PhotoPills Android App Review

PhotoPills is a photographic app for android developed by PhotoPills, SL. This app can be used in all devices functioned with Android or IOS. PhotoPills is the best weapon for all photography matters in your pocket, at your administration. Regardless of whether you are a prepared photographer or somebody who is not much familiar with photography, PhotoPills will help you.

PhotoPills Android App Features

You can see three menus in PhotoPills; they are MY STUFF, PILLS, and ACADEMY. Widgets is one the features of PhotoPills App which will help you to know about the sunrise or moonrise timing. It will be more useful when you are traveling. PhotoPills will help you to combine a lot of things in one screen. You can also use this particular feature, Widgets without switching on your mobile data. AR that is Augmented Reality is yet another feature of this app, this feature is so useful for photographers who want to click pictures in night because the Night AR of this app exceptionally good. The Augmented Reality makes things so natural. In addition, and this is especially sharp, you can change an opportunity to perceive how everything develops, just by looking on the screen with your finger.

Another feature of PhotoPills app is Planner, as the name suggests this feature will help you to plan when to take photographs, of scenes you wanted to. By using this feature you will get to know about the right time, you will get best picture. Also in this app you can make a to-do list, which help you to remember your creative side. Point of Interest is also a feature of this app which will help you to save your interested area while you traveling. There are four features of PhotoPills which will help to schedule your shooting spot and time. They are Long Exposure Calculator; Spot Stars Calculator; Time Lapse Calculator; Depth of Field Calculator. Long Exposure Calculator – as the title says by using this feature you can calculate the correct exposure of the scene. Next is Spot Stars Calculator- by this feature you can fix you exposure to capture the right brightness of the star. Also this feature will allow you to be aware of your fault while increasing or decreasing your exposure. PhotoPills also save s feature to save your time, which is Time Lapse Calculator. Depth of Field Calculator is more useful in night time; it will help you to focus on correct spot.


PhotoPills App for Android is an essential app for the photographers who love to take pictures of sceneries. It helps the beginner photographer to flourish in the field. All the features are well maintained and perfectly structured for the photographers. The app is available in Google play and cost just $11.13 to download and use.

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