Mahjong Crush 2019 Android Game App Review

Mahjong Crush 2019 Android App is a gaming board puzzles. It is also called as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire. Playing games are the great way to unwind a stressful day. Puzzles can keep you occupied for a while letting you concentrate on the game. This will increase your concentration level. But, be careful not to get addicted. Board games are easily addictive. You can keep on playing for hours without getting bored. It is always advisable that you maintain a time limit to keep yourself away from addiction. This gaming app is fun and relaxing.

Play your game with this fantastic board game

Mahjong Crush 2019 is a beautiful gaming app with an interesting set of layouts. The app has over 1000 boards to play. Each tests your Intelligence at a different level. There are hints that can help you through. The unlimited undoes can take you back one step. The app sends daily challenges and updates and has over 3000 different fascinating layouts.

The Mahjong Crush 2019 Android App game has customizable backgrounds that can be set to your liking and an adjustable audio that can be switched on an off. The game can be played offline without Internet connection. Rewards in terms of additional quests, artifacts and gems can be collected as you solve puzzles. Interesting quests are availablelike getting rid of creepers, building portals and clearing ones land from another. Restore your family estate and decorate it. Set the enchanted cats free. The board games help you have great fun with family and friends.


Mahjong Crush 2019 App Game for Android is one of the best of the board games. It has simple to challenging puzzles. The app has regular updates of more free boards each time. Apart from this, there are new characters, quests and levels. The board designs are exclusive and each have special board levels. Get connected with an existing set of people who can support you with ideas.The app is free to download and use.It contains ads. All features are present in the free version. There are no further in app purchases available in the app.

Cartoon Yourself Video Effects iPhone App Review

Cartoon Yourself Video Effects iPhone App turns your photos into cartoons. This is one of the best way to create a cartoon caricature that looks quite realistic. It makes a lot of difference when you have cartoon as profile picture instead of a just a photo. The app has a lot of options to create a cartoon. Any novice can easily use them to create artistic cartoons of varied expressions. It is not complex like any of the professional photo editing software. Have fun trying out the various options and create the one you had in mind.

Draw a cartoon of yourself with this wonderful app

Cartoon Yourself Video Effects iPhone App is a beautiful and easy to use app that can help you create cartoons and caricatures of any kind. It just takes a few seconds to create a dramatic cartoon of you. Wow your friends with fun face.  Morph your image into ways possible and get a lot of likes. The app lets you create an animated video of the process and that will surely make your day.

The Cartoon Yourself Video Effects App for iPhone is quite straightforward. Select a photo from the device’s gallery or take a picture with the camera. Choose a desired effect to be applied on the photo. Your cartoon is ready. There are plenty of effects available. Create a happy face or a sad one. Flirty wink, cute wink, 100 watts smile, squint and the list goes on. The effects look realistic. Share your wonderful creations through social media.


Cartoon Yourself Video Effects iPhone App beautiful caricature that is awe inspiring. Gone are the days when you have to sit in front of an artist or spend hours on a complex photo editing software. This app is capable of creating cartoons in a blink of an eye. The app is free to download and use.It contains ads. There are additional features available for purchase from the in app purchases. Additional features include pro effects and packages to sketch or photo sketch for a week or a month. In app purchases will also remove ads.

Gala360 See the World in VR Android App Review

Gala360 See the World in VR Android App let you see the world in virtual reality.You just have to relax and view the world in 360 degrees from your living room. The app lets you create content and publish them for other users. There some of the most beautiful collections of photos from different parts of the world. Take a step back and see the world in different angles that you have never seen before.Get on this adventurous trip around the world.Become a part of this exciting content that is loaded with awesome new adventures.

Get on this world of virtual reality and enjoy awesome photos

Gala360 Android App is a professional app that has high quality resolution of 5k and 6k. It gives you a lot of photos and videos that takes you on a tour. View everything from San Francisco bay to the towers of San Diego.  Get mesmerized in the beauty of the Grand Canyon. A view that will end with scintillating and eye catchy Yellowstone. All of this you get to enjoy from the coziness of your living room.

