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CamCard Free App for Android Review

CamCard Free – Business Card R app is one of the best business applications available on the Android platform. Designed by the top developer on Google Play Store, IntSig Information Co., Ltd, the app has fetched an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 and near to ten million installations as stated on the Play Store. CamCard Free app is designed to read and save important details of the business cards and synchronize all the cards across Smartphone, tablets and web app. The app is a free download from Google Play Store.


CamCard Free – Business Card R app provides an idyllic interface which makes it easy to launch into the built-in camera interface or to choose a photo of a business card from your gallery. The app holds an ability to scan multiple cards instantly powered by an auto-detect text orientation which can be stored in the phone contacts and other email accounts. The app reads email signature and QR codes flawlessly imprinted on the cards and understands 16 languages in the offline mode including English, Korean and Japanese etc. However, a registered user can scan at most 100 cards for free and 10 extra cards per week after the first launch of the CamCard on the device. On the other hand, a non-registered user would be able make a use of half of the numbers allowed for the registered users.

CamCard Free - Business Card R App for Android

CamCard Free – Business Card R for Android supports Augment Reality Technology to create a business card in more than 200 languages which is remarkable. The app provides add-ons such as an impeccable designed template, social media connections which can be stirred up in the business cards to attract more business opportunities. With CamCard, sorting a group or searching a particular and even merging of cards can be accomplished in a moment on the Smartphone. The app permits a user to share contact information of the cards via email, sms or QR code. CamCard provides a password to secure all the information from any unauthorized access and allows a user to back and restore all the information through a PC. The impressive feature of the app is to export all the saved card details to excel files. The only snag of the app is its ad support for the free version which mayn’t bother a user.


CamCard app requires Android version 2.0 or higher with auto-focusing camera and 17 MB of free space memory for the installation. It offers a comprehensive package of tools for managing business card scans and contact details. If you do a lot of business card scanning and looking forward for a prosperous business, then grab CamCard for free from Google Play Store to unlock the keys to successful business.

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Speaking Photo App for Android Review

Speaking Photo app for Android provides a way to turn your photos into interesting stories. The app let you add 30-second voice note to your photos so that you can cherish your moments in a creative and unforgettable manner. You can download Speaking Photo app for free from Google Play Store.


From a user perspective, all you got to do is to snap photo using your device camera and add a 30-second voice clip so that every time you view the photo, you can also listen to the voice recording. You can also create such ‘speaking photos’ out of images already stored in your gallery. Keep in mind that it allows only up to 30-second voice clips. Beyond 30 seconds, the recording automatically stops. Of course, you can share your photo stories with others through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Using Speaking Photo for Android is pretty easy. You only got three choices to make: ‘shoot’, ‘speak’ or ‘share’. If you choose ‘shoot’, you can click a photo before you record the voice clip. If you select ‘speak’, then you just select a photo from the gallery before adding your voice note. The ‘share’ option provides you with the options to share the speaking photos with others.

Speaking Photo App for Android

You can customize the app settings. It is also possible to search public gallery using hash tags. Public gallery is the place from which users can share their photo stories with others. Speaking Photo app is stable and responsive. It does not crash or lag while testing. The app also let you preview your photo stories before you do something about it. On the flip side, Speaking Photo app does not support landscape mode. Speaking Photo is compatible with Android OS 4.0 and up.


Speaking Photo app for Android offers a creative way to relive your favorite moments through picture stories. It is pretty easy to create speaking photos using the app. You can preview the photos before sharing it. The speaking photos can be shared with others through Facebook or Twitter. The ability to search photos in the gallery using hash tags might come handy at times. Lack of support for landscape mode is perplexing. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. If you are in the lookout for an app that let you snap and quickly share photos with voice recordings, check this one out.

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GoToMeeting App for Android Review

Mobility is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind Citrix designed an exemplary app in the contemporary times, popular as GoToMeeting. The app has already fetched a rating of 3.3 out of 5 and more than a million installations since its inception on the Google Play Store. GoToMeeting app for Android is designed to help a user to manage their schedules to maintain a steady pace in the corporate world. The app is a free download from Google Play Store.


GoToMeeting for Android provides an idyllic user interface. The objective of the application is to let a user attend the online meeting from anywhere around the globe. The app let a user joins the online meeting by entering the meeting id. This can be done by simply tapping the link in an email if the app is already installed in the device. The app provides a scintillating performance whether it’s about audio clarity through built in mic-speakers in the device or HD video quality. In order to host a meeting a user need to make an account on http://www.gotomeeting.com which comes up with 30 days free trial period. After that all one need to do is to tap on Meet Now and now you are ready for the meeting or presentation.

GoToMeeting App for Android

GoToMeeting for Android requires access in the calendar and phone contacts of the user to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the purview. This would let a user to schedule all the meetings and the app will remind about the upcoming events as per the fixed schedule. The innovative feature of the app is Dial out which will call the recipients of the meeting and connect them to the session instantly. Go To Meeting app delivers an incredible support with the Bluetooth and analyzing / viewing reports, presentations and mock ups are fascinating.


GoToMeeting app requires Android version 4.0 or higher and a device with a 1GHz or higher processing capacity. If you are the one who spends most of the time in meeting, then this is the best app for you to schedule your meetings in a hassle free way. Secure a free copy of the app from Google Play Store to experience a new era of technology in joining business meetings in a more convenient manner.

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