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The Impossible Game App for Android Review

The Impossible Game app is the Android port of the popular Xbox Live Indie game developed by FlukeDude. As suggested in the title, the game is extremely hard. It has one of the most unyielding insta-death rule set you’ll ever encounter in this type of games. You can get The Impossible Game for $0.91 from Google Play Store.


The Impossible Game app for Android has a stylishly minimalistic design. The graphics consists of only two shapes: triangle and square. The game play is simple. You tap on the screen to jump over obstacles as your little square moves from left to right at blazing speed. The margin of error is so thin that you’ll fail quite often. If you fail, you’ll automatically go back to the starting blocks and start all over again. The game features a practice mode wherein you can place flags as you advance through a level so that you can restart from the last dropped flag should you fail. But what makes the game true to its title is the apparent ‘impossibility’ to come unscathed to the end of the level with just one life at your disposal.

The Impossible Game App for Android

The levels are set up in some crazy looking configurations with something requiring to be climbed as an endless staircase while the rest needing to be perfectly timed with a perfect jump or release from screen, all the while moving at sonic speeds. The techno beats syncs perfectly well with the action unfolding on your phone screen. Given the difficulty levels of the game, you got to have loads of patience to see through a level. If you eventually manage to do so, you’ll truly feel that you’d accomplished something significant. Since The Impossible Game is extremely challenging, most players will retire prematurely. The difficulty levels also decreases its re-playability value as none might want to take the pain to clear the levels again.


The Impossible Game for Android is pretty challenging. Very challenging! You might lose every time you attempt it. It never threatens to get easier either. The techno-beats that syncs with the action on screen stands out. If you’re a bit short on patience and temperament, this game is not for you. But those who’re curious may check it out. Who knows? You might find yourself unexpectedly addicted to pain.

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Tempo Smart Calendar App for iPhone Review

With thousands of the calendar apps doing the rounds on the App Store, a unique one developed by Tempo AI has created ripples around the globe. With an impressive rating of 4+ on the App Store and accolades from maverick application reviewer like TechCrunch, Wired and many more have lifted Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone to the top echelons of the outstanding performers. It brings numerous features on the board to experience a new generation of the calendar which aims to take user error out of the equation. Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar and Exchange app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


The Tempo Smart Calendar app for iPhone takes a unique approach that blends a traditional calendar app with a personal assistant that offers a ton of relevant information. The interface of the application is fluidic and very impressive. It provides some fantastic visual flourishes, including weather forecasts and a customizable background picture. It provides a full featured calendar equipped in five magnificent views, customized alerts, time zone support, search and many more. The app scans the email accounts, contacts, Facebook to have an eye on everything, from the tomorrow’s presentation to the next month travel trip. It is similar to the Google calendar but provides a little extra information and the context inside the calendar itself. The app is a free download from iTunes App Store. The uniqueness of the app lies in the synchronization of the multiple accounts on different providers and providing the correct information without fail.

Tempo Smart Calendar App for iPhone

The impeccable feature of Tempo Smart Calendar iPhone app is to let a user add the event details in one’s own style with the natural language and joining the conference calls without dialing a pass code. The app has an inbuilt map which makes even easier to choose the shortest route of the drive with a step by step direction guide. The app synchronized with the Google accounts, Microsoft Outlook contacts and iPhone contacts which provides a single platform to reach to the concerned people in a moment. The other features it unboxed on the screen includes checking flight status, reminders, weather forecast, sending templates and many more. The app supports numerous languages including English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.


Tempo Smart Calendar app requires iOS version 7.0 or higher. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you are looking for a calendar app, then get this from the App Store to unleash the experience of a unique application developed on the map of artificial intelligence.

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PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App for Android Review

PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App for Android let you learn English words in a fun way. It could be a word guessing game or one that let you guess the correct meaning of words as you compete against other players. It also has a built-in dictionary. You can get PowerVocab app for free from Google Play Store.


PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App for Android provides a fun approach to learning English. The best part is that the app goes much beyond a simple word game. If you’re diligent enough, you can learn between five to ten words every day. Tap on the ‘Create New Game’ button to start gaming. The app will prompt if you wish to play against your Facebook friend or prefer a random match against any player. You also have the option to compete against any of your previous opponents. Further, it is also possible to choose a particular player by ‘play by username’. You can also play against the app as a solo player. So, lots of options to get going according to your preference. The mechanics of playing single player game is simple. You have 90 seconds to answer a multiple choice questionnaire. You got to pick the correct meaning of the word to proceed to the next question. You can use the hints. But you got to provide the correct answer. The total score depends on the number of questions you’d correctly answered. Of course, you can’t change the time limit.

PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App for Android

In multi-player mode, the rules remain the same, but you’re playing against another player. This mode consists of three rounds, and you got to win each of them to earn coins. The coins can be later used to purchase different avatars. One difficult with this mode is that it’ll be tough to find live players to compete against. If you don’t wish to game, but choose the straightforward method of learning English, PowerVocab app provides three ways to do it: Practice, Review and Search. In Practice, the app shows you English words on screen and you can learn the word’s correct pronunciation and meaning. In Review, you review the words that you’d learned. Search is the app’s dictionary tool wherein you can specifically search for a particular word.


PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App for Android is a useful tool to learn the meaning of English words, its average UI notwithstanding. It comes handy especially to non-English speakers traveling to the UK or US as well as students of TOEFEL or IELTS. For kids as well, it is a great way to build their vocabulary. Check it out if you’re impressed with its features.

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