AdShield Ad blocker Android App Review

AdShield Ad blocker, No more ads & tracking android app let you block ads from all browsers. A powerful content blocker that works well on all web browsers for an Android phone or tablet. Ads are always a hindrance as you browse and read through web. It pops out at odd time and distracts us from our work. This app provides a great way to block them completely and also prevents advertisers from intruding and tracking what you do online. Go through more content than ever before by blocking all unnecessary distractions. The app works fine with almost accuracy in all web browsers.

Browse faster and in peace, you are not going to be interrupted

AdShield app for android uses advance interception technology to block all kind of intruders while you browse. In VPN mode, it uses a DNS based interception and for enhanced browsing it uses Rule-based interception. Apart from the annoying ads, it blocks adult websites, gambling websites and also social networking sites. Trackers that try to get your personal data are also blocked. A few malicious sites can also be blocked but not all of them would be successful. It does not hide your IP address.

For AdShield app to function well on chrome, you need to disable browser compression, search for async DNS resolver and disable it. Otherwise, chrome can bypass ad blockers. Enhanced browsing extension gives you a complete ad free experience easily. It blocks pre-roll ads, pop-up ads and so on. Connect to other VPN application while using the app through the Yandex browser.


AdShield Ad blocker android app has quite a unique task of blocking all unwanted and malicious intruders. It makes web viewing experience smooth and uninterrupted. It is not an antivirus nor a proxy.A lightweight app that does not take up too much of your battery life.It is the most compatible ad blocker for the most modern browsers that lets you browse faster. It is most perfect on Yandex browser. The app cost just $1.13 to download and use. All the features are made available with no further in app purchases.

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