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Lorna Jane Active Living Android App Review

Lorna Jane Active Living Android App helps you stay fit and healthy. It is one of the best fitness app that has everything you need to stay healthy and fit. Being active is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are self motivated while others need an extra push. The app has that much needed motivation factor that you need to follow a regular pattern of healthy lifestyle. It brings all forms of exercises together and let you plan and customize based on your requirement. It is built in with GPS to track your move.

Get Your Body In Shape With Expertise From Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Active Living for Android is a simple app that can plan your whole wellness. The app has free workouts, delicious recipes that can be done quickly, wellness programs and believe feeds. It is a collection of much needed things a busy women require to keep well.

The Lorna Jane Active Living Android App has a library workout that can be scheduled in your calendar or you can customize certain exercises to suit your need. Move tracker tracks your activity and records it in your activity history. There are trainers who can guide you in cardio, stretch and strength. Plan a nourished meal with mainstream or vegetarian option. Meal prep tips will help you plan ahead. Weekly believe plan will help you have a positive mindset with inspirational quotes, tips and news.


Lorna Jane Active Living Android App is developed by Lorna Jane is a smart app that can keep you active to be fit. The app has been designed to suit the schedules of a busy women. The workouts are designed in such a way that it can be done anytime anywhere.The app has covered everything from fitness, wellness, food, and more. The app has everything that can be planned ahead and done in the shortest period of time to make you healthy and fit. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer.There are no in-app purchases available in the app. 

Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App Review

Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App let you find podcast shows you love to listen. You get to see podcast shows that are popular, podcasts your friends are listening and more. You could be a newbie in this area or a long term podcast listener, the app helps you out to discover popular podcasts that you love to share with friends. It is designed to discover new shows from friend to friends. The main aim is to help small time podcast producers find their audience and monetize their efforts by getting the friends community to share the podcast.

Entertainment In Your Fingertips As You Get To Listen New Podcasts

Swoot Podcasts with friends for Android is a simple, intuitive app with an easy to use interface that will help podcasters and listeners alike. A unique concept of getting to know what your friends listening right now can give podcasts and episodes the much needed visibility. The users are encouraged to share their contact list, Twitter and Facebook account. You can also follow friends who are using the app so you will know what they are listening. You can also get to know what they recommend in an activity feed. A green icon will appear next to their avatar whenever they are listening to an episode.

The Swoot Android App nullifies the discovery issue every podcasts have. It gives each listener a disease of confidence when you find that a podcast or an episode already have listeners you know. You can always ask your friend about the show and decide.


Swoot for Android is an app that is a blessing for podcast listeners and help podcasters name their own  money. It is founded by Pete Curley and Garret Heaton has given emphasis on what people are listening at the moment. Audio is hard to share and be made viral. Swoot takes this challenge one step ahead and provides a platform that can help even one episode from a podcast get noticed. Theapp is free for download and use. There areads placed by the developer.There arein-app purchases available in the app.You can subscribe for podcast channels using the in app purchases.

Sound Amplifier Android App Review

Sound Amplifier Android App helps highlight specific sound in a noisy environment. This is particularly useful for people who have varying degrees of hearing loss. The app can make it easier to hear spoken words that may otherwise be tough to understand. The app can augment, filter and amplify sounds that are around in the real world. It requires the assistance of a microphone for real time audio processing.Before using the app, you need to connect a wired headset.You can make the phone to pause the app when you have any incoming calls. The app can help people with hearing disability to tackle their issue.

Enhance Your Listening Experience With A Unique Solution

Sound Amplifier for Android is an easy to use app that enhances your audio and provides a more comfortable and natural listening experience.The app will filter and augment audio from real world surrounding you. The app makes audio clearer making it lot easier to listen. It identifies quite sounds alone and does not touch the loud noises. It has two sliders that can customize the sound instantly. The noise reduction will minimize distracting noises in the background.

The Sound Amplifier Android App allows you to personalize the listening experience. You can carry on conversations in a loud surrounding and use the app to enhance what you want. The audio visualization helps you visualize the audio. Boost the quite noise, reduce loud ones using your device. A great app for weak audio.


Sound Amplifier Android App is a unique way to enhance your listening experience. There are so many instances where you want to have a clearer listing experience. You are never gonna miss anything that could go unnoticed. The app amplifies whatever you missed. The app can be toggled on and off from the Settings and Accessibility. You can tune the app to a setting you like. The app is available for devices with android 6 and later. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

Spotify Stations Android App Review

Spotify Stations Android App provides an easy way to listen to music nonstop. Listening to music is one of the favorite pastimes of many. There are many music apps available in the market. Spotify Stations is different from the Spotify app, in this app you can create stations and listen to music played by that station. The world of music is within your palm.

Enjoy Non Stop Music From Stations Created Just For You

Spotify Stations for Android is a minimalist app that has the simplest user interface. The tools are easy to access and are used to customize your experience.The scrollable playlist makes it easy to access songs you love to listen. You can create your own stations by picking up an artist or genre you love. Overtime the app understands your liking and creates a playlist that is personalized to your liking.

The Spotify Stations App for Android listens and learns more about your interest and it will get you to what you want instantly. You don’t have to type or search. You are taken to stations packed with music you love instantly. The music will start playing as soon as it is open. The users do not  have to search for songs. Discover Weekly and Release Radar makes it easy to listen and find your favorite choices. The app can attract millions of users from Pandora with its convenience and simplicity.


Spotify Stations Android App is an experiment from the Spotify company. The app is designed for people who love to have a radio like experience where they do not have to seek out for music. The lightweight music streaming app provided easy access to curated music. The app surely reduces the time and effort taken to create a playlist of your favorite music. Theapp is free for download and use. There areads placed by the developer.There are noin-app purchases available in the app.The app requires a Spotify subscription. Spotify free users will be able to listen to music, like or dislike songs. Spotify Premium users will have ad free listening with unlimited skips. 

Tree ID British Trees Android App Review

Tree ID British Trees Android App provides you with an interactive guide to identify British trees. The app is developed by Woodland Trust, which is UK’s largest forest and woods conservation society. They have developed this unique app to help people identify common or native trees and non native trees in the United Kingdom. Whichever the season it is, the app works consistently well in identifying all the trees using any part of the tree or the full, clear image of the tree. The app is an A to Z guide that is complete with information and photos.

A Guide To Identify All Trees Around You

Tree ID British Trees for Android is a simple and easy to use app. Thus family friendly app is used to identify trees around United Kingdom. The app covers all naturalized, native trees and several species of cultivars commonly seen in UK. Professional ecologists have been involved in developing the app that gives comprehensive ecological and anatomical information about the tree with all the images.

You will get to know the fruit, flower, leafs and so many other interesting facts about the tree through Tree ID Android App. You can use fruits, flowers, leaves, buds, twigs and barks to identify the trees. It is an interactive and complete platform to learn more about trees and each of its species. The app has around 562 detailed images of the trees and this includes tree, seed, bark and leaf. You can search for trees, mark them as favorite and record them on maps.


Tree ID British Trees App for Android helps you discover the fascinating world of trees. Recognize any kind of trees out in the open during summer, winter spring and autumn. It gives detailed description about each tree. You will get to know about interesting facts about them complete with images and illustrations. The Tree ID app accurately identifies each trees and provides you with whole load of information. The app works offline without internet connection. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.