A Talking Fat Cat iPhone app Review


In A Talking Fat Cat iPhone app you will be able to talk to the fat cat and make him laugh while laughing yourself.


  • This is the funniest fat cat you will ever get the chance of meeting.  He will talk back to you and he will even try to tell you some jokes in order to help make you laugh
  • Because of how interactive the app is you can actually try and tickle the talking fat cat and he will start to laugh and giggle as you do it
  • If you’d rather just annoy the cat a little bit and get him going, then all you need to do is just poke him.  He will respond with some funny remarks as you do it
  • The cat enjoys your touch and sometimes if your not careful the fat cat may suddenly burp or fart just to get your attention
  • Because he is a cat, after all, you may occasionally hear the talking fat cat start to purr when he’s happy
  • The cat is also famished most of the time so you will be able to watch him eat and drink and you will hear the coinciding slurps and smacks of his jaws
  • The graphics in the game are all in really high quality and you will love how realistic it all looks as you are playing on it
  • The audio in the app is also really good, and the high quality sound will make you feel like the cat is right next to you
  • The app is easy to navigate through so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck or lost on a certain page
  • You can also have saved favorites as well as a complete randomizer to help add to the fun


Who doesn’t love a fat cat?  This is a lovable little app that will have you giggling all day long.  The best part about it is how interactive it actually is.  There is a lot that you can do with the cat other than make him talk and it will keep you thoroughly entertained.  The graphics are actually pretty realistic and the navigation of the app is actually pretty easy to be able to do.  The audio in the game is also very high quality so you will hear very clearly the things he says when he talks back to you or makes remarks.

This app has been given a three out of five star rating by people that have actually downloaded it and put it onto their iPhones.  You can actually download this app right onto your mobile device for only $0.99.