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Fancy Units App for iPhone Review

Converters come handy at work, when you travel, or simply when you want to find one value with respect to another. Fancy Units app for iPhone is one of the slickest converters you could find in iTunes. It is well designed while the input is intuitive and quick. You can download Units iPhone app for free.


Fancy Units for iPhone has a wonderful UI. Lots of attention seems to have paid in designing the interface. The entire app is well laid out, color coded, and the input is intuitive. If you click on currency, the entire UI goes green. Now you key in the number of dollars you wish to convert. You can add any currency by tapping ‘add a currency’. The value that you enter in the currency at the top is converted in all the other currencies. If you are not converting US dollars, simply click on the preferred currency and drag it to the top of the list. For your info, the app consists of currency rates for more than 160 countries. The rates are updated every hour. But don’t worry if you have no internet connection. Fancy Units will save the data of the latest successful update and allows you to use it in your calculations.

Fancy Units App for iPhone

The ‘Length’ option let you convert between kilometers, miles and meters. Extra units are available, but you got to unlock them through an in-app purchase of $0.99. The temperature tab allows you to convert Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit whereas you can convert between horsepower and KW using the power tab. In fact, there are lots more converters available, from Acceleration to Pressure to Radiation Dose and Weight. Fancy Notes for iPhone supports as much as 140+ physical units. Since Fancy Notes has too many units and categories, the app also provides a useful search feature that let you easily find the ones that you might be looking for. The app supports German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.


Fancy Units for iPhone combines excellent design, ease of use, and the functionalities you might expect from a converter app. The entire app is well laid out with each category suitably color coded. The search feature comes handy to quickly locate the units/categories. Multiple language support comes to the rescue of some of the non-English natives. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re currently in the lookout for a suitable conversion app.

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Music Player Smart Extension App for Android Review

Music Player Smart Extension for Android is the official music player application developed by Sony Smartwatch. With an impressive statistic indicating more than a million installations and a spectacular rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Google Play Store clearly signify its addiction among users around the globe. Music Player Smart Extension app is designed to control and play music in one’s Smartphone from the Smartwatch.


Technology is at its best is the phrase to define this extension app which provides an easy to use interface. All one need to have is Smart Connect and the dedicated Sony app as smart accessories installed on the Android gadget. Once after successful installation, Music Player Smart Extension for Android is automatically activated in the smart accessory and unveils numerous features to experience a smart technology at the fingertips. The objective of Music Player Smart Extension app is to let a user control the music play on the Smartphone via smart watch. Besides this, one can easily view track information, album art, select next/previous track and adjust volume.

Music Player Smart Extension App for Android

Talking about the performance of the app, it works outstandingly well. The duration of time it takes to complete the action actuated by Smartwatch is minimal. Music Player Smart Extension for Android app works well with models like Smartwatch MN2 and Smartwatch 2 SW2. There were a few technical glitches related to the functionality of the app which is already fixed in the most recent version. The app is a free download from Google Play Store.


Music Player Smart Extension for Android requires Android version 2.1 or higher and a mere 473 KB of memory space for installation. In the recent scenario where technology is finding its place near to everywhere we would recommend this to one who adores music on the go. Secure a free copy of the app from Google Play Store to let the music play and the roar the beat by your wrist.

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Draw Anime Animals App for Android Review

Draw Anime Animals app is one of the top of the line applications accessible on the Android platform. Developed by Draw4kids Club, the app brings numerous tutorials on the board to let a user/kid to draw animal characters in an easy way. The app is designed for both Android tablets and Smartphone. Draw Anime Animals apphas effectively brought a great rating of 4.2 out of 5 and more than a million installations as expressed on the Google Play Store.


Draw Anime Animals for Android gives a commendable easy to understand interface. It let a user learn and draw a rich outline of creatures which include design of the Baby Lion, Baby Tiger, Cute Lion Easy, Chibi Zebra, Cute Dolphin and many more. It provides a phenomenal methodology of tutorial to draw animal character design with five to fifteen step by step instructions. The app sort the different design with three difficulty levels as simple, easy and normal which are displayed on the right side of each drawing. The app is a free download from Google Play Store and all lessons are free to use. The app doesn’t require an active internet connection for displaying the lessons. So once you are done with the installation, it’s completely free to access its content at anytime. The app provides more than 15 tutorials to lure a user in spending time and learn effectively and enthusiastically.

Draw Anime Animals App for Android

The immaculate uniqueness of the Draw Anime Animals app is to comprehend the pace and getting a handle on capability of a solitary user experiencing the introductory phase of the drawing. The app provides unlimited previous and next option to let a user learn effectively. Other features include zoom mode, delete, share, eraser, pencil and many more to blend more fun and combat boredom during the drawing. The design of animal characters like adorable Shark, Turtle, Chibi Snake, Cute Crocodile, Baby Penguin and funny Octopus which appears to be really intense initially yet might be executed at simplicity and this will bring a smile to the user.


Draw Anime Animals app requires Android version 2.3 or higher. The application not just let you dispose of private classes and tight timetables, it gives a pleasant feeling to play and learn at the coveted pace. It’s a commendable download to outline one of your most loved creature characters on the Android device. Grab a free copy of Draw Anime Animals from Google Play Store to hold the brush once again and start drawing not on the paper but on the screen.

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