Fit at Home Workout Challenge iPhone App Review

It is important that you remain physically fit. Being fit improves happiness, wellbeing, and most importantly, keeps you away from illness. Fit at Home app for iPhone helps you to lose weight and stay fit without the aid of any gym equipment. You can download Fit at Home app for free from iTunes.

What is it about?

Fit at Home app for iPhone features high intensity workouts. But you don’t need any gym equipment to do those. Each routine in the app consists of 6 exercises designed to give you a high intensity workout. The entire workout takes just a few minutes of your time and you have the ability to do as many sets as you’d like. Fit at Home app for iPhone shows each exercise through beautiful animations. You don’t need a live internet connection to view those animations. Voice guidance walks you through the routines, and how it is to be performed. It is important that first time users tend to err while performing the routines without guidance. Adjustable exercise and rest intervals let you to customize the routines in the way you want. Of course, you might not want to follow a particular exercise in the way it was demonstrated. You have the option to rearrange and intelligently create custom workouts by tapping on an exercise. But this is advisable only for experts and strictly not for beginners.

The exercises in the app are organized by category in order to target your entire body, so you can arrange them anyway you want, and the workout will always be optimized for best results. The calendar and workout counter help you to keep track of your progress. The UI design is largely user friendly. The categories are all easy to pick. The option to save current workout is a nice feature. The app is also slick and responsive. Fit at Home app requires iOS versions 10.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Fit at Home app for iPhone gives you an option to perform high intensity workouts at home, without the use of any gym equipment. The workouts are listed under relevant categories so that you can easily choose the ones you want to try out. The ability to create custom workouts helps you to design routines that suit your body and fitness. The UI is easy to follow. It is also stable. Check it out if you want a fitness app that teaches you workouts that you can perform at home, sans any gym equipment.

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MMGuardian Parent App for Android Review

Keeping an eye on your child is a duty of every responsible parent. However, keeping an eye is not always an easy task, especially when your child uses a phone. Thankfully, you have the MMGuardian Parent App for Android on Play Store which helps you to keep an eye over the activity of your child on the phone. The app comes packed with features that are specifically designed to meet the needs of parents. MMGuardian Parent App is a free download from Play Store.

Being a Responsible Guardian

The designers of MMGuardian Parent App for Android have tried to include as many ‘useful’ features in this app and we have to say that they have done the job pretty well. The app has an SMS tracker and blocker which tracks the SMS and also block the SMS from your child’s phone. You would get SMS Alerts whenever your child receives or sends any objectionable message. Similarly, you also get a call tracker and blocker. You can also track the location of child’s phone. A unique feature is that it allows you to set screen time. This means that the screen would automatically switch off after a certain time has passed.

App Highlights

Block or limit the usage of apps on your child’s phone.
Easily log on to the portal and control your child’s phone remotely.
SMS tracker and blocker
Web URL tracker and blocker and age based filtering


If you want to keep a check on your child’s activity, then MMGuardian Parent App for Android is one of the best apps that you can get for your phone. The app is really simple to set-up which makes it ideal for people of all ages. So, install the app and never worry about your child again!

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Snap & Translate iPhone App Review

Being in a foreign country, speaking a different language than yours is tough. But Snap & Translate app for iPhone could bail you out from such tricky situations. It makes translation faster and easier than ever before. You can download Snap & Translate app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

The App

With Snap & Translate for iPhone, all you got to do is to click a picture. Snap an object, let the app recognize what it is, and learn the translation. You can also take a photo of printed text and the app will scan and translate it for you in seconds. The app comes handy in learning new languages and words by simply taking pictures of the surrounding area. It will certainly help you to learn signs and boards in airports and railway stations. You can also use the app to read menus and recipes, books and articles, instructions and manuals. This is how the object mode works: use the app to snap a picture of the object – see the name of the object in your photo – get the translation into the language you’ve chosen – listen to the pronunciation. You can also copy and share the translation with others. The text mode also works similarly. You take a photo of the printed text, see the text recognized and translated into the chosen language and listen to the pronunciation, or copy and share the translation with others. As of today, Snap & Translate for iPhone supports translations from over 46 languages, including Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Hindi, and Persian.

The UI of Snap & Translate app is well designed and easy to use. The yellow color theme looks nice. To share the translations, you got multiple options including mail and message. The app is also slick and responsive. Snap & Translate app requires iOS versions 9.0 or higher.


Snap & Translate for iPhone helps you to manage the language barrier when you’re visiting a foreign country. Using the app, you can quickly snap a picture and translate boards, instructions and even objects in few seconds. You also got an option to share the translations via email or text messages. The UI design is largely user friendly. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Overall, a nice app that provides a whole new way of translating the world around you.

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