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Libby by Overdrive Android App Review

Libraries have always been the repository for knowledge for our society.  Now, in today’s busy world, we might have a library card for our local library but we simply don’t find the time to go to the library to borrow a book. However, things get simpler when you have Libby app on your phone. Libby by Overdrive is an Android app that allows you to borrow ebooks from your library right from your phone. Interested to know how the app really works? Well, we are here for that. In the following article, we would take a take a closer look at the app and see how it works.

Bring Your Library to your Phone with Libby

Most of the modern day libraries have ebooks on offer. Some of them even digitize some of the rarest books in their collection. Libby allows you to borrow these ebooks and get it on your phone. How does it work? Well, all you need to do is take out your library card, enter your membership and you would get instant access to all the ebooks that the library has on offer. Now, you can just browse and choose the book that you want to borrow. You can save them on your phone for offline reading or you can stream it to save space on your phone. It is that simple to use the app. If you have accounts in different libraries then you can log in with all of them simultaneously. You can stay logged in as long as you want.  You can check out a sample without having to download anything. Libby by Overdrive, as an app, is extremely simple to use and it makes borrowing books from libraries hassle-free and fun! Once you start downloading, you would surely get hooked on to it.

Libby by Overdrive Android App Review


Borrow ebooks from a large number of libraries from across the world.

Get audiobooks, graphic novels and more

Keep a track of your hold requests and loans

Keep a track of your activity


Libby by Overdrive is a great Android app for booklovers. The app is free and it is all off 2.2MB, which just makes it one of the most attractive apps out there. So, download Libby on your Android phone today and rekindle your love of reading by getting access to millions of interesting reads.

Cover Photo Maker Android App Review

These days promoting ourselves in social media have become necessary. There are leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where you can market yourselves. For those who use social media, cover photo needs no introduction. If we go to any page, it gives the impression whether it is good or bad. So it is extremely important to maintain a good cover photo. Choosing a regular image as cover photo has lot of headaches. It needs to be resized according to the ratio given by those social media sites and other logistical issues. To solve all those problems, here comes Cover Photo Maker – Banners & Thumbnails Designer for Android.


Cover Photo Maker for Android is an app which was specifically designed for social media posts. With one click, you can select an image that’s perfectly suited for Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. So you don’t have to bother about resizing an image. For those, who doesn’t know anything about designs too can use this app very easily. Cover photo maker is super fast and super easy, making it ideal for those with little design experience. Within seconds’ time, your job will get done.

Now we will see how this works. First choose Background. Either you can upload your own photo or select from wide range of images available with Cover Photo Maker. There are different kinds of themes as well. Next, select the required size you want. That means you have to choose a ratio. For example, for Instagram it is 1:1. After that if you wish, you can add images and stickers and place it on background as well. You can also write text on cover photo and choose the best font for the sentence you write. Boast about your cover photo.


Already there are 10 million installations which mean that it is a blockbuster among users. This app will also has necessary updates promptly, they are updating time to time. More than 14K users rated the mobile app out of which 11.5K users have given 5 star rating which suggests that it is users favourite.

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus is an iOS platform free application provides a unique custom acoustic environment which makes ourself stress free and much relaxed. Wants to have a good sleep, having a stressed mind? , this app is a best choice. It offers better refreshment and relaxation through soothing music’s and ideal visual background. The app was selected as the best app of iTunes App Store in 2018 and it is one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. The application comes under the category Health & Fitness in the app store.

TaoMix 2 Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

Relax and Get Better Sleep

There are 3 classes of sounds such as Wind, Birds and Water in TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone app. The user can manually mix the sounds or can select from the library in the application and can add it in to their soundscapes which can played or shared and also can be deleted. The app provides the option to customize and change the sounds according to the user’s interest. The soothing classic noises includes gentle raindrops, chirruping birds, thunderstorms which all makes you relaxed and feels like it is happening around you. One of the attractive feature is that timer is included in this app which allows you to play soundscapes which shuts off after a specified time period. The timer can be used to fall asleep or to set a time limit for meditation or yoga sessions. TaoMix 2app can be controlled by using airplay devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. The user can also listen to the soundscapes while using other music application at the same time.

