Southwest Airlines iPhone App Review

If you thought booking a flight and getting it checked is a difficult task, then your ideas are about to go for a toss. Travelling with Southwest Airlines is the most common thing to do for people who need to frequently board flights. But, waiting for your tickets to get confirmed or facing long queues in the airport need not necessarily is practised by you for repeated hours. So, if you are in a rush or an important meeting and no one to reply upon, you can always have this new app called Southwest Airlines on your iOS and make your life simpler!


If you have been wondering why should you sacrifice your memory space to install Southwest Airlines app then let us tell you that this iOS app promises to make travelling simpler for you. No matter how busy or lazy you are, you would find this app extremely useful. The various features of Southwest Airlines for iPhone include checking in, changing, booking as well as cancelling air reservations. Everything about your flight starting from boarding position, status of flight, gate information and boarding position can be with you within a jiffy. You can also access your mobile boarding pass and then save it on the Passbook. In case you need rental cars till the airport or from the airport, you can book for them from the same app itself.

Southwest Airlines iPhone App

Concerned about whether your flights would arrive on time or get delayed? Check for your flight status at any time of the day right from Southwest Airlines app and you will not require wasting any time inside the waiting room waiting for your delayed flight to arrive! The Rapid Rewards Account has got a pack of surprises for you. Sign in and access to know more about it. Travelling with your family and wish to ensure complete safety on the journey? Keep a check on weather alerts and view about travels whenever needed. In short, every necessary piece of information regarding the airport and flights would be right there at the tip of your fingers.


With more and more people downloading Southwest Airlines iPhone app at very interval it has become important to upgrade the app at frequent intervals. The My Account display in the Rapid Rewards section has been improved. Every problem and every little bug existing in the previous versions have been removed completely to ensure that the app comes out as user-friendly and easy to understand.

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Replica Island Android Game App Review

Replica Island app for Android is a free of charge 40 level game in the same genre as games like Super Mario Bros. In it you control Android and your goal is to find the source. Replica Island is available for free download at Google Play.


Replica Island Android game launches off with a good tutorial which other games can take a cue from. In the tutorial you are educated with the essentials of how to move and fly. The game offers three difficulty levels, which are Baby, Kids and Adults. It is a very pleasurable game, where the professor keeps giving you tasks, well explained and with innovative features in each new one, even though the invariable messages end up being pretty infuriating. You also find out about the different things to pick up, how to take control of additional objects such as enemy robots, and how to do ‘drop and smash’ attacks. The game has depth and also upholds different controls across a range of accessible. The game also has some cutesy dialog with the professor that wangled you as he teaches you how to play.

Replica Island Android Game App

Replica Island game play is smooth and the controls are quick to respond. The game app is also among the first platform style games. The controls for the game are all on screen and feature a D-pad for directional movement and a blaster boost button to help you go over and above different obstacles. The game has a semi mad man feel to it minus the blaster cannon connected to his arm. The game also features three levels of difficulty for you hardcore gamers out there. You can decide on between several different control options. Replica Island can be played with ease on every type of device since all of the different control modes work exceptionally well.


Replica Island platform game takes up the standard controls like jumping, scrolling, bottom, bouncing, and bringing together, but what actually sets this game away from other Android games is the responsive functionality. The D-Pad seemed to be the least efficient, whereas no significant difference between using the trackball and tilt controls was noticed.

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Hootsuite iPhone App Review

Have you ever desired to have a singular platform from where you can just tap through your Twitter and Facebook accounts in a jiffy, without needing to access those accounts individually? Well, then your wish has been granted! A new app for iOS called Hootsuite, has been launched which takes care of your posts and tweets from your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other social networking platform that you access and keeps your updated all under a single roof! Naturally, the app has grown to be one of the most popular social media apps as it enables you to use up to 3 varied accounts through it. You can download Hootsuite: Schedule Posts to Twitter, Instagram & More app for free from iTunes.


Downloaders have sounded extremely happy while using Hootsuite iPhone app as they have been able to access something new and completely unexpected which has suited their lifestyles and choices immensely. The app is known for its unrivalled features which include statistics tracking and post scheduling. But, what has been appreciated time and again is the perfectly streamlined nature of the app. Those who are professionally connected to the use of popular social media platforms, will find the app to be extremely useful and a huge time savings. You can drop messages anytime and within any social networking platform, through a single gateway. The fact that the app looks lovely and works perfectly, brings a number of social media networks within one’s reach.

Hootsuite iPhone App

For time management purposes, one can definitely use AutoSchedule which enables you to do a number of actions within limited time. If you consider yourself a little too technical then you can keep track of your click-through stats through the link. Your Hootsuite account will work perfectly with the Hootsuite app. You will just have to download it in your version and know that it will work perfectly with your version of iOS. Hootsuite app Requires iOS 8.0 or later and is optimised for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


The current version of Hootsuite app (2.8.0) comes with few bug fixes and new Instagram integration. All scheduled, popular, liked and searched links can be managed effectively with the app. Liking and commenting on posts is possible with any glitches. Cross-pots leading you from one social platform to another can take this app experience to an altogether different level. This release by iOS has a lot of expectations attached to it and good reviews are expected. So, expect to make your life easier and more organized with this one.

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