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App Builder to Create app Android App Review

App Builder is an online android app building app, developed by Appy Pie. Here the user doesn’t needs to have any computer knowledge or coding skills to build an app. The app consists of all the tools, resources and guidelines to follow so that a new user can easily build an application by himself. The app can be made within minutes by simply dragging and dropping resources. Therefore we doesn’t need to learn programming languages such as Java, XML etc. Using this app builder, more than 2 million apps are been created and more than 25000 people use it every day.

How it Works

The App Builder Android App has a simple and user friendly interface. The user is provided with a 14 day free trial package and also a chat bot “Snappy” is around to assist is in development of app. In the first step, the assistant will ask for an app name and after its completion, we need to choose an appropriate category from a list for which our app belongs to. Then we need to select the features we needed for the app from the list. After selection of features, we need to select a design style for our app from a list of predefined designs. Then we can select the app icon, background from the gallery or from the database.

The user can sign up using Google or Facebook details or by other ways. After sign up, we can have a 14 day trial and after that we needs to upgrade to premium version for complete access. We can edit the App Builder app according to our concepts and can connect social media platforms linked into our application. Different pages can be included such as home, about, contact etc. and we can also publish it to app stores. After completion of build phase of the app, the user gets the complete app.


The App Builder Android App contains in- app purchases and requests permission for location, storage, network connections etc. Overall it is a great platform for ordinary people to create their own creative apps without the need of having programming skills. This app can be used to build apps on Android, Windows, iPhone etc. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free and is listed under Tools category.

Autodesk SketchBook iPhone App Review

Autodesk SketchBook iPhone app is a sketching app from Autodesk. Any artwork starts with sketching. It is the basics of this creative process and involves a lot of effort. SketchBook is a powerful tool. You may be a serious artist or just a beginner, SketchBook makes your job simple and easy. It is a complete sketching app that has an array of tools for creating art. It is not the same as other drawing apps. The app is designed to solely cater to sketching and nothing else. It is an excellent professional tool that can be used to create digital art with ease.

Get set and sketch your vivid imaginations

SketchBook iPhone App has a neat and tidy intuitive interface. It is fully featured tool with all the needed tools for sketching. The focus is only on drawing and sketching and it pays great attention to detail. You can effectively present your idea in a very less time. You just need to get used to the tools and even a novice can master it.

SketchBook app for iPhone has about 200 customizable brushes. Pens and inks aid in free drawing. Canvas can be scaled up to 100 mpx. Color library has loads of colors that can be customized. You can export files in different formats, including, psd, tiff, png, bmp and jpg. Use both pen and stylus to draw. Both can be used interchangeably. Pin the most used tool on the canvas for easy access.


SketchBook  iPhone app is apt for creative professionals like architects, designers and other artists.It is a pretty sturdy app, considering that it is from the developers of popular apps for engineers, architects and designers. It is compatible with all devices and those who are used to the desktop version can easily adapt to the mobile version.Thigh there could be differences in features across different platforms. The basic version of the app is free to download and use. It has enough tools for an avid artist. There are other advanced and professional features available in enterprise version. It has a free trail and an upgrade to individual or enterprise subscription.

Sprout Baby iPhone App Review

Sprout Baby iPhone app is used by busy parents to ease the challenges faced as you bring up your child. The initial stages can really be tricky. Babies are very delicate and it is quite important to know the meaning of even the slightest signs and symptoms. Sprout Baby is a comprehensive tracker that helps you track all the development stages, sleep routine, illness and also medication. It acts like a digital baby book that is personified to suit your baby’s need. Track everything from daily feeding routines to first steps, teeth, haircut and so on.

Track and record all the vital information

Sprout Baby app for iPhone is a baby tracking app that is simple yet intuitive. It is designed to keep record of all the vital information of your baby, like the, medical records, milestones and daily routines. You can keep everything separately and that helps monitor each event easier. A separate health Tracker can log temperature, symptoms, illnesses and medicines. Monitor all the age appropriate milestones using standard guidelines.

