Camfrog Android Group Video Chat App Review

Camfrog – Group Video Chat for Android is a social application that lets you connect and communicate with millions of people across the globe, over live videos. It does use text chatting too, but it is the video chat aspect in it that has gained more popularity and acclaim than the others. In addition to the common one to one chats, the app also brings in the good old chat-room feature which was very prevalent in the past decade or so. Camfrog application is available to download and install for free from the Android Play Store.


Being a chat app, Camfrog – Group Video Chat Android app initially will require you to go through the mandatory sign in/sign up procedures through which you can get access into the app and into its chat rooms. The chat rooms are displayed in a grid like view with all necessary details like the number of users, number of users using video chat, ratings, thumbnails etc shown along with its group title. They are in plenty and are sorted on the basis of different categories like favorites, most visited, most rated, near you, most webcams and so on. By one single tap or click, you can enter the chat rooms and begin chatting with the users in it right away.


The chat-rooms in the Camfrog Android app work similar to the old chat rooms from Yahoo, Rediff etc. The user list including their profile pictures will be displayed in a movable grip located on top. Each of them will contain information about the user and also their rankings. You can either chat one-to-one privately or engage yourselves in the group chat, through both video and text. The app has a cross-platform chat community and as a result, the number of users using it would be really huge. The user lists are not limited to android users alone, anyone using Windows or iOS can also gain access to the site and they all can connect each other effortlessly. Camfrog app quality seems very perfect with an intuitive interface, self-explanatory menus and responsive icons. The developers have indeed spent time to create something powerful and appealing enough to hold the participation of millions of users and their related functions.


Camfrog – Group Video Chat for Android hosts a very widespread chat community with users from everywhere that you can get acquainted with. Have private chats, engage in group discussions, make new friends, create new chat-rooms and above all, have unlimited fun with this amazing application.

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Tengi Android Instant Messaging App Review

Tengi for Android belongs to the list of Instant Messaging applications for android that allows you to connect with your family and friends, through one of the most popular mode of communication available today. However, this app is more famous for what it pays back to the user for using it. It provides opportunities for all users to win gifts and prizes, mostly cash prizes in return for the time they spend on the app. Tengi: the app that gave back is available completely free of cost in the Google Play Store.


Tengi app for Android actually shares a part (almost half) of its revenue generated from ads to the users. The mode of gifting or winning is through lucky draws conducted every week, every Friday to be exact. To take part in these lucky draws, the users will require tickets which can be gained through various methods from the app itself. The scores for earning such tickets are calculated on the basis of the time you spend on the app, your participation in the lucky draws, the number of friends you invite into the app etc. Among these inviting a friend gives you as many as 16 tickets at a stretch while the others range between one or two tickets for each of their attempts. Nevertheless, if you are a regular user, you will certainly have enough options to gain more than a handful of tickets to comfortably take part in the lucky draw every week. The prizes or gifts, which are mostly in cash can either be transferred to your bank accounts or be used as shopping cards or wallets in other third party sites.


The payback feature of the app mentioned above, is just a major highlight. As a messaging app, Tengi Android app definitely has almost all the features associated with it where all related functions are spread and provided in the most qualitative way, on a very appealing interface. Chats, pictures, audios, videos, emoticons and many more, can be shared instantaneously and perfectly without any kinds of lags or drags. A handful of bonus services like privacy settings, Facebook sync etc are also provided to keep the proceedings interesting throughout.


Tengi – Instant Messaging for Android turns out to be quite an interesting piece of messaging application for android users. For some, it can act like a very reliable channel through which they can connect to all their loved ones and for others, it is an efficient platform to try their luck and win plenty of rewards.

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Droplr iPhone App Review

Droplr for iPhone is a fast and light weight file sharing app that allows you to quickly and easily upload and share links to important files. Unlimited storage space and file size means you can upload and share virtually anything digital. You can get Droplr app for free from iTunes App Store.


Droplr for iPhone makes sharing your stuff on the go quick and easy. It let you quickly host photos, screenshots, videos, songs, docs, and more, anytime, anywhere, with a simple link.
Once you upload images, video or any other file type into Droplr cloud, you’ll immediately get a link to the file that you’d just uploaded to your Droplr account. You can paste the link in an email, on Twitter, your favourite chat app, or just about anywhere to share. In a sense, it’s like having your own personal file server in your pocket. You can opt to have a long or short link as per your convenience.


Users can view, edit, delete, and change settings for all your files right from your iPhone. Every file you upload even from your PC is accessible from Droplr app for iPhone. Other notable features include the ability to track views and downloads with link statistics, password protect any link for ultimate sharing security, and real time push. The app also got an option wherein you can set a file to destruct after set time frame. You can also share iOS screenshots with a tap. Droplr for iPhone filters screenshots from the photos in your library. The UI of Droplr app is well designed and easy to navigate. The app also supports multiple languages including French, Japanese and Danish. For more features, you can upgrade to Droplr Pro for a one year or two year subscription. Droplr app requires iOS 8.0 or higher.


Droplr app for iPhone makes file sharing simpler and quicker. It is fast and easy to set up, and you can upload files straightaway. The option to short or private links is excellent. Push notifications come handy so is the ability to track views and downloads with link statistics. The UI is largely user friendly. Support for multiple languages comes to the rescue of non-English natives. Overall, a useful file sharing application worth checking out. The subscriptions are also reasonably priced.

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