30/30 App for iPhone Review

Having too much work, but too little time? Here comes another wonderful application for the iPhone users that helps them solve all their time management issues and gives scope for higher productivity. 30/30 app for iPhone is a highly attractive yet very efficient task manager built for the purpose of scheduling various tasks of the user. The app is suitable for every individual irrespective of any age or designation. By efficiently setting up your tasks and taking the right amount of breaks, 30/30 iPhone app helps you in completing your projects on time.


Unlike other task manager applications, the 30/30 app for iPhone has a gesture based interface. You need to spread out or pinch out the screen below the clock dial display to create a task initially. You can then set a title for your task and choose from different attributes, colours, icons and so on. The default time period is 30 minutes and you can change it by moving the stopwatch scroll bar. A time period of 5 minutes can be added or subtracted on the main screen itself using the increment-decrement options. The double tap gesture on the created task provides the option for editing purpose or you can create a new task by double tapping on the new field. To change the order of tasks set, you just need to tap and drag it up or down. A left swipe on the task moves it to the bottom of the list while a right swipe deletes them. Tap a task three times to copy it.

30 30 App for iPhone

The designs are minimalistic and attractive with graphics and pictures taking the upper hand over texts. There are eight different colours and around two dozen free icons to choose from, for each task. You can adjust brightness, vibrations, sounds and notifications through various settings. These options are viewed by tapping the gear like icon on the top right corner of the display. There is an auto-pause button to pause the alerts if the app is not open. You can also activate the shake gesture to undo any operation or task. There are also various upgrades which can be made through in-app purchases. You can even share or e-mail your task lists to your friends or relatives.


In short, 30/30 for iPhone is a perfect task management app to accomplish all your work cycles, and rest cycles. As the makers claim, you have certainly not experienced a task manager like this. The application is absolutely free of cost and is available on the App Store at a size of 13 MB.

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