Gala360 See the World in VR App for Android has over 300 tours that covers all the important attractions from around the world. The tours are labelled with different icons. Tours labeled with foot icon are hot spot tours. It helps you in walking tours. The ones that cone with narration  icon will have audio stories recited in English. The tours labelled with 3D icon are stereoscopic tours that come with high resolution picture quality.


Gala360 See the World in VR Android App gets you addicted immediately. The app showcases virtual reality that is beyond your imagination. It is perfect for those who love traveling and viewing different attractions around the world. The app has different types of tours each with different perspective and quality.The app is free to download and use. Most of the photos and videos are available in this version. There are certain photos that can be purchased from in app purchases. It is a small fee and a part of it goes to the photographers. There are no ads.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas Android App Review

Kitchen Decoration Ideas android app provides great ideas to decorate a kitchen. A kitchen is the most important room in a house. One must feel happy spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen should be well decorated and suit the mood and liking of people using it. It could be just a small or a huge one, the space should be well utilized. The kitchen should have enough storage spaces and cabinets that suit your need. The app helps you decide on all this and makes it easy to design the kitchen.

Design a class kitchen with help of this creative app

Kitchen Decoration Ideas App for Android has a great interface that lets you enjoy the various ideas without any glitches. There are hundreds of pictures that can give you a lot of innovative ideas. The app has different painting options and decoration required for small or large independent houses or apartments. The styles include, contemporary, country, luxury, modern, elegant and more. Decide on the space and find the apt design.

The Kitchen Decoration Ideas App for Android has multiple ways of decorating he sane space. It could be a new construction, remodeling or renovation, the app has covered it all. The app allows you to download all the images you want. You can download them directly to an SD cards directly. Also, share images with others through social media. Select a picture and set it as wallpaper. All images have great quality. There is no dearth of design ideas and one will definitely find the right one.


Kitchen Decoration Ideas Android App is quite an idea generator that is creative and inspiring. Most of us get stuck with the design. One may not get the complete picture of it unless you can see it through. The app helps you with a lot of design ideas. The app can inspire youto think out of the box. Innovative new ideas can inspire to come up with your own. The app is free to download and use. All thefeatures are available in the free version. There is no additional in app purchases. It contains ads.

Microsoft Bing Search iPhone App Review

Microsoft Bing Search iPhone App is a search app that lets you search for images. Googling has become synonymous to searching. But there are other search engines that provides quicker results and packed with additional features. A product from Microsoft, Bing is an unbiased search engine that is easy, fast and the search results are in your fingertips. What you don’t find using Bing, you will not find anywhere else, even on Google. The app makes it interesting to search by giving rewards points. There are so many exciting features that makes it so much easier and fun.

Search the easy and fun way using Bing

Bing Search iPhone App is a beautiful search engine you can easily fall in love.The app is a feature rich search engine that can make searching fun and interesting. Just take a pic and search similar images. The app will give you loads of information that is useful and one can learn a lot about the search keyword. Get updated with trending news, viral posts and videos. Have fun with content across the web.Enjoy music videos and control how content should appear from each source. Save a lot of time by getting more from just one research.

Microsoft Bing Search App for iPhone let you browse a menu, book a table and a ride with just one search. Compare reviews, prices and save a lot of money. Discover nearby attractions and deals. Save Home Page images as well papers.


Microsoft Bing Search iPhone App is quite a resourceful search engine. The appis more than just a search engine. Watch news and stock markets at a glance. It has all the online Microsoft offices apps. The home page does not show the same pretty picture daily. Everyday it is a new inspiring, beautiful image and that us quite inviting. The results are must useful. The app just don’t stop with a list of links, they show all round information with a 360 degree view of all encompassing information. The app is free to download and use. All the features are incorporated in the free version. There are no ads.