Using Sprout Baby app for iPhone its easy to track feedings, sleep, diaper changes and view the summary on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Immunization chart help you with reminders on the right time. Record all the first moments if your baby and export it as eBook. Share these with friends and family without posting on social media.


Sprout Baby iPhone app is a powerful all in one tool that you will ever need to lead a peaceful life of a parent.Feature loaded and ease of use make this favorite app. It pulls data from WHO and CDCso you can check your baby’s vital statistics with the general population. Apart from tracking, the app let’s you capture special moments that can be saved in the app and you can revisit later. The app is available in different languages apart from English. The basic version of the app is freeto download and use. The premium version of the app is available for two week free trial and after the period you need to upgrade through in app purchases. There are no or ads.

Freeletics Workout & Fitness Body Weight App Review

Freeletics Workout & Fitness Body Weight Android App helps you improve your body health without you hitting the gym. You don’t need any equipment to achieve your fitness goal. Whatever the need may be the app is there for you. With Freeletics, you can lose weight, gain strength or just improve your overall health with ease. It saves you a lot of money that goes into expensive gym memberships. It also saves us from a whole lot of excuses we give to avoid doing exercises and also removes all hurdles from getting us stay fit and healthy.

Get fit like never before with Freeletics

Freeletics Workout & Fitness Android App will push you to your limits and it is a great pay off. It on if the most advanced digital apps for fitness. It is like your personal fitness trainer. There are hundreds of bodyweight and HIIT workouts. They have tailored exercises for all muscle groups, like, abs, arms, butt, and legs.

Freeletics Workout & Fitness Body Weight Android App helps you improve your body health without you hitting the gym.

With Freeletics Fitness and Body Weight Android App you can train at home, office or anywhere at any time. Exercises are designed to use just your body weight to sweat it out. Customize your coaching for the time duration you want and the time interval you can maintain. A fitness test will let you know what type of fitness plan you need. Share your experience with other users and get inspired. There are several blogs on health, nutrition and sports.


Freeletics Workout & Fitness Body Weight Android App inspires you to stay fit and reach your goal. With simple tactics like calling you an athlete and workouts named after Greek gods and goddessescan do the trick. Points based system will instill a sense of achievement and helps you grade yourself. You know where you are and what needs to be done to get the fitness you were dreamt of. Give you the flexibility to tailor your fitness plan. For the real athletes, there are hell days and hell weeks available every seven weeks that help you accelerate your progress.The base version of the app is free to download and use. It has a training subscription for a month, three months, six months and one year.

Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture Android App

Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files Android App acts like a recycle bin for android. Many may not realize that there is no recycle bin in your smart phone. Once you have deleted a file, even by accident, there is no way you could recover it back. Dumpster app lets you undelete, recover and restore video and image files. It is one of the best recycling bin and it offers quick and easy ways to get back all your deleted videos and pictures. There are 20 million people already getting the service of this app.

Recover deleted files with its content intact

Dumpster Recover App for Android is like your recycle bin and has more features than that. It can effortlessly back up Android apps and media files. It has cloud storage facility which is used for all backup purposes including newly deleted files and this saves a lot of space in your phone memory. This helps you easily undelete files even if it was accidentally deleted. Without using any data recovery apps, Dumpster can easily restore files in a few clicks.

You can schedule an auto clean up of the storage after certain term, like 30 days.  It frees up space for more deleted files. Dumpster recover my deleted picture and video files android app can restrict storing files of certain type. It let’s you preview files and you can view them before retrieving or deleting them permanently. You can filter them by type, deletion date and also name.


Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files App for Android developed by Baloota app is quite an useful app for those who use their phones extensively. It provides a great way to backup and recover files and also provides security to all your personal images, videos and other files. It doesn’t take much time to restore files. The app can also restore deleted apps with all its data intact. The app is free to download and use. It has in app purchases for various other interesting features and also contains ads. The premium account if the app gives you option to keep all your media files away from others with a four digit secure access code. The premium version provided you with an ad free experience