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Frozen Free Fall App for Android Review

Frozen Free Fall app is one of the best rated puzzle games on the Android platform. Designed by Disney and inspired by the animated movie Frozen, the game has already fetched 4.3 out of 5 ratings on the Google Play Store. Joins your favorite characters on a journey to slide and solve icy puzzles.


The objective of Frozen Free Fall game app for Android is to slide colorful ice crystals horizontally and vertically in order to match three or more which results in the destruction of crystals and earning points. Matching four frosty gems delivers compelling wind chills which can wipe out a whole segment or column of crystals. Matching five icy crystals results into glacier charm kicks off all same colored crystals currently available on the screen.The game challenges matching skills and how do you manage your time. There are 195 icy puzzles you need to solve. Frozen Free Fall intends to be beguilingly simple from the beginning, steadily attracting players into its chilly, cold heart, one level at once. When it sinks, it guides you, the mission objectives as of recently ended up inexcusably troublesome, near unthinkable and amazing.

Frozen Free Fall App for Android

Frozen Free Fall for Android game has an astounding number of levels, spread over a map of Arendelle and the neighboring snow-covered areas. This, combined with its difficulty will ensure “Frozen Free Fall” will provide you months of entertaining and pleasurable play.The game begins as young Elsa and Anna, following the story and play more characters like Olaf , Sven , Hans ad many more can be unlocked. It’s a free to play game but there are some items which may require payments. The USP of the game is the film character’s power. Each level has one of the film’s real players following alongside you, for example, Anna, whose light can dissolve eight interfacing gems; Hans, whose sword swipes can assault columns of ice; and obviously the hip-tastic Snow Queen herself, the incomprehensibly perfect Elsa. Hers is the force of the glacial mass appeal.


Frozen Free Fall app requires Android versions 2.3.3 or higher. The game brings a lot of challenging tasks on the board to keep checking your matching skills. It’s an addictive newest match -3 puzzle game. What are you waiting for? Go and secure a copy of this spectacular puzzle game from Google Play Store to push your gaming experience to the next level.

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CM Locker – Smart Locker for Android Review

We use Smartphone for different purposes like talking, internet surfing and document management. And sometimes we may feel messy with our phone while performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Surely we will like any application which can provide ease of managing applications and other tasks on Smartphone. CM Locker – Smart Locker for Android is a wonderful solution for this problem. This is a tool which contributes to save your precious time and efforts in your busy schedule. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.


CM Locker – Smart Locker app for Android is basically a theme which helps you to organize your favourite applications and other controls effectively for smooth access. In fact, it helps you to manage your phone even in lock screen mode. The app has different set of features and some of them are very unique in nature. Users will feel delighted to use smart list option and notification updates on the phone. Apart from giving general information like clock, weather and date, CM Locker – Smart Locker app also features the list of commonly used applications. It neatly gathers information related with your favourite options and lists them on the lock screen at the left hand side of the screen vertically. You can edit list of favourite applications by using app filter options.

CM Locker Smart Locker App for Android

Some other useful information which you will get is weather info, date and time. To get accurate weather details, you are advised to enable GPS settings of the phone and network connection for updating database. The user interface of the app is programmed to match high standards and to satisfy needs of all kind of users. Definitely, CM Locker app is a smart way to access your favourite app even from lock screen mode. This is also advised to disable password lock mode or other lock screen apps to avoid efforts to unlock multiple times. The app is compatible with Android version (4.0.0) or higher.


CM Locker – Smart Locker for Android is really a good choice for those who like a clean looking lock screen with easy access to other downloaded apps. It gives you amazing experience and comfort while routine uses. Install to give it a try and you will feel the difference in working.

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Traffic Racer App for Android Review

Traffic Racer app is the most addictive Android racing game which has already fetched 4.4 out of 5 ratings, more than a million likes and more than a million installations as indicated on Google Play Store. Created by Soner Kara, Traffic Racer game is about an endless arcade car racing which is ruling the roost in the racing category of the games. Discover a reckless driver inside you!


The objective of the game is to drive as fast as possible through a messy highway traffic avoiding different vehicles on the road. The most outstanding feature of the game is 3D graphics and spectacular car handling. In addition, the controls are very simple. A player has to tilt or touch the screen for steering the car, pressing the gas button for acceleration and pressing the brake button to decelerate or stop the car. There are nineteen vehicles to choose from to challenge you driving skills in highway traffic. You can ride your vehicle in environments like suburb, desert, and snowy and city night. Customization is another superb feature this game can bestows upon. It allows a player to customize its car in different colors and wheels.

Traffic Racer App for Android

Android Traffic Racer app is a nail biting racing game similar to so many racing games but it surpassed all others in pleasant gaming experience and performance. The game has four modes as endless, two-way, time trail and free ride. The scores you made depend upon how fast you are driving. Driving over a speed of 100 KMPH and overtaking vehicles or driving in the opposite direction in two way mode will fetch extra bonuses and cash. The points and cash earned can be used in the customization and reformation of vehicles. Traffic Racer is a free app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Traffic Racer app requires Android version 2.3.3 or higher. The size of the game is 42 MB which requires less than a pie in the memory of Smartphone. The game experience is sensational and will stayed with you as an accomplice at every point you have spare time ; to have a lot of fun or score high scores or go for a fast and furious drive on the busy highway. It’s really a worth download on Google Play Store to discover a reckless driver inside you.

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