodesk Pixlr Android app are the intuitive interface, simple options and tons of editing choices. As you open the app, you will be greeted with an attractive home screen with icons for camera, photos, collage, fresh and the settings icon located at the top. Choose your desired option or icon to get started. You can select camera to straight away click a picture with the inbuilt camera and start editing on that particular pic or choose photos to select one from your gallery or memory. You can also use the ‘Fresh’ icon which lets you select the last image you have captured in your phone. The editing functions and options are in plenty with all of them being located in the horizontal grid on the bottom of the screen. There are options for adjustment, effect, overlay, borders, text or type and stickers. More than 600 effects are loaded in this amazing application. In the ‘Adjustment’ tab, you can personally adjust the colour, hues, brightness, contrast, exposure and many more by selecting the brush size or radius and drawing on the place where you require the changes. You can use the ‘Autofix’ button for automatic changes and even draw doodles on your pic by tapping the ‘Doodles’ icon.

Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editor for Android

There are also a wide range of inbuilt effects and features which can be downloaded by just tapping on the download icon while selecting it. Unlike other applications, almost all of these are available for free in Autodesk Pixlr – Photo Editor. The inbuilt camera feature lets you preview the overlays and effects even before you capture your photograph. The two icons are located at the bottom on either side of the display. Select any of them and swipe the screen left or right to choose your desired effect. The collage feature lets you create photo collages with a large number of template designs located in the application. You can add your photos and then select the desired design, adjust the borders, colour etc and save it right away without much delay. There are also a lot of additional features which will attract and amaze you while you surf through the application.


Autodesk Pixlr app for Android is therefore your full length photo editor where you can do anything or everything on your images right on your smart phone. The features and functions seem never ending on this amazing application which is completely free to download and use.

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