Lego Duplo Train Android Game App Review

LEGO Duplo Train app for Android is a fun game for children in which the player will go as a train driver. LEGO application comes from the Duplo series and covers the particularly accepted subject matter: locomotives, wagons and trains. This free game application is aimed at for children ages 1 ½ – 5 and without doubt belongs to one of the top Lego Games. Let your toddler build and drive their own toy train. The app requires Android 4.0 and up.


Drawings are made in the style of Lego for easy perception. Simple controls and intuitive interface does not make difficulties for any child. LEGO Duplo Train Android app features many interactivities for kids, which have been integrated at the same time as the train drives through the scenery. Most of the bits and pieces are bright, fun, and toddler-friendly besides being lively and also make some amusing sounds or noises. The kids get their train ready by selecting various wagons for passengers or merchandises, building bridges, stopping at crossings, re-fueling and laying new tracks around pesky rocks, in short, virtual building with LEGO Duplo bricks with intuitive icons and navigation for easy game play.

LEGO Duplo Train Android Game App

As the game progresses users will not only control the composition, but also to load the goods and fill the train with no in-app purchases. LEGO Duplo Train game app does away with ads or access to social networks. Good range of activities, illustrations and animations. The application requires parental assistance for voice-over and explanation; some of the activities are not easy to go after and may be too difficult for children to get to the bottom. LEGO Duplo Train sports fine-looking animations and plentiful little details like plants and animals in the countryside that you can tap to generate sounds and actions.


LEGO Duplo Train app for Android is a simple and easy to use game with a great intuitive interface that will keep your little ones entertained and creative. Preschool child can gain practical knowledge of figures and colors also stimulate and improve fine motor skills development.

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Match Dating Meet Singles Android App Review

Mobile-only dating apps are a little bit like the Wild West. You are not quite sure what you are going to get for your time and money. Tied closely to the web version of the service, Match Dating – Meet Singles app for Android, is easy to use and understand. Match Dating app is available for download at Google Play for free.


Match Dating Android app is attractive and easy to navigate featuring not only dating profiles, but articles and forums as well. It has a huge member base, which increases your chances of meeting someone in any geographic area. The app offers an excellent search function, which enables fine tuning the criteria for your potential partner simply by increasing the mileage range, lower or increase your age parameters, or decrease the number of specific criteria you are hunting for. Every day, you will receive 4 highlighted members which the wizard of algorithms deems a superior than normal compatibility based on your two profiles. You have the alternatives to be a sign of Yes, No, or Maybe. Reverse Matches offer the lazy-bones a way to see who Match thinks would be fine for you, based on your profile.

Match Dating Meet Singles Android App

Match Dating app also allows sending winks to show interest. Date Spark trends to get users off their computers and out in the real life laboratory of dating. “Like at First Sight” fine tunes the algorithms which frequently looking for the member database, coupled with the search criteria you chose earlier. Swap over messages with voice commands. Go ahead and rate Daily Matches at the same time as they are sizzling. Sense the love with pulse e-mail and wink notifications. The app is relatively expensive, with the “value plan” subscription. Match Dating app requires Android 4.0 and up.


Match Dating for Android offers a middle-of-the-road experience, attracting the average, mostly vanilla citizen, who is looking for the same. This generally is not the artsy crowd or the chiefly imaginative or sexy mass. Match is interesting to normal people who are looking for a safe and sound atmosphere to meet an ordinary person. There are bogus profiles, fake interactions. But then you cannot look very far without seeing shady looking outlines.

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TextExpander 3+ Custom Keyboard iPhone App Review

For most of us, the day starts with messaging, surfing and chatting on phone. TextExpander 3 + Custom Keyboard app for iPhone is designed for all those who do a lot of messaging and browsing. It is a complete keyboard to support fast and accurate typing. In fact, users don’t need to change their typing style as the app automatically adopts the particular typing pattern to support convenient typing. All its features are designed intelligently and can cater to multiple needs of users. TextExpander 3+ for iPhone comes at a price tag of $4.99.


TextExpander 3 + iPhone app enables custom abbreviations to expand into long snippets of texts for example addresses, email signatures, URLs and form letters. It is also possible to insert today’s date automatically with inbuilt abbreviation “ddate”. To provide better accessibility, the app allows synchronization of TextExpander snippets via mail and browser like Safari. More over these advanced snippets supports in over 60 applications. The list includes some popular apps like Bywords and Launch Center Pro for iPhone. You can use advance snippets to fill in the blanks in letters with lot more ease than earlier. Popular cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud are also connected with TextExpander.

TextExpander 3 Custom Keyboard iPhone App

You just need to sync your personalized snippets with cloud drive or share snippet groups between devices via same Wi-Fi network. To have better accuracy in typing, you can add pre defined groups such as autocorrect, accented words, Emojis symbols, HTML and CSS. TextExpander 3+ app is inbuilt with some popular keyboard styles like QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY are inbuilt and supports English, Dutch, French keyboards. You can automatically send notes via mail and fill in the blanks in forms also. In current version, you can search snippets and abbreviations from web. This version also supports java script snippets too. The app is compatible with iOS version (8.0) or higher.


For those people who are lot more in communication and messaging, TextExpander 3+ Custom Keyboard iPhone app is a boon. A highly recommended app for all those who are more in communication and writing.

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