5 Minute Yoga Android App Review

5 Minute Yoga for Android is an app that plans out quick and easy workouts for those who do not have much time thinking and coordinating exercises. This includes not just yoga poses, but also meditation and relaxation poses. To maintain the 5 minutes agenda for each session, the app makes use of a timer function that ensures all poses are performed within the exact amount of time. It offers the perfect way to jet start a day.

Get fit with an easy workout plan

5 Minute Yoga for Android has quite simple and minimal interface and you can easily setup. The sessions are planned such that it also aids a beginner to get started with the workout right away. Install the app and open it. You can take up the workout plans straight away. The setup menu has features that make the experience with the app the most pleasant one. Apart from selecting your favorite workout session. You can choose your background music and set reminders, intervals for any time of the day for your workouts.

The sessions are organized day wise and you will be give five yoga poses to perform in sequence. The poses are simple and easy to follow. It provides an illustrated example of the pose so you are aware if the steps correctly. When you start a pose tap the play button. The screen switches to the next pose when the time for the current pose reaches zero. In a similar way, you will be taken through five poses. The total time taken will be less than five minutes. Once you complete one set, the next day you will presented with the next set of five poses.


5 Minute Yoga for Android helps you stay fit in in your convenience. Practicing yoga regularly has its own advantages. It reduces stress and improves flexibility and also increases the strength and tones your muscles. You can achieve all of this in 5 minutes by following the apps intense yoga training. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads.

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