Prognosis: Diabetes iPhone App Review

Prognosis: Diabetes for iPhone is devised to bring you the most up-to-date therapeutic guiding principles regarding the management of Diabetes Mellitus and its linked complications. Prognosis: Diabetes brings a wealth of knowledge, fortified with the latest management guidelines to physicians, residents and other healthcare professionals. Prognosis: Diabetes app can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.


Prognosis: Diabetes for iPhone makes available comprehensive and effortlessly digestible information on various diseases, by simulating real-life clinical scenarios which place the user in the hot seat of clinical decision making. Traditional medical education is commonly considered boring and time consuming, yet as every doctor knows, practicing medicine is interesting and challenging; the Prognosis: Diabetes iPhone app takes this idea and converts it into a simple, but effective game in which doctors play out a diagnostic process similar to real life. This app investigates 15 different topics, from Gestational Diabetes to Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young and problems such as Peripheral Vascular Disease and Ketoacidosis. All case circumstances are based on real-life patients, and have been reviewed by editorial board of more than a hundred and twenty professional physicians spanning 27 specialties. Every clinical case can be steered in a matter of minutes and the all-inclusive debate will serve as a priceless fill in for hectic physicians while being an instructive instrument for inhabitants, medical apprentices and other healthcare experts learning for scholastic and licensure examinations.

Prognosis Diabetes iPhone App Review

Prognosis: Diabetes iPhone app opens with a main menu from which cases can be accessed. Of note, individual cases, those with the arrow icon, need to be downloaded discretely in order to be accessed. Regardless of your 3G or WiFi connection, each case downloads very quickly. The app interface as visually pleasing, “a cutely designed, easy-to-use case simulation app”. Going beyond aesthetics, the content is ‘fantastic’ and the case simulations are presented to the user in a manner similar to short case presentation at clinical examinations. Prognosis: Diabetes contains 15 cases covering Diabetes – from the initial presentation, to the acute and chronic complications, to diabetes in pregnancy. The cases are first-rate preparation for the USMLE Step 2 CS, COMLEX, NCLEX, CCRN and MCAT exams, as well as other board examinations. The cases are also an excellent introduction to clinical diabetes for anyone interested in the field.


The key to the success of Prognosis, is the context, challenge, activity, and feedback which are key ingredients to effective learning, and all four elements are in attendance in a wonderful iOS and Android app called Prognosis.

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The AA Android App Review

Murphy’s Law says your car will break down when and where you least expect it – so be prepared with The AA mobile app for Android. If you’re an AA Member you can request help at any time and from anywhere. The AA (Automobile Association) app is available for free download from Google Play.


New and improved, the AA app for Android gives you live traffic updates and access to the AA route planner. There are also accommodating features for breakdown members. The best way to account a breakdown, with your precise location, is via The AA app. You can even track the patrol that’s coming to your rescue. The app now includes route planner and traffic data, as well as vehicle reminders for MOT, tax, insurance and service dates. The added improved features for all AA members include fuel prices, parking-space finder and dashboard warning lights information. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you can use the Accidents area of the app to record details about what happened, who was involved and store photos. This can be for your own personal records; you can also email to your insurance company or other interested parties.

The AA Android App for Review

With The AA Android app you’ll be able to: Enter your membership details to set up the app when you install it so you’re ready to request AA Roadwatch when you need it. Users can request a callout in three short steps: confirm your contact information and number plate tell what’s wrong with your vehicle and confirm. Use the GPS capability of your device to automatically send your breakdown location which is helpful particularly when you’re in unknown territory. Get status updates on your callout while it’s in progress and send updates if you have them. Record details of an accident you’ve been involved in to store for yourself or email onwards. Check close by vehicle-related services, such as garages and battery stocks. Use the handy emergency torch function that uses your camera’s flash if you’re wedged in the dark. Receive AA Membership renewal reminders for which mobile reception and current financial AA membership is required. In the event that GPS coverage is lost the app will advise you to call. The app requires Android 4.0 and up.


Disappointingly, The AA for Android has done away with its much-admired Roadwatch Pro app, which was liked a lot. This version has the famous AA Route Planner and Fuel Prices (exclusive to AA Members), but can’t match its predecessor. Traffic updates are nowhere near as comprehensive as on INRIX, and are mostly restricted to major roads. They’re still timely and accurate, though, even if thinly spread.

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My Disney Experience iPhone App Review

Sometimes, family vacations can be some of the most stressful events. However, trips to Disney World are something magical; where most of those cares wane as one is immersed into the mind of Walt Disney and the following lineage of iconic characters following from his legacy. But even such a happy place can have its stressors. Luckily, the fine people at Disney have created the My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World app for iPhone to assist make one’s trip an amazing adventure. My Disney Experience app is available for free download from iTunes App Store.


In order to use My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World for iPhone, you must sign up for a Disney account, if you don’t already have one. It’s a pretty simple process, but don’t linger until the hour before you want to make your Advance Dining Reservations. When you get into full swing of making your Advance Dining Reservations and planning your FastPass+ reservations time is of the essence. After you download the app, push the buttons and take it for a spin. You will soon find out how traveler responsive this app, in fact, is. Once you have made a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel reservation you can link your reservation to the My Disney Experience app and see all your information at a glance. This makes check in on a busy arrival day even easier.

My Disney Experience - Walt Disney World iPhone App

You can use My Disney Experience app for iPhone as an itinerary for your vacation stay at the parks. You will be able to look at your schedule day by day and see what is in your agenda even before it happens. As we all know, unforeseen things happen while at the parks and that is where the app comes in helpful again. As any Disney Frequent Flyer knows the number 180 is key to getting dining reservations that you want and on the days and weeks prior to that “magic” day menus and locations of restaurants are checked often. With the My Disney Experience app you can check all your potential by signing into the app, going to the dining section and scrolling up and down until you find what restaurant you want and then accessing the menu. If you are in the 180 day window, you can even create a reservation on the spot, if there is an opening. My Disney Experience app requires iOS 8.0 or later.


Besides services like Wi-Fi and Find My Friends that can be useful most anywhere, there are a number of apps that are fully designed to assist you during a trip to Disney World. The one app that you need to get is the free official Disney World app, called My Disney Experience.

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