Unicycle Hero iPhone Game App Review

You might be familiar with javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw and other field events. But how about doing it while riding a cycle. Well, that is Unicycle Hero for iPhone is all about. It is a crazy idea with eight different events to play, wherein you attempt to build the proper momentum and launch angle, while riding a unicycle with different objects to throw. The app may be downloaded for free.

The Game

Initially, Unicycle Hero for iPhone might appear like a quick action arcade sports game. It has eight different games to keep you engaged for hours on end. You can also upgrade your athlete to have more throwing power, throwing accuracy, and cycling speed. This will help you to toss items that much better to improve your overall score. Whether you’re playing practice mode or career mode, you’ll always have a target line to shoot for as well as your career high. Typical of such games, most of us would want to improve our scores by trying ‘one last time’. That is what makes this game interesting.

Part of the fun in Unicycle Hero game app is getting used to handling the unicycle. You will fail multiple times for sure. You will laugh when the shot put goes straight up and falls back on your athlete. The game event even allows you to crash your unicycle before even tossing anything, for added amusement. The commentators also mouth some humorous dialogues depending upon your performance on the unicycle. It is as close as it gets to professional commentating in a track and field event. The graphics looks decent. The animations are reasonably smooth. It was also slick and responsive. We have not encountered any freezes while using the app. Unicycle Hero game requires iOS 9.1+.


Unicycle Hero for iPhone is a fun game wherein you attempt field events such as shot put and javelin toss while balancing a unicycle. It is not an easy task and you’ll fail many times before managing to throw the objects to a reasonable distance. It got lots of replay-ability value as you can try again to improve your scores. The commentary is fun to listen to, especially when you fail big time. The animations are slick. It is also stable. Check it out if you are looking for a time killer game with lots of replay value.

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Catchy Android App Review

When you have a circle of friends, one of the things that you are most surely to get is recommendations. Friends would always recommend movies that they have watched or books they have read. However, we often fail to keep a track of the ‘recommendations’ and miss up on some good things. Not only that, we also have answer when our buddy asks whether we have checked the movie or read the book they recommended! Such things can sour relationships. Thankfully, Catchy app for Android comes to your rescue.

Never miss another recommendation

Catchy for Android is a simple and fun app that lets you share recommendations for movies, music and books. You can check the recommendations of your friends and you can share your own recommendations as well. You can also keep a track of the things that you have seen and the things that you are yet to see. The app also allows you to rate the recommendations. Catchy Android app is fully integrated with Google Books, The Movies Database, The TVDB.com, MusicBrainz and theCoverArtArchive.

App Highlights

Simple Interface
Share recommendations with ease
Integrated with various services
Facebook, Google+, Twitter support


Catchy for Android is a nice little application for people who take recommendations seriously and like to give some of their own. The app is really simple to use and most of the things could be done in a jiffy. So, install the app and never miss another good recommendation.

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Retrica – Discover Yourself iPhone App Review

Almost everyone uses their iPhone to click amazing pictures. However, sometimes we feel that our photos need something extra to reflect the mood. This is where Retrica – Discover Yourself for iPhone comes to the rescue. Retrica is an awesome new application for your iPhone which would help you to apply amazing filters to your images and make them more interesting.

Make More Out of Your Images

Retrica – Discover Yourself for iPhone has a lot of features but one of the biggest features of the app is that it allows you to apply the filter in real-time, just when you are clicking the photo. You can also choose from a wide collection of stickers and make your images a bit more fun. You can also doodle something or add some text into your images and make it into a message. You can also create a video collage or GIF from your videos. You can also decorate your photos with Retrica’s original StampTM.

App Highlights

Apply filters on your images in real-time
Decorate images with StampTM
Meet new people on Retrica


There might be few apps out there that allow you to insert filters but Retrica – Discover Yourself for iPhone is better than them on a lot of aspects. It is easier to use, it has got amazing features and it works like a breeze. So, install the app today and get more from your pictures.

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