Amazing Alex iPhone Game App Review

Rovio Entertainment, developers of the immensely popular ‘Angry Birds’ application is back with Amazing Alex app for iPhone, another exciting game-play that offers entertainment to both your eyes and brain. Coupled with some cool graphics and several puzzle adventures, the makers have made sure to make it challenging and amusing at the same time. Amazing Alex app is compatible with almost all iPhone having iOS 4.2 or later and is available for just $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.


Since they both come from the same developer, Amazing Alex iPhone game app too houses an interface almost similar to that of the Angry Birds game. Except for the game play and story content, the graphics, menu screen, text fonts, icons etc seem like lifted straight from the Angry Birds app. Here you play as Alex, a dynamic young kid who is all set to solve those unusual conundrums happening in and around his workplaces. Each workplace refers to a whole new level category of the game, starting from the ‘The Classroom’. Likewise you can surf and get entertained with as many as 100 different levels in the application with a good number of them being personally created or shared and downloaded from the internet. As a result, the game almost goes on never ending providing a continuous game-play until you actually decide to stop.

Amazing Alex iPhone Game App

Each level of Amazing Alex iPhone app will have different objectives, though more or less the main aim is to make the packages, balls, vehicles or similar objects to go through the right path and let it fall correctly into the place marked below. There are different tools which are to be used for this purpose. Each tool whether a balloon, tray, pipe, magnet or any similar item can be placed in any desired orientation such that the object drops down the way you like. Once you have set your tools in the way you decide, click on the play button on the top right corner to watch how your placed items have contributed to the path of the object during its fall. You will also be required to collect a minimum of one star or a maximum of three stars during the game-play to increase your scores. Each level has multiple solutions i.e. you can find more than one method to solve the given puzzle. There are also options to see how others have solved each level by connecting through the internet.

At first it may seem very easy, but soon the play mode gets more complex and addictive prompting extensive usage of your brainwork. There are no time restrictions or tools limit during Amazing Alex game. You can actually take your time to think, decide and act and eventually complete your puzzle adventure. The game is made flexible for updates so that you can watch out for new levels and objects every often.


Amazing Alex app for iPhone satisfies both the kids and grownups alike. Kids will love the cartoonish feel and the fun nature of the game while adults will like it for its brainy puzzles. Download it to experience some educative entertainment on the go.

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Textkraft English iPhone App Review

If your job requires you to process lots of word documents, Textkraft English app for iPhone might be of great help. The app is essentially a professional word processing application with all the typical bells and whistles. You can get Textkraft English – Write, Research, Correct & Share app for $5.99 from iTunes App Store.


When you first fire up Textkraft English iPhone app, you might feel that the interface is a bit bleak. You see a blank screen telling you ‘It is time to write again’. But once you select your font, the interface becomes professional and nifty. The app provides virtually every feature that you need in order to write articles, reviews, essays or even reminders for yourself. With direct access to Wikipedia and thesaurus, and typical word processing features such as word count and spell checks, it offers every utility that you might need at work or school. Using Textkraft app for iPhone, you can work with multiple documents at once. You can easily switch between documents with a swiping gesture. Precise cursor navigation places the cursor in the place you want it to be without any need for magnifying the document. What it takes is a single tap to change capitalization. Same goes for inserting quotation marks and brackets, or selecting a sentence or word. Further, the app supports forward, delete, tabulator, symbols and special characters.

Textkraft English iPhone App

Textkraft English app for iPhone is compatible with Siri, and it is also possible to navigate with VoiceOver. The app also supports all onboard and Bluetooth keyboards. Last but not the least, you have unlimited redo/undo and the app also supports multiple color themes including night mode. Textkraft for iPhone supports 16 dictionaries in Dansk, Deutsch, English (AUS, CAN, GB, IN, US), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português (PT, BR), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe. Thesaurus support is available for English, Français, German, and Español. All the dictionaries work without internet access. Of course, you can send documents as attachment or text via e-mail, iMessage, SMS or MMS. Textkraft English iPhone app also provides direct access to Dropbox, iCloud, iCloud Drive, Evernote, Box and local storage.


Textkraft English for iPhone is a feature rich word processing tool you would love to have in your iPhone, its $5.99 price tag notwithstanding. It has lots of word processing and sharing options that matches Microsoft’s MS Word. Multiple language dictionaries and thesaurus comes handy to non-English speakers. It is a good thing that the dictionaries work without internet access. The app also provides access to popular cloud storage services. Multiple sharing options mean you can share your docs anytime via email or SNS. To sum it up, a fully loaded word processing application that could rival MS Word.

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A Better Camera Android App Review

A Better Camera app for Android is an impressive multi-function photography application that let you take snapshots of high quality easily. Its strength is the optimally chosen camera functions that you’ll find in the cameras of leading camera makers. You can get A Better Camera app for free from Google Play Store.


A Better Camera app for Android has all typical features that other camera apps provide. This ranges from basic camera functions such as ISO and exposure adjust, auto focus, and panorama to more sophisticated ones like a Dynamic Range Optimizer, HDR, Serial, Multishot, Burst and Expo-bracketing, as well as RAW capture. Sequence Mode is A Better Camera app’s unique feature. It combines motion into an image, wherein the resulting image showing the various phases from the motion. Another A Better Camera app only feature is Object Removal that lets the removal of an unwanted moving object. You’ll be curious to know about Best Shot feature wherein the app picks the best photo automatically. It takes series of photos and automatically identifies the best photo. The app also has a histogram display, which means a graphical distribution of scene brightness. This function let you to understand how to take photos better before doing it.

A Better Camera Android App

Apart from taking photos, A Better Camera app also suffice when it comes to recording HDR videos as well as video and photo time lapses. The layout is minimalistic. Hence, you have larger screen space available to view your photo subjects. But the menu is still user friendly and easy to access. The icons and buttons are all well designed. It is couple of clicks that it takes to snap a picture or start recording a video.


A Better Camera app for Android incorporates a multitude of camera features such as Burst mode and Expo-bracketing that you might find in high end Nikon or Canon cameras. The app is free, but is not ad-supported. The UI is minimalistic, and that leaves maximum screen space for viewing the photos. Its Object Removal and Sequence Mode are some of the features that are not usually seen in most camera apps. Best Shot frees you from having to choose manually the best photo out of a series of pictures you’d clicked. Overall, a fully loaded camera app that makes clicking high quality photos a breeze. Check it out if you’re looking to replace your phone’s stock camera app with a more feature rich one.

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