AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer iPhone App Review

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is an iOS synthesizer app which is created by over 100+ volunteers as an open sourced project over the course of several years of efforts. An ultimate music instrument for iPad and iPhone, Synth One, is a professional level software that involves professionals from the fields of musicians media alike. Sound designers and music technicians who have worked with artists like Rihanna, M83, Kanye West and software companies are active developers of this app.

Synth and play the music of your life

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is a robust software that works very well with other audio routing tools and music apps. You will be able to import sounds produced in Synth One into other apps like Sybase and GarageBand. Synth One comes with loads of features. It has over 300 presets and five oscillators. There are two digitally controlled oscillators and a FM with mod wheel, sub noise. The app can be controlled with MIDI keyboard as well. It has 2 LFOs with over a dozen routing possibilities. Touchable ASDR envelopes for amp and filters, both high pass and band pass filters and more. There are a bunch of effects that allows you to go full on electro god. It has mono glide, legal with 4 pole vintage low pass filter. You can import as well as export your sound files and share them to the world.

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer iPhone App Review

There are millions of people in the world who are in love with music who gets benefited with AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer app. The whole list of features can be found in AudioKits website. Synth One comes with so many amazing features that pleases your ears and soul alike.


AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is completely open source and if you are interested in creating such a synthesizer you can very well use the code. People who love to make their own music and those who would love to make some noise, this app is for you. It makes high end music creation more accessible. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.

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