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Walgreens App for iPhone Review

Shopping!!! This word plays a very important role in our life. We always do some kind of buying but every time it is not possible to go shop even for our daily needs like medicines due to lack of time or some other reasons. Thus we are now very much dependant on online buying and so Walgreens has developed an app for iPhone users. Users can use Walgreens to shop for prescriptions, scan and quick prints. This app will allow you to shop from Walgreens stores at your convenient time. This app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s iTunes website.

Features of Walgreens App

Walgreens app for iPhone has number of stores in the country so you can select your nearest store while shopping on the app. The app has plenty of features which make shopping quick and easy, also save your precious time. With Walgreens app in your smart phone, you will be never so far from a Walgreen store. Whether you are simply shopping for medicines (almost every type) or order prints and collect directly from Walgreens store. You can also opt for passbook feature which contains reward points in your passbook. These reward points can be redeemed at your preferred Walgreens store. This reward point system also helps you to get exclusive pricing as a member. Users can scan their mobile card at checkout counter to know point status.

Walgreens App for iPhone

Walgreens app for iPhone also gives badges and exclusive product offers and other great rewards to its members. It has great feature of pharmacy shopping which is quite useful to refill prescriptions. Users can scan the barcode on your prescription bottle for instant refill. You can also this app to set reminder for taking pills on time and you will also get all health related information on the app. If you like to keep track of your body fitness then you can take help of Walgreens app to track BMI, weight loss and blood pressure.

Another cool feature is quick print feature. Users can chose pictures from iPhone to print and pick it up from local Walgreens store in just about an hour. Walgreens app requires no account log in for this service. Other features like photo editing, making collage and photo cards are also available in the app. Thus you can enjoy faster, more convenient and seamless printing experience. Walgreens app is compatible with iOS version (6.0) or higher.


Walgreens app for iPhone is awesome mix of online shopping for medical prescriptions and photo printing. The app helps you to refill your prescriptions on time and also send alert to take pills on schedule time. A smart download and quite useful for users having less time to spend.

NoteLedge Premium App for Android Review

You got lots of note taking apps in Google Play Store. The one we’re going to have a look-in here is NoteLedge Premium app for Android. The ‘Premium’ in the name gives it away that the app is a paid one. It costs $2.99. The app is also available in an ad-supported free of cost version.

NoteLedge Premium App Features

NoteLedge Premium app for Android is a bit different from the usual note taking apps in that it not only let you create notes and memos but also insert video recordings, audio, type written text, and images into the notes. It also comes with some decent handwriting tools that let you sketch doodles or jolt down some quick thoughts. NoteLedge Premium app for Android also let you create different types of multipage note books including a travel journal, personal diary, and a recipe book.

NoteLedge Premium has an attractive UI. It is easy to use for most parts. But since it is different from the usual memo/note taking apps, it is advisable to read the tutorial before start creating memos and notes. To create a new note, simply tap on the ‘+’ sign in the main navigation menu. Now you set the title of the note and once you’re all set, you can choose between drawing and non-drawing modes. In the former, you can draw on a blank page using app’s drawing tools. You can choose the brush size, brush style, and color to your liking. This mode comes handy in drawing doodles or in creating handwritten notes.

NoteLedge Premium App for Android

Non-drawing mode is suitable in creating notes with images. You can insert or create various video and audio recordings plus you can also add some typewritten texts/photos. The notes are scrollable. It should be kept in mind that notes contain multiple pages. To create a new page, simply tap the scroll down with plus button located below the color palette. You can also create a backup for your notes by linking the app with GoogleDrive or Dropbox account. However, strangely missing are features such as color picker and fill tool, ability to insert some pre-defined shapes and cool stickers, crop/resize image feature, and a quick search tool.


NoteLedge Premium app for Android is certainly better than most note-taking application you might have already used. It is user friendly, responsive and easy to use. Using the app, you can create multiple page notes of different types. The ability to add audio/video and typewritten text and images to the notes are its USP. But it strangely misses out on search tool and some common edit features. Verdict: With some more refinement, it’ll become a killer app. But nonetheless, it is worth checking out.

Pure Calendar Widget App for Android Review

The native calendar widget has some shortcomings. For example, it does not have options for better user control, and it only displays one event at a time. If you work demands a packed schedule every day, clearly the native calendar might not suit your purpose fully. Pure Calendar Widget app for Android is a highly customizable widget that could provide the flexibility you might be looking for. You can get Pure Calendar Widget (agenda) Android app for $1.49 from Google Play Store.

Pure Calendar Widget App Features

Pure Calendar Widget app for Android provides widgets of different layout sizes. Make sure that you have the size you want before you change the settings. Once it is placed on the home screen, the size can’t be varied anymore. Of course, you can change the transparency of the widget to suit the home screen theme. You can pick from a choice of available skins to customize its look and feel. Further, there are options that can be changed in the following categories: display format, tasks / to do list, calendar display options, events calendars and tasks colors, layout, and system options.

