Glide – Video Chat Messenger Android App Review

Glide – Video Chat Messenger for Android is another entrant to the long list of social messaging applications, but this time the focus is more on videos and live streams. Advertised as the fastest video messenger on the planet, the app more or less lives up to the hype by facilitating smooth, uninterrupted and high quality video chats among people living in various corners of the world. Ever since its release, Glide – Video Chat Messenger app has been receiving large number of downloads and widespread acclaim from more than a million users.


Once you are into Glide – Video Chat Messenger Android app and finish setting up your mandatory account profile, you can get connected to all of your contacts who use Glide. Like other messaging apps, you can share texts, pictures, voices and videos effectively and effortlessly. The processes and proceedings are extremely simple, spontaneous and secured without much scope for any hacks or leaks. However, more than these common features, it is the video messages that open up a new set of interesting and exciting options in the application. Through Glide, the videos or video messages can be sent or shared through quite a number of techniques. Just a tap on the video icon will straight away bring up the recording screen from where you can record, send or broadcast your videos to any number of contacts either one-on-one or in groups.


What’s more interesting is that the videos can be actually streamed or watched in real time by the user at the other end, that too inside an existing chat screen. This makes the conversation more easier, lively and above all very entertaining. Also, the worries of uploading and downloading a video are more or less eliminated here. The application is very much prone to regular updates and upgrades thereby bringing up new features and options every often. The ‘Discover People’ is one among them that lets you find and interact with unknown Glide users around the globe. Other common updates include the frequently updated smiley and filter list that are meant to keep the fun intact while chatting.


Glide – Video Chat Messenger for Android provides you a platform to replace all your text messaging with amazing video sharing and broadcasting options. You can still carry out your text and voice communications in the same way, but through Glide videos, it is a whole new level of messaging experience.

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Grow Fit: Nutrition & Diet Android App Review

Healthy lifestyle can help you to avoid many diseases and lifestyle disorders. This keeps you active throughout the day. Experts recommend daily exercise and follow diet plans to improve stamina and physical fitness. Now you can use your smart phone to get your fitness and diet plan. Grow Fit: Nutrition & Diet for Android is the best fitness and nutrition application for users. It is a perfect tool for beginners so you can plan your weight gain or weight loss plan. Grow Fit app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.


Grow Fit: Nutrition & Diet for Android is the complete application to advise different diet plan for users looking for weight gain or loss. Users will get weight loss guidelines, weight loss diet plans from certified and expert nutritionists. These guidelines will surely help users to avoid complications from PCOS/PCOD, hyper/hypothyroidism, cardiovascular disease, etc. Apart from that, you can chat with nutritionists and fitness experts to check how to achieve specific fitness plans. User can also post their query on the app to seek better advises from experts. Multiple diet plans are available keeping different user types like new mothers, diabetic, athletes in preview.


Grow Fit Android app will help to plan your meals and turn your regular diet into more balanced diet. All available plans on the application are designed by expert dieticians and nutritionists. These plans are divided into specific intervals like weekly, monthly and quarterly plans. Some features of the application are nutrition tips, sleep monitoring, fitness plans etc. If you are feeling stressed out or having anxiety attacks, just check professional advice thru this application. Please note that, basic diet plans are free but for advanced diet plans, users need to purchase them in application. This app is compatible with Android versions 4.0 or above.


Grow Fit: Nutrition & Diet for Android is a great tool to manage your diet plans, track your progress, chat with expert nutritionists to get personalized advices. Users can get series of services that makes it easy defined fitness plans. Good application to get fit and healthy

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GIPHY KEYS iPhone Review

GIPHY KEYS for iPhone is the official keyboard from GIPHY. It is the easiest and fastest way to browse, search, and share the perfect GIF in your text messages – right from your keyboard. GIPHY KEYS – The GIF Keyboard for iPhone may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The App

GIPHY KEYS for iPhone gives you access to GIPHY’s collection of millions of GIFs. As a user, you can play with the special GIPHY commands to make and discover so much more awesome content. It should be noted that you got to give the app ‘full access’, meaning granting it access to the internet (where GIFs live), which is how the app delivers all of the best ones right to your keyboard. Simply tap the Home icon to start your GIF search from inside the message field and see results appear instantly. Explore the Trending feed, your ultimate source for the freshest GIFs. You can explore GIF categories by Mood, Memes, Movies etc. Selecting a GIF and sharing it with your friends is a cake walk. Simply tap on one to select, and paste the GIF in iMessage and send. You can also paste GIFs directly into Twitter compositions and Snapchat messages. You also have the option to post the GIF links in Facebook or Slack. If you find a GIF that you’d liked, you can add it to your favorites in one double-tap.


GIPHY KEYS for iPhone also got its own suite of built-in GIPHY commands that lets users find or create a unique GIF just for you. For example, #echo helps you transform your words into a GIF. The app is found to be stable and responsive. GIPHY KEYS requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


GIPHY KEYS for iPhone is a huge source of animated GIFs, and GIPHY KEYS for iPhone makes it easy to access them and share directly. You can explore GIFs by category. Choosing a GIF and sharing it with others via iMessage or social network sites is a straightforward process. The option to create unique GIFs is a nice touch. Performance wise, GIPHY KEYS app is slick and responsive. To sum it up, GIFs are a great way to express what you feel, and GIPHY KEYS gives you access to your favorite GIFS right from your keyboard.

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