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Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

Battery Widget Reborn for Android is one of the nicest looking battery apps which is used to monitor your battery and help you save. It has a stylish widget that lets you access advanced functionality with ease. The app has a nice circle battery meter with a holo theme interface that displays battery statistics and other information. The resizable widget can be fit anywhere on the screen. Statistics include information on how long it takes to fully charge and how long the battery lasts.

An elegant battery caretaker

Battery Widget Reborn for Android has a material themed interface with great features required of a battery saving app. It has a beautifully designed Widget that can adorn any screen with a cute circle battery level indicator that supports main and external dock battery. All details are summarized and you will find shortcuts to information on power, background sync, WiFi, and BT settings. The app displays status bar notification of battery status. Know how long the battery lasts, voltage, temperature and battery health. It is completely customizable with multiple icons and fonts. Simple yet powerful battery saving functionality that saves power while you are asleep is available, the automatic power saving mode.

Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

A charging and discharging chart can be easily understood and acts as a notification for your battery power. Details about other power related toggles like wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode also finds its place in the chart. Tools like torch, shortcuts and dash clock extensions are also available. The app in itself is highly optimized and hence does not drain your battery power. There are three versions available, free, pro and classic. The pro version is priced $4.33.


Battery Widget Reborn for Android is currently in beta and has been incorporating features and changes in every updates. The app works fine on Android 2.3 and more. It’s the best in the market if you want to keep an eye on your battery life of you smartphones, tablets and other devices. It has the auto flight mode that saves battery at night.

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android

Extreme for Android is a personal voice assistant app that is secure and get things done easily using artificial intelligence. The best virtual personal voice assistant that is quite friendly and guides you through your day to day tasks. The app understands everything you speak in English and manages to deliver almost everything you had voiced out. The app protects your privacy such that it protects your conversations securely and cannot be accessed by anyone else other than you. All you need to do is to install the app in your smart phone.

Converse, and get assisted intelligently

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android accepts everything you throw at it and neatly packages into an intelligent answer. You can ask any questions which is there in the top if your mind. Just ask “What is Climate change? and you will get the answers in a blink. Tell the app to take a selfie and you will be photographed immediately. You need to get directions to a new place, be it, downtown New York or Calcutta, the app collaborate with Google Maps and gets you the directions. You are never going to be lost in a strange world. Choose your area of interest and you will be updated with daily news and tidbits.

Extreme for Android is aware of the device settings and time and you can use it as a timer to set alarms and reminders. Text your friends, email or even attend calls, the app makes it all possible from within itself. It works equally well with WhatsApp, Skype and other apps so you need not shy away from asking. Secure personal voice assistant works round the clock to get what you need in the best possible way.

Highly Customizable Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant for Android helps you efficiently with your chores. The app supports different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, German and so on. Apart from the daily tasks, Extreme also has some fun elements like a few games to keep you entertained. The app is a free download from Google Play Store. There are a few paid in-app purchases which come with additional functionalities that enhance the user experience.

Moovit Transport App for Android Review

Moovit for Android is a local transport app that helps millions of commuters with live updates of status, routes and so on. The app with its presence in over 2700 cities, 300 million users it is world number one transportation app and they keep adding cities every 15 hours. All your transport choices are now available in one single app which is robust and sends out precise information. Have peace of mind as you travel in a public transport be it bus, tube, railways or metro.

Travel in peace, travel with Moovit

Moovit: Bus, Rail, Timetables, Maps for Android acts like your personal journey planner that gives you live directions, notifications, car pooling, bike sharing, real time arrival and departure information. With a global coverage and presence in major cities, you still can travel cheap by using the public transport while in a new city. You will not have wait for a train that is not coming or gotten on a wrong bus. Any issues on the planned route, the app will send you notifications so you can avoid it. Even if you doze away, push notifications will wake you up at the right time. The directions are precise that you know where you are going even without a visual aid.

Moovit Transport App for Android Review

Step by step guidance in real time as you travel and find out exactly how long you need to wait, the places you will cross, how many stops and the app will alert you when you need to get off. You can relax and travel avoiding the need to check for the stop. Save locations and frequently used routes so you can access all of it immediately. The app is free to download.

Best Public Transport App

Moovit for Android is God sent for anyone using public transport. Available in 44 languages and throughout all the major cities across the globe. Plan your routes through any of the available service and get live updates and schedules. Apart from telling you where to get off and on, you can also do live reporting and this can alert other users of delays or cancellations.

Deezer Music Player Android App Review

Deezer Music Player for Android is a music player app where you can live stream songs and music. Download them and listen offline with no internet connection. There is enough and more music of all genre and streaming and podcasting will instill the musicians in you. The app lets you stream any song, album, artist and genre and create an unlimited collection of music you love. Browse through the entire catalog and sort out to make your selection

Get enough of your favorite music with Deezers

Deezer Music Player Android App has about 53 million tracks with top music recommendations curated based on your tastes. Deezer music editors curate and create wonderful playlists. It can be completely personalized for each and every member of your family. You will find music of all genres. Listen to customized playlists or create your own playlist with music you love to hear. You will just need to tap the favorite icon and select a folder. Organize the playlist by album, artist or genre. Discover new and trending podcasts, radio stations and audio channels and listen to hit numbers.

You can search and filter songs based on artist, album, genre or song. Create mixes of songs and create the perfect playlist for different occasion, like a road trip, dinner party, wedding albums, workout sessions. The app intelligently understands user choices and makes great recommendations which you can download and listen. The app can sync well with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Sonos sound systems. With the premium version, you can create up to six profiles. Also, share your favorite playlists and music with others through social media.

Wonderful Songs, Radio & Podcasts App

Deezer Music Player Android app will get you organized and be ever ready to listen to great music according to your mood. Dive into the world of sound and music and get to play and download the latest chart busters. The app is free to download and use with in-app purchases and ads. For unlimited usage and block ads you need to subscribe to Deezer premium. Download unlimited music in the premium version and listen to them all offline.

Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone App Review

Celebrity Voice Changer for iPhone is a text to speech app where you type whatever you want and get converted it to a speech with your favorite voice. Stickers and emojis have become a trend in mobile messaging using any of the apps. Developed by Talkz, Celebrity Voice Changer now lets you share variety of characters that can actually talk. The talking emoji and stickers are animated and are given a cloned voice for all the typed messages.

Talking emoji and stickers, a unique way to communicate

Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone app has animated characters that can be sent over messenger just like any other emoji and stickers. The app uses deep learning technology to replicate audio automatically. It creates text to speech animated voices that match the emoji and stickers. It really gets boring seeing the same static characters without any sound any while you can create funny moments with Talkz. Talking stickers liven up your chatting and it will aptly convey what you had in mind without any misunderstanding. You can upload your own voice and sync it with the animated characters. You can also create your own stickers by uploading the necessary files and audio in Talkz website.

Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone App Review

The impersonated voices fall under public domain and you get to use voices of Barrack Obama, Xerxes and the like. As it is an animated impersonation it will not have infringement issues and is protected. This is a more dynamic way to converse with your friends and family. A totally a new way of communicating in a more innovative and interesting technique. The app is geared to meet the challenges in a broader perspective.

Celebrity Video Maker Emoji

Celebrity Voice Changer for iPhone is an awesome showcase application that has all capability to become a part of big mobile messaging applications. The app has got better with each update and it has tons of celebrities. All characters have impersonated voices. It is funny and quite useful in a way when you want to convey tricky information. The app is free for three day trial period with in-app purchases for monthly and weekly subscription. Subscription unlocked additional features and voices with unlimited use.