Photo Map Android App Review

Photo Map Android App displays photos based on location you have traveled. While there are apps that display photos based on timeline,Photo Map has this unique feature to segregate photos based on location in the metadata. It stiches together the photos to bring out a beautiful story. All your vacations, get together, celebration photos can be found at one place almost immediately which are combined together to form a beautiful composition. It looks almost like a travelogue. With the map as focus, this app creates auto generated movie of an entire trip photos.

Keep Your Memories And View It In A Wonderful Way

Photo Map for Android is a beautiful, interactive photo viewer app with a material design. The photos can be loaded quickly and they can be viewed on an interactive map. The app comes with many unique features. The map helps you to find great spots and you can navigate in chronological order from location to location.Switch to 3D mode using your fingers. Photos are sorted by date and presented on a map where you can see the spot it has been taken.

You can zoom, delete and view other information. There is a video playback and an explorer mode. You can search for photos based on the name, date, folder, location and more. It comes with a powerful editor that let’s you apply frames, filters, color, crop and more. Share your collage and photos with friends and family.


Photo Map for Android is a wonderful app that has all the potential to beat Instagram.The app has plenty of settings that you can use to customize or personalize based on ones liking. You set the app as the default image viewer. The basic version of the app is free for download and use. There areno ads placed by the developer.There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase pro version with additional features. The basic version limits users to 500 photos. The pro version has unlimited photos with 20k cloud storage. Purchase extra packs to increase storage limit by 10k each.

Disney Coloring World Android App Review

Disney Coloring World Android App lets you create and play with your own Disney world. You can get creative with so many options. Create a Disney or a Pixar character, color them and play with them. Pixar and Disney world and characters are the most loved cartoon characters all over the world. Some of the popular characters are Anna, Elsa, Mickey, Minnie, Lion King, Toy Story and more. There are array of prince, princess, monsters, villains and more to play with.

Get Creative and Become A Disney Artist

Disney Coloring World for Android is an intuitive and creative app that helps kids put on their creative hat. The app has collection of tools like crayons, brushes, markers and more to help you create your favorite character. There are magic tools that can help you create wonders. Change Elsa’s blue dress to green and createSimba with zebra like stripes. Choices are unlimited. If you have the creativity, then sky is the limit. Practice the art of coloring perfectly with the help of the magic color tool. Learn to fill colors to the characters perfectly.

Disney Coloring World App converts completed characters into stickers that can be used again. These stickers can be placed in 3D sticker books. The sticker books have locations from iconic Disney movies. Kids can unearth surprises and play with these characters. As and when a page of stickers are complete, the app unlocks more characters. It is endless fun with funny and scary characters.


Disney Coloring World Android offers an ever expanding world of cartoon characters. You will find all your favorite and the scariest characters in the app. New releases and the characters are presented in the app. It is fun to be creating a whole new Disney world. Become the quest master with Barley Lightfoot and Elf Brothers. Disney Coloring World is regularly updated with new sticker packs. The app is free for download and use and there are no ads placed by the developer.There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

Podcast Addict Android App Review

Podcast Addict Android App provides most of the podcast channels, audiobook, YouTube, Radio and RSS news. This app is perfect for those who are addicted to podcasts, people who love to listen to different type of music, news updates and other entertainment. It helps you keep your free time occupied with good load of entertaining stuff. With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, it is a popular podcast app that is widely used on android. There are more than nine million downloads and two billion episodes downloaded.

For the Podcast Addicts, From a Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict Android App is inquisitive app which is simple and easy to use. There are over 950k podcasts and more than 20 million episodes. You can browse, search and save different podcasts. Subscribe for different chapters and get custom recommendations based on the subscriptions. It lets you search for podcasts similar to the one you have subscribed. There are built in audio effects so you can skip silence, increase playback speed and volume, mono playback and more.

Video podcasts are supported with multiple playlists. Sleep timer to get you into bed on time. It also works as a standard player and plays local files like mp3. All the facilities are automatically updated. You can add and delete podcasts, radio and audiobooks. It provides full chapter of audiobooks. Visual settings can be customized and personalized as per the users. App can be controlled by third party apps as well.


Podcast Addict Android App is a number one podcast app available on android. The app allows you to manage radio, podcast, live stream, audiobook and RSS news feed. You can either listen to the entire thing or mute to skip certain portions. All these are available in a single app. Radio networks are available in English, Chinese, French, German and Italian languages. You can take automatic cloud backup and can also share details of the programs on social media. The app is available in Google Play and is absolutely free to download and use.

Scheduled iPhone App Review

Scheduled iPhone App helps you to schedule automatically all the messages you plan to send through messengers. It is easier said than done to keep in mind all that you want to type and send it to everybody without leaving anyone behind. The app lets you schedule written texts to be sent through SMS, email, and iMessage. Messages are scheduled to be sent automatically. You can also set reminders for important messages. It is most useful at situations where you or require to send bulk messages to different people or send pre-written mails to customers.

Time your messages perfectly well with Scheduled

Scheduled iPhone App makes things easy. You can write and save messages, schedule reminders and get reminded at the scheduled time. The app supports messaging features of the phone and apps like Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Line, WhatsApp, and many more. You just need to schedule a message and select a contact or multiple contacts. You will have options to auto send or send repetitive messages. You need to keep reminders and also select your messaging app.

Scheduled App for iPhone lets you import contacts, birthdays and also connect to iOS calendar. Appointment, meetings andbirthdays and more can be imported along with multiple recipients. The app allows you to delete, archive, skip, snooze and repeat messages. You connect your calendar with app to schedule messages easily. Helps you keep in touch with everybody in your busy schedule.


Scheduled iPhone App lets you manage sending messages to multiple recipients or a group easily. You are never going to forget birthdays or miss sending wishes to people. It is now easy and saves time as you do not have to keep reminders and then send messages. The app is available in European and Asian languages apart from English. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in app purchases available to purchase premium and business version of the apps. The app requires iOS 10.3 and above. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App Review

Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App helps you personalize your Apple Watch. Most of us love uniqueness and to be set apart from the rest of the crowd. Apart from the exterior color, Apple Watches mostly have the same design.

Decorate your Apple Watch with unique Apple Watch Faces

Watch Faces Custom Watch Face iPhone App is an inquisitive and beautiful app that let’s you customize your Apple Watch. It lets you customize the color, subdials, Rings, seconds time, view, style, numerals, timescale and more. A watch face helps one customize the settings of the Apple Watch in a way that it shows a unique setting of the home screen. Whenever you switch on the screen, you will be welcomed by the data you wanted to view in neat way. This helps you keep your Apple Watch unique and view things what really matters.

Every minute things within each feature of the watch is customizable. With the app, Watch Faces Custom Watch Face you can make your watch show the activity progress that is super imposed over an analog clock. Choose a digital clock to be shown along with activity progress. Have a 3D model of the solar system as watch face. Or, have a meditation tool to help you with breathing exercises you like to have in between work. Have a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals on your watch. Activate a stopwatch right on the face where you can also have the time displayed in precise increments.


Watch Faces Custom Watch Face App for iPhone is a popular custom settings available for Apple Watch. There are several watch faces available with the app using which you can customize your watch in myriads of way. It gives you the freedom to choose and customize based on your personal liking. Not all watch faces are available in every region. You need to keep the software updated for the latest set of watch faces.The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer.There are no in app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. Apart from Apple Watches, It is compatible with iPhone and iPad