The interface of TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone contains three colored circles along with a white circle. The white circle can be moved to hear different sounds in different combinations. The blue circle indicates the sound of water, the pink for birds and the green circle is for wind. The white circle can be navigated around different circles and also their combinations. The automatic mixing setting allows to automatically moving the white circle around the screen at different speeds.

Calm Meditation & White Noise

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone is one of the best apps available in the App Store. The soundscapes are really amazing and soothing. The premium version of the app can be subscribed from the app store which provides unlimited access to all sounds. The user can create relaxing visual atmosphere along with the sound and also can record their creations.  

Stump Riddles iPhone Game App Review

The brain is perhaps the largest and the most important muscle in the body. Like every other muscle, it needs a good deal of exercise to stay fit and active. Now, one of the most effective ways to do that is to solve riddles. Solving riddles don’t require any special knowledge but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to solve. They challenge your grey matter in most challenging ways. It challenges your logical thinking, reasoning and the ability to think outside the box. Nowadays, getting access to riddles is easy nowadays as you have a number of apps that has riddles. However, most of the apps available today, rarely pose a challenge. However, there is one app which has got amazing riddles that will surely challenge you. The app we are talking about is Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone.

Get Stumped with Stump Riddles

Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone comes with a lot of simple yet challenging riddles. Let us give you an example – you might be given the image of an eye and given below the word ‘stand’. Below that, you would be given a blank followed by a number of letters. You have to choose the right letters that make up the answer to the riddle. What do you think the answer would be? Well, it’s simple! It’s not one word but a phrase – ‘I understand’. Yes, it is that simple. There are many such witty riddles that you can solve. As you go on solving, the riddles becomes harder and harder. When you solve a riddle, you can get rewards which you can use later on for things like hints, and solutions. What we liked and what you will like is the fact that you would get a lot of different Riddles that would surely make your brain cells work and also give you hours of excitement.

Stump Riddles iPhone Game App Review


Collection of really easy but puzzling riddles

You can play it offline

The game is free, with in-app purchases

New levels are added monthly

You can play with our friends


Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone is really a fun app to have in your smart phone.  At the same time, it really offers a good deal of exercise for the brain. You will love the riddles, and also its simplicity. You can play with your kids, or even ask your parents to play – this app is for everybody. So, download the app and get solving, Sherlock!

Sticker Maker Android App Review

Sticker Maker is a free android app developed by Viko & Co. which enables the user to develop his/her own sticker packs for Whatsapp. The users can make stickers using their device camera or directly uploading photos from their photo gallery. The user can also import memes for making their stickers. This app has over 10 million downloads as of now. The user can make as many sticker packs as he/she wants and each sticker pack can hold up to 30 stickers.

Features & functions

Sticker Maker for Android is a great platform to create funny, creative and lovable stickers using our own photos, friend’s photos, memes and share it through Whatsapp between our contacts and groups. After the successful installation of the app, the user needs to select the icon “Create a new sticker pack” after that the user needs to provide the name of the sticker pack and also the author name of the sticker pack. A new sticker pack is generated and a well set 30 icons appears where the user can add photos from gallery, files or take photos at that time. After selecting the image the user needs to cut the image using their finger to make it appropriate for their required sticker. The user can also zoom the image to cut better.

Sticker Maker Android App Review

The user can also rotate the image or can select the image as a whole. After successful selection the user can save the sticker and add it to Whatsapp. There is a minimum limit of 3 stickers and maximum of 30 stickers required in sticker pack for its successful inclusion in Whatsapp. It is difficult for some users to cut it using their finger as they can’t make perfect outline stroke and some are also forced to use stylus for outlining. Another annoying factor is that the users aren’t able to add text to their stickers which could make the stickers more creative.


The main attraction of Sticker Maker for Android is the creation of stickers using our own device with your own pictures and shares it globally. This app is also supported in Gbwhatsapp and also it is also available in iOS version. It contains ads placed by the developers. Check out this app for creating interesting stickers.