A Better Camera Android App Review

A Better Camera app for Android is an impressive multi-function photography application that let you take snapshots of high quality easily. Its strength is the optimally chosen camera functions that you’ll find in the cameras of leading camera makers. You can get A Better Camera app for free from Google Play Store.


A Better Camera app for Android has all typical features that other camera apps provide. This ranges from basic camera functions such as ISO and exposure adjust, auto focus, and panorama to more sophisticated ones like a Dynamic Range Optimizer, HDR, Serial, Multishot, Burst and Expo-bracketing, as well as RAW capture. Sequence Mode is A Better Camera app’s unique feature. It combines motion into an image, wherein the resulting image showing the various phases from the motion. Another A Better Camera app only feature is Object Removal that lets the removal of an unwanted moving object. You’ll be curious to know about Best Shot feature wherein the app picks the best photo automatically. It takes series of photos and automatically identifies the best photo. The app also has a histogram display, which means a graphical distribution of scene brightness. This function let you to understand how to take photos better before doing it.

A Better Camera Android App

Apart from taking photos, A Better Camera app also suffice when it comes to recording HDR videos as well as video and photo time lapses. The layout is minimalistic. Hence, you have larger screen space available to view your photo subjects. But the menu is still user friendly and easy to access. The icons and buttons are all well designed. It is couple of clicks that it takes to snap a picture or start recording a video.


A Better Camera app for Android incorporates a multitude of camera features such as Burst mode and Expo-bracketing that you might find in high end Nikon or Canon cameras. The app is free, but is not ad-supported. The UI is minimalistic, and that leaves maximum screen space for viewing the photos. Its Object Removal and Sequence Mode are some of the features that are not usually seen in most camera apps. Best Shot frees you from having to choose manually the best photo out of a series of pictures you’d clicked. Overall, a fully loaded camera app that makes clicking high quality photos a breeze. Check it out if you’re looking to replace your phone’s stock camera app with a more feature rich one.

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Snap Measure Pro Android App Review

When you’re planning to buy a new piece of furniture, you got to make sure that it perfectly fits into the corner where you want to place it. Snap Measure Pro app for Android could come to your aid in such situations. It provides you accurate measurements of objects from their photographs. You only got to click a photo of the object under consideration and the app does the rest. Snap Measure Pro app for Android costs $0.99 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Snap Measure Pro app for Android attempts to replace the physical tape measure when it comes to calculating the dimensions of an object. The app virtually turns your smartphone into a measuring tool and the best part is that once it’s calibrated, you don’t have to carry around an external reference point. Calibration is easy as well; simply click a photo of something of known size such a standard sheet of paper. Fire up the app, and choose what you wish to measure. You can measure the height of an object from the ground, length of an object on the ground, objects on walls, ceilings, tables, etc., provided the plane is parallel or perpendicular to the ground. Click a photo of the object you want to measure, and then using the app, draw a line from edge to edge. Snap Measure Pro app will then display the measurement of the object on the right side of your phone screen. It is cool and faster than using tape measure.

Snap Measure Pro Android App

If the initial calibration is done correctly, Snap Measure Pro Android app provides pretty good accuracy. For precise results, you got to click a good photo of the object to be measured. The app let you toggle with your phone’s flash settings so that you can activate the flash if required. Other important features of Snap Measure Pro app include the ability to save measurements for later usage and checks, save measurements as image, and distribute and share images via email or Whatsapp. It is also free of ads.


Snap Measure Pro app for Android is pretty useful to quickly find measurements of objects, provided you follow the procedures and guidelines of using the app to the ‘T’. Since calibrating is a one time job, it is advisable that you do it properly so that all future measurements remain within tolerance. The app is also available in a stripped down free version. Conclusion: With Snap Measure Pro, you don’t have to carry a meter around with you anymore.

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Jorte Calendar & Organiser Android App Review

With hundreds of the calendar applications doing the rounds on the Google Play Store, an innovative unique one developed by Jorte, Inc has created a buzz on the Android platform. With an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 and more than ten million installations as stated on the Play Store, Jorte Calendar & Organizer stack itself on the top echelons of the outstanding performers. It brings splendid features on the table to experience a new generation of the calendar which focuses to take user error out of the equation.


Jorte Calendar & Organiser app for Android follows a unique approach that blends a traditional calendar app with a personal assistant that offers a ton of relevant information. The interface of the application is fluidic and very impressive. It provides some fantastic visual flourishes, including weather forecasts and a customizable background picture. It provides Today’s events, dairy, tasks and many more important information spread across its side menu. It is alike to the Google calendar but provides much more information accompanied with user customization and the context inside the calendar itself. The app is a free download from Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases to unlock phenomenal features such as password protected calendar, creation of up to 5 calendars, unlimited premium themes and many more.

Jorte Calendar Organiser Android App

The unique feature of Jorte Calendar & Organiser Android app lies in the synchronization of the multiple accounts on different providers and providing the correct information without fail. The app scans the email accounts, contacts, Facebook to have an eye on everything, from the tomorrow’s presentation to the next month travel trip. Apart from this, it provides features like import/export of the contents to the CSV format, all appointments at a glance, sync the events with Outlook, Yahoo, weather forecast and many more. The key feature of the app is its inbuilt cloud storage which not only store information up to 10 GB but can be accessed via PC, Smartphone and tablets through an active internet connection. Besides this, it unlocks a countdown feature which reminds about the remaining days for the loading up.


Jorte Calendar & Organiser app requires Android version 2.1 or higher. It is compatible with Android Smartphone and tablets and requires 7.1 MB for its installation. Secure a free copy of Jorte Calendar & Organizer from Play Store to organize all the daily tasks in a simple and smarter way to execute them at an ease.

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