Twitterrific 5 for Twitter iPhone App Review

Twitter has a decent app. But third party app makers had also come up with Twitter clients with some unique features. Twitterific 5 for iPhone is one such application that offers a basic yet fun experience in communicating through Twitter. You can download Twitterific 5 for free from iTunes App Store.


Twitterific 5 for Twitter iPhone app is easy to understand and a delight to use. The menu features your timelines, mentions and messages. It differs from other Twitter clients in that the app has a simple implementation. It means that even some of the features in other Twitter clients are missing in Twitterific 5. But it has some unique features such as the ability to switch between dark and light themes with your two fingers. Other notable features include sound effects to swipe gestures, an in-app notification when the theme changes, and timelines that can scroll to the marker without displaying it. Users can post from any account, directly from the compose screen. It has voice over support, as well as list management support. Users also have the option to muffle or mute hashtags, users, or URLs that you don’t want to see.


Twitterific 5 app for iPhone also provides push notifications for Replies, Mentions, Retweets, Favs, and Direct Messages through in-app purchases. It won’t be available in the free download. You got to pay up $2.99 to subscribe to push notification feature. The user interface is thoughtfully designed. It is easy to navigate, and the controls are intuitive. It is easy enough to post a Tweet. Multiple language support comes to the rescue of non-English speakers mainly. The app is also found to be stable and responsive. Twitterific 5 requires iOS 9.2+. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch and iPad.


Twitterific 5 for iPhone is a well-rounded Twitter client with intuitive features and a friendly UI. It let you quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum of effort using gestures. Rich media support and animated gifs provides a colourful tweeting experience to the users while the robust VoiceOver support comes handy to people with vision impairments. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch. It is also stable. Overall, a good looking and simple Twitter client for non-serious Twitter users. Check it out if you’re curious.

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Floating Toucher Android App Review

Most Android phones support multi tasking, but the switching process from one task to another can often turn tedious. You will have to go to the home screen, then search for the app you are looking for and finally open it to begin your alternative tasks. In other words, except for the home screen or menu button, easy shortcuts or quick launch icons are missing in almost every Smartphone. Floating Toucher for Android is built for that very purpose, i.e. to provide access to some quick launch icons, which can called upon and used anywhere, everywhere in your device.


The title of the application is indicative of a floating widget or a floating bubble which stays at some part of your screen all the time, irrespective of what the screen displays. The bubble itself is a shortcut to the Floating Toucher for Android which in turn becomes a shortcut for another set of applications and functions inside the phone. Once the bubble is tapped, it turns into a circular panel with provisions and space for multiple shortcuts to be placed within it. The shortcuts can be almost anything inside the phone like folders, applications, functions, system switches and much more. All of the quick launchers and their actions can be set by opening the application and reaching out to the settings tab.


Being a shortcut creating application, the most striking feature of the application would definitely be its intuitive, yet appealing interface. Floating Toucher Android app has a very spontaneous and extremely responsive interface that doesn’t cause or create much lags. The processes can be done very quickly and effortlessly. Just a single touch or a single tap would be more than enough to reach your destinations. In addition to the incredible functions it offers, the app also has a set of customization options to convert the panels and shortcuts to make them look the way you like it to be. Some of them like the panel appearance, pointer size, opacity etc can be done for free while for the others like the changing of panel color, custom actions etc, you will need to upgrade the app to its paid version.


Floating Toucher for Android can turn out to be an extremely handy tool to access and reach out to the different locations in your phone, in the easiest way possible. With the kind of features it offers and delivers, the app can win over the user’s likings in no time. After all, who doesn’t love shortcuts!

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Handle app for iPhone Review

Handle To-do List for iPhone is a sleek productivity app that brings calendar, your email and tasks into one fold. For a user, with all these features handy, they can quickly and easily plan for the day, tomorrow, or beyond. You can download Handle: To-do List, Inbox, and Calendar Management app for free from iTunes App Store.


Handle app for iPhone essentially allows you to capture, organize and focus on your priorities. The app allows you to process your email to extract useful information and create to-do items out of them. A user who often forgets to follow up on email messages in a crowded email inbox would find this app more than handy. Handle for iPhone is easy enough to use. For example, you can manage your to-do list on a daily timeline, take a gander at your inbox, and view your calendar all from within Handle. Simply swipe right to turn an email into a task that you can add to your to-do list.


Handle iPhone app will remind you of the tasked emails in the time and place of your choice. So if you want to make sure that you reply for a particular important email, just add it to the to-do list as a task and ask the app to remind you of it at the right time. The calendar is just a tap away so that it is easy to organize a meeting sans leaving the inbox. You can always view your appointments and schedules at a glance so that you don’t miss out on anything. The UI of Handle app for iPhone is well designed. The layout is largely user friendly. Adding a task to the to-do list or schedule a meeting in the calendar is a cake walk. The app is also stable.


Handle app for iPhone provides a central hub for your emails, tasks and calendar. You can add important emails to to-do lists as tasks with a simple swipe. The app will remind you about the tasks at the set time so that you don’t ever miss to reply to an important email. Similarly, you can schedule things on the calendar. The user interface of Handle is thoughtfully designed. It is easy to navigate as well. In terms of performance, the app is stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a reliable productivity app to have in your iPhone.

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