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pickWEB App for Android Review

Have you ever checked how much time you spend before finding the information you need? How often search engine results correctly answered your questions? If it takes too long or if the answers weren’t as precise as you would have liked, give pickWEB app for Android a try. It is a directory that collects data from most interesting websites from the world internet so that you could find answer to your doubts more efficiently. You can get pickWEB Android app for free from Google Play Store.


What pickWEB app for Android does is that it let you filter your questions and in turn, provides you with links to the most possible solution to the particular problem. The app collects some of the best and reliable websites from the WWW that you always get quality content to refer to. It should be noted that the websites/links that the app lists are all reviewed by humans and not auto-bots. pickWEB for Android provides a number of categories such as health, vehicles, law, household, culture, business etc. All the categories are listed according to a selected country. That is, if you want to search something related to culture relating to someone living the US, you got to select US first to get accurate results.

pickWEB App for Android

You can create personal links to websites that you think useful or those you access frequently. There is also an option to review sites based on your experience of using said website. The best thing is that the preferences made on your account are stored in the app’s server that irrespective of the device from which you access your pickWEB account, you’ll be able to see your favorite sites and choices always. The UI review can be called mixed. While it is easy to navigate, the overall design in terms of look and feel is not impressive. However, in terms of functionality, pickWEB for Android works flawlessly.


If you can overlook shortcomings in design and graphics, pickWEB app for Android succeeds in every other department. It helps you find answers to your queries by leading you to the most relevant websites. You can search the sites based on categories after selecting a country. You can save sites as favorites or create personal links to websites that you access regularly. The best part is that you can access your preferences from any device with pickWEB installed. Check it out if you’re looking for a similar utility.

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Tinder App for iPhone Review

If you are looking for the new and interesting people, then you need to Tinder app for iPhone; one of the top rated applications which provides a platform for unknowns to build a relationship. With an eye popping rating of 4+ on the App Store and innumerable appreciation from users, not only astounds its rivalries but clinched the heart of the millions of the iOS users. Tinder app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


Tinder app for iPhone provides a simple and clean user interface. The application assembles users’ fundamental data and dissects users’ social diagram to match potential applicants who are destined to be good focused around the same regional area, a number of common companions and common interests. Taking into account the consequences of potential compatibles, the application permits the user to secretly like or reject them by swiping or tapping.

Tinder App for iPhone

On the off chance that two users like one another then it brings about a “match” and Tinder presents the two users and opens a chat. The app supports more than twenty languages including English, Danish, Japanese and Korean etc. The app is a free download from iTunes App Store. The other key feature it lets a user relish is sharing a snap of moment with all the matches simultaneously.


Tinder app requires iOS version 7.0 or higher. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is already optimized for iPhone 5 and merely requires 18 MB of free space for its installation. Secure a free copy of Tinder from iTunes App Store to get mingled with new people around the globe.

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WebDrive App for Android Review

Imagine you being able to access all your important documents/files stored in multiple devices from a single app in your phone. Well, that is WebDrive Android app for you. It can securely connect to popular cloud services as well to your corporate file servers (with permission of course). WebDrive app can be obtained for $4.95.


WebDrive app for Android, South River Technologies, let you connect to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. It can access popular protocols such as Google Drive, Secure and Legacy FTP Servers, Amazon S3, SFTP servers, WebDAV servers and share point servers with few taps of your finger tips. And it can access file sizes as big as 2GB. For secure file transfers, WebDrive supports SSL, TLS and SSH types. You can browse your files, review them (editing will be supported soon!) and share them with friends and colleagues through email, Twitter or Facebook.

WebDrive App for Android

WebDrive app for Android features a structured and well defined interface. It is also easy to use. For example, it is pretty easy to add a site: simply tap on ‘add site’ at the top left-hand corner of the main menu screen. From there a list of websites will be presented to you and you can proceed in logging into your account or initializing personalization security access as per your requirements. You can edit existing sites as well from the same location function on the main menu screen. The best part is that, in case, if you find it difficult to grasp the working of the app or its features, you can seek the free technical support offered by the app’s developers. Further, all new features incorporated in the upgrades will be made available to the existing users for free.


WebDrive app for Android brings the power of WebDrive to your phone. It let you connect to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. The ability to make secure transfers and multiple sharing avenues gives it more value for the money spent. The UI is intuitive. Ability to directly edit documents will be incorporated in the future versions of the app. Free technical support offered comes handy to new users. To sum it up, a useful app to those who store a lot of data and accumulate lots of file across multiple storage services. Check it out if you think you’re one of them.

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