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Perhaps you love to read and never have time to sit down with a book.   You still want to ‘read’ the classics so what are you going to do?  What about the time you spend travelling back and forth from work?  What about when you take your daily run or walk?  It’s too hard to read while you do activities like this, but what about listening to books?  Audiobooks (Download Edition) iPhone app is just what you need.  This is a great way to access thousands of classic favorites on your iPhone.  The Audiobooks app allows you free access to great audiobook content that will take you over 20,000 hours to listen to.  Having it all at your fingertips is so nice!  Whether you are waiting at the doctor’s office, in line at the pharmacy, stuck in traffic, or just with a long commute, Audiobooks is only a touch away. 

You may be a classics lover, perhaps you devoured Moby Dick or Charles Dickens as a youth and want to re-live those great moments.  Perhaps you are looking for classics you haven’t read yet, like Jane Eyre, or the works of O’Henry.  You might even be new to the classics and just want to give something like Pride and Prejudice a try, since you loved the movie.  This great iPhone app meets your classic book reading needs no matter what they are.  Modern bestselling books are not included in this collection, so don’t think that you will find such books as Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series or “The Lightning Thief.”  However, for hours of listening to the classics this is a great book app.  A nice touch is that you never need to lose your place with the automatic bookmarking.  Also, there is a Sleep Timer so you can fall asleep listening to your favorites without missing too much of the story.  There are also advanced search features that help you find just the classic book you want to listen to.

Audiobooks uses recordings that are taken from the LibriVox project.  This consists of volunteers who record their own favorite classic books and release them for the world to enjoy.  Do realize, however,  that the readers are amateurs who volunteer their time to read the books, so be a little forgiving with the styles your hear.  With this app you can access and save your books, so you can listen anytime to your favorite classics.



  • Over 2800 classic audiobooks at your fingertips
  • Simple way to listen to classic books anywhere
  • Automatic bookmarking
  • Sleep Timer
  • Advanced Search
  • Recordings from the LibriVox project
  • Get the app, and then all the recorded classics you choose to listen to are free


If you love the classics but don’t have time to read them, Audiobooks (Download Edition) for iPhone is just what you are looking for.  This book app is currently rated 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and downloads for $0.99.

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  1. I use LibriVox all the time. The audio books are free and some are of very high quality. I have listened to A Diary of A Nobody, Black Beauty, The Railway children – to name a few. My children also listen to books as well. Yes, audio books, as you stated, are definitely a way to listen to books whilst you are on the move. And I would recommend LibriVox. Nina

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