LivingSocial Android App Review

LivingSocial is an Android shopping application on the Google Play Store with more than 5 million installations and an impressive rating of 4.0 out of 5. The app is available for use in the United States only and allows a user to make purchase services and merchandise at a discounted rate. LivingSocial app is a free download from Play Store.


The app provides an exemplary user interface. Once after successful installation, the launch of LivingSocial app for Android begins with a quick sign up with an email address and a password. Once done it asks to user to input the name of the place and interests to receive the relevant deals by an email. Besides this, it also provides deals via push notifications to eliminate the need to check the email regularly for good deals. It brings numerous features on the board ranging from daily deals to luring saving ones. Each deal is accessible to utilize instantly, so a user is never more than a couple of taps far from an unwinding hot stone massage, tickets to the hottest occasion, or an opportunity to purchase electronics goods at unbeatable prices. The app also brings unbeatable price deals in travel to exotic destinations.

LivingSocial Android App Review

The spectacular feature in LivingSocial Android app is to share the deals via social media on Facebook, Twitter etc. among your friends. The app performance is just amazing as it let you redeem vouchers for on-demand deals on food, fun, fashion, and wellness in a few taps and paperless manner. The app reflects the number of bought of the deal along the price which gives a fair idea about the deal popularity and truthiness. It in-houses a powerful search tool to narrow down the search based upon categories of the product and unveils an inbuilt map to check the nearby shop deals.


LivingSocial app is compatible with Android Smartphone and tablets. It’s a flawless application designed to unleash the shop alcoholic temptation hidden inside oneself without squandering more money. Get this app from Google Play Store as you are missing deals in every second.

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InboxMind iPhone App Review

The default email client of iOS has all the features you expect from a typical email handler. It also augurs well with the iOS design language. But if you’re looking for an email client that takes email experience to the next level, you might want to check out InboxMind app for iPhone. It is an intuitive smart app that prioritizes your email by learning from you. Most importantly, it helps you cut through the clutter. You can get InboxMind – The Smart Email App for Busy Professionals app for free from iTunes App Store.


By analyzing your usage of your standard email inbox, observing your calendar and contacts, and keeping tab of your use of InboxMind for iPhone itself, InboxMind’s patented prioritization algorithms work behind scene to study your usage pattern. Using this info, InboxMind determines which emails are more important for you, which ones can linger unread, and which ones to be deleted from the inbox. Essentially, it forms a map of your priorities. InboxMind iPhone app organizes everything neatly. The emails are organized under color coded tabs indicating their priorities. In case, you’re at variance to the priority given to a particular email by the app, you can manually re-prioritize it as per your liking. The newly set priority will be remembered by the app so that you don’t have to do it again. Further, once a given email has been dealt with, simply tab it as complete and it is gone, leaving your inbox only with those emails that you need to deal with.

InboxMind iPhone App

It should be noted that InboxMind app for iPhone works with your existing email clients and not in place of them. So, no matter how you move around your emails, it remains untouched in the original inbox. On the flip side, InboxMind app is compatible with only Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange,,, and providers. It does not seem to work with Gmail.


The personalization options available with InboxMind app for iPhone makes it possible to set the app to lookout for emails from important people, the ones that contain certain keywords so that you’ll never miss an important email, no matter how dense is your incoming email frequency. Further, should an important email show up and your hands are full, InboxMind app has a feature that notifies you audibly, reading it out through InboxRadio Smart Alerts. The big letdown is that the app is not compatible with simply any email provider. Check this one out if you are having a tough time prioritizing the emails arriving in your inbox every day.

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Aptitude Test and Preparation Android App Review

Aptitude Test and Preparation app for Android is designed to promote enhanced knowledge for users preparing themselves for campus recruitments, placements and competitive examinations. The database of this education application is comprised of a huge and varied collection of word problems and quantitative aptitude queries that are regularly and repeatedly asked during competitive examinations. It is a cutely designed app with user-friendly interface and enhanced features.


Aptitude Test and Preparation for Android is an ideal preparation tool for users looking to enhance their aptitude skills in mathematics and thereby enhancing their knowledge. It is a handy educational tool for students preparing for CAT, MAT, GRE and NTSE examinations. For fresh graduates on the hunt for a new job, the app might prove to be very useful for them. More than 500 questions have been included within Aptitude Test and Preparation app that are updated in a regular basis. Users can choose from a range of categories for the type of questions they want to practice up on. Several formulas are listed in a systematic manner for each of those topics. The solutions for each of the problems are also listed in a detailed manner. It also features a scratchpad up on which users can work out the problems mentioned within a particular topic.

Aptitude Test and Preparation Android App

Aptitude skills and logical reasoning skills both are considered to be the most difficult modules to clear through during the competitive examinations. It is inevitable for all the candidates to get the passing mark for both aptitude test and logical reasoning test for proceeding to the final round. The expertise remains in finding solutions for those problems within a short duration during the exam hours. It also demands proper time management skills and is designed to give users the extra confidence and problem solving skills for achieving the goals. The list of categories available in Aptitude Test and Preparation app includes area, average, calendar, compound interest, clock, decimal fractions, logarithm, percentage, numbers, permutations and combinations, probability, ration and proportion, simple interest, profit and loss, stocks and shares, trains, volume and surface area etc.


Aptitude Test and Preparation for Android is a well-designed app that meets the needs and requirements of users looking to win over the competitive examinations. A very useful app for both students and job seekers by helping them solve the problems in an easily understandable methodology. The app is compatible with android devices using Android 2.3 and later versions.

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