Pure Calendar Widget App for Android

It is pretty easy to set up events. The UI is well designed and easy to use for most parts.
Pure Calendar Widget is synced with Google Calendars. In fact, it shows calendars from Google, TouchDown & Moto/LG Exchange. It’ll also show tasks from Astrid, TickTick, AnyDo, Tasks (Team), MyPhoneExplorer, Ultimate To-Do List, TaskSync, CalenGoo, DGT Gtd, gTasks, Got To Do, Task Organizer, Due Today, TouchDown, and Pocket Informant 2 and 3. Regarding events, you can add bi-weekly or bimonthly events or even more complex schedules.
Pure Calendar Widget for Android is compatible with Android 1.5 or higher (up to KitKat).

Final Thoughts

Pure Calendar Widget app for Android provides more flexibility over the default calendar widget. Using this widget, you can view multiple events at a time. It syncs with Google calendar and is compatible with both Astrid and gTasks. Setting up an event is a pretty straight forward process. Customization options come handy. You can change the transparency of the widget to suit the home screen. Pure Calendar Widget app also supports different skins. Overall, it is a versatile calendar app worth checking out.

Floating Widget App for Android Review

Floating Widget: the term is self explanatory. It makes your widgets float on apps. However, its implementation may appear to be a bit odd. But once you learn the rules, it comes handy in certain situations. You can download Floating Widget Android app for $1.49 from Google Play Store.

Floating Widget App Features

Floating Widget app for Android has lots of buttons. But there isn’t any hint as to where to start. It is the Select Widget button where you should start with. Tapping on the button will pull up a list of all widgets in your phone. Now you select one to continue. But the app won’t do anything until you click the set location button. This will take you to the homescreen to place the widget that’ll be highlighted by a red box. This indicates that it is in ‘move mode’. Once you release it, the red box will vanish, leaving a green bar at the top of the overlay. Long press on this ‘move bar’ to go back to move mode. This is infact a handy way to get the widget out of the way sans going back to the app itself. This works with even scrollable widgets. But you can’t resize them.

Floating Widget App for Android

Floating Widget for Android let you choose any of your installed ones, even bigger ones. It smartly shrinks down the size a bit, even though you can opt to keep it in full size. But with the full size, it might obscure the screen that it overlays eventually. Further, you can have multiple widgets floating at once, save up to 5 different floating widget profiles, control widget transparency, and notification quick actions. Floating Widget is compatible with Android OS 2.1 and above even though some features might require Android Jelly Bean.


The widgets placed using Floating Widget app for Android are perfectly responsive. Though it seems to create some amount of system lag, it is not something of a deal breaker. You can still enjoy its benefits. Setting up the app is easy once you find out where to start – Select Widget button. The UI is user friendly. Verdict: If you’re in the search for a utility that lets you interact with any home screen widget while you’re using another app on your phone, try Floating Widget app.

PhotoSynth App for iPhone Review

Life is amazing and its beautiful moments fill lots of joy and happiness in our living. We want to preserve every beautiful moment of life in the form of photos. Now we can make our photos more colorful and vivid in nature by using panorama technology. PhotoSynth app for iPhone will help you to take beautiful shots of amazing moments which are full of colors and liveliness. This app will bring out the artist in you and enables you to create masterpieces of artistic pictures. PhotoSynth iPhone app can be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes website.

Features of PhotoSynth App

PhotoSynth app for iPhone is full of features to create perfect panorama pictures. It is an interactive and smart tool to produce amazing results. PhotoSynth app is cleverly designed for iPhone and it makes panorama creation very easy. It makes a real time experience as it will be fun to capture the image. One smart thing which you will find in the app that you can not only create panorama from left to right but also up and down. This feature helps you to capture the whole sphere with total 360 degree coverage. Users can see panorama taking shape as they capture with the help of interactive capturing. PhotoSynth app is quite smart and it produces sharp, seamless results with its advanced image stitching engine. If you want to review your created panorama, you can use zoom, pan or rotate function with immersive viewer to do that. You can also join PhotoSynth community and post your creations in that. You can also share your work on social networking sites and get admired for your perfect panoramic pictures. You will get notifications when your creations are liked or highlighted in community.

PhotoSynth App for iPhone

PhotoSynth app is smart tool to capture perfect panoramic picture through for 360 degree pictures you can connect with RICOH THETA for instant capturing. This app will give better results with latest iPhone like 4S or 5. The app is compatible with iOS version (5.0) or higher.


PhotoSynth app has user friendly interface and simple to use controls. The app is almost perfect for panoramic capturing through iPhone as it not only create pictures but also craft your memorable clicks. Astonishing app for creating beautiful photo memories that too in panorama mode!