WePhone Free Phone Calls iPhone App Review

We all are aware about high call charges while we are in roaming or making international call through our phone. Now you can save your money without compromising on call duration and quality. With the same amount, you can talk more, a lot more than conventional calls thru operators. This technique uses calls over the internet using 3G/4G or GPRS service. So, with WePhone Free Phone Calls for iPhone, it is possible to make crystal clear calls at lower rates. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple`s iTunes Website.


You will simply love WePhone iPhone app once you start using it. It not only saves money but improves call quality also. Once you install WePhone, you can start using its services, no need to do any registration or open account. Apart from making calls, call recording facility is also there if required. So, it is easy to record important calls during conversation. Another good news is that you will get $0.6 USD as free credit for first time use. After that you can top up with call credits. Also, note that for every call you made through WePhone app, you will earn call credits. The app also features Called ID function to easily recognize callers. Call rates applied to your outgoing calls are comparatively lower than what you use to pay to call in countries like India, China and Kuwait. There is no hidden cost or connection fee so no worries on that part, also your call credits have expiry date.


User can also request call back in case they are over weak internet connection. App server system will call you and connect you to your destination. Your call conversation is fully secured as it is encrypted and totally secured from being monitored. In case if you need call credits to make calls, you can buy in just few steps using your Apple id. WePhone Free Phone Calls for iPhone supports multiple languages that add more convenience while using it. This app is compatible with iOS version (8.0) or higher.


For saving money with better call quality, it is recommended to switch to WePhone app for iPhone. It also allows call recording and call back facility. Overall, it offers a good deal to its users with cool features loaded in that. Worth downloading by users who use to make extensive local and international calls.

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Super Quiz Italiano app for Android Review

A quiz game helps you improve your knowledge about things around the globe. Super Quiz Italiano is a quiz app that provides you options to answer as many questions as possible, and get a chance to win 1 million dollars. You can download Super Quiz Italiano for free from Google Play Store.


Everyone knows that the Pizza is a traditional Italian dish … but what do you know of Feijoada? Well, you could find out about it and more by playing Super Quiz Italiano app for Android.
The questions in Super Quiz Italiano for Android are classified into different categories such as arts, sports, culture, history etc. You will also find questions based on major incidents happened around the globe. Since the app updates its question bank frequently, you won’t come across the same questions again. In a quiz app, the freshness of questions matter and Super Quiz Italiano has taken care of that. The interface of Super Quiz Italiano for Android is well designed and easy to use. The layout helps players understand the game easily. The rules in the game are simple: answer 15 trivia questions to win 1 MILLION! The more you play, the more you win and you’ll come close to reaching the top of the rankings.


The quality of questions in Super Quiz Italiano is good. For a player, since he gets to answer questions from multiple categories, he won’t get bored easily. You’ll find the game quite addictive if you have a thirst for knowledge and wish to learn more. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Super Quiz Italiano app requires Android OS 4.1 and up.


Super Quiz Italiano app for Android is a quiz app that will help you spend your free time productively. Its frequently updated question bank makes sure that you get fresh bits of knowledge every time you play the game. You won’t ever come across the same questions again. The UI is easy to use for most parts. The app is also slick and responsive. To sum it up, an addictive quiz application that will come handy while you’re traveling in a bus or waiting for someone at the airport lounge. Check it out if you’re looking for one.

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BrightNest iPhone App Review

Let’s make our home a better place to live in. If you want to know how it will be done, then download BrightNest for iPhone. It offers solutions to all your home needs. It is helpful in all cases, be it basic maintenance or some tricky jobs at home. No need to sweat anymore for cleaning your home, BrightNest delivers ideas for almost everything to shape up your home and simplify life. BrightNest – Home Organization, Cleaning Schedule, DIY Crafts, Home Tips and Home Maintenance app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s iTunes Website.


If you want to know that why you should love BrightNest for iPhone, then list will be long. But few great reasons are like customized tips, schedule tasks, reminder service, free house profiling etc. To use this app, you first need to create an account that includes house profile with your personal goals. Based on your needs/goals and house profile, tips will be notified to reach those goals. You can read and implement these tips at home. In case if you have some quires then you can check Home Quiz section in the app. In which, helpful articles are listed so you can read related tips/articles and use them at home. As a plus point, all your favorite projects are saved and synced with free account on BrightNest.com.


So next time if you want to change air filter/cleaning microwave or some other tasks then checkout BrightNest to find out a solution. In updated version of the app, To-Do list feature is also added and old bugs are fixed. The UI of the app is simple yet attractive for users. It also improves performance and stability. It supports multiple languages that add more convenience for all user types. This app is compatible with iOS version (6.1) or higher.


BrightNest app for iPhone will help you to tackle important tasks at home with proper instructions to follow. Thus you can use this for basic home maintenance to cleaning tricks to home décor ideas. Helpful articles and useful tips available on the app make your life simpler than ever. Great tool to make your home a better and organized place to live in.

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