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Peacock TV Android App Review

Peacock TV Android App that streams TV and movies for your daily dose of entertainment. The app also provides you with regular updates on sports, news, pop culture and more. This new streaming service is from NBC Universal and offers you the best of both world, the streaming service and media. You can watch hundreds of classic movies, current hits, numerous episodes of your TV shows, and excluding originals. You also get to know what is happening around your favorite sports. Political news will be at your fingertips and you never will have to rely on any other media.

Get The Best Out Of Both Worlds

Peacock TV Stream TV, Movies, Live Sports & More for Android is simple and easy to use app for streaming service. The access is instant and the streaming is smooth. You get to watch the movies from production houses like Universal, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation and Illumination. There are fascinating documentaries like Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, Dying Laughing, Murderball, I Am Ali and more. You get to watch exclusive TV shows which you can binge watch. All NBC hits are available for stream.

The movies and shows are categorized into different levels. Kids get to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. There are brand new seasons of Where’s Waldo and Curious George. There are live sporting events which will also include the Olympics. The app now has Spanish content as well.

Stream everything

Peacock TV Android App is the best streaming service available with so many features. The streaming service of the app is available only in United States and its territories. The app is free for download and use and there are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app. You can subscribe for premium and premium plus versions of the app to all access all the features of the app without any restrictions. Premium plus version is ad free and you can down load titles to your device so you can watch later. With premium version, you get more to watch and binge. There are more movies, shows, seasons, live events to watch.

Moose Math Duck Duck Moose iPhone App Review

Moose Math Duck Duck Moose iPhone App makes math an easy thing to crack. It is a perfect app for kids to help them learn math. The learning is made fun and entertaining with catchy graphics, interesting scenarios and activities and more. Parents or teachers can follow the child’s learning progress and find skill gaps wherever it is necessary. You will find all mathematical concepts covered in great detail. Interesting stories and concepts will make learning quite engaging that students will forget that they are actually learning math. They get to make juice, solve puzzles, find pets and practice shapes and sort through objects.

Learning Math Made Fun, Interesting And Enjoyable

Moose Math for iPhone is a simple and fun app that engages kids in a mathematical journey. The app teaches addition, counting, sorting, subtraction, and more. It has five engaging, multilevel activity like Moose Juice, Paint Pet, Pet Bingo, Lost and Found, and Dot To Dot. The kids get to make smoothies while they learn go count, add and subtract. They match pets and learn to count the dots. They need to find their pet bingo by solving a series of counting, addition, and subtraction problem. It has made learning shapes easy by sorting colors and shapes.

The Moose Math Duck Duck Moose iPhone App makes kids understand the relationship between quantities and numbers. They will improve on their algebra as they solve word problems. Number pattern recognition is made easy as they master counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10.

Skill Game

Moose Math iPhone App, developed by Duck Duck Moose, is a safe place for kids to master the basics of math. It is an award-winning app and a parent’s choice of app to help teach their kids mathematical skills. It is developed in collaboration with eminent educators and elementary school teachers which helps derive quality content. It follows all core standards in teaching and learning. The app is best for kids aged 4 and above and is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Read Along Android App Review

Read Along Learn to Read with Google Android App provides you with a platform to learn and read new languages easily. You get the companion of a friendly reading buddy and discover the magic as you learn to read new languages. It is the best app for children to make them read in a fun way. It fosters learning in them as they learn to love reading. Reading is an important step in understanding new languages. It helps you get the diction right, build your vocabulary and understand the language. The app works best if you already have the basic understanding of the alphabets.

Enjoy Learning New Languages And Muster Your Reading Habit

Read Along Learn to Read with Google for Android is a simple intuitive app that knows what a young mind needs. It gives a fun and game like experience which children will love. There are engaging stories, word games that will challenge you to learn something new. You get to read aloud and get rewarded with badges and stars which will boost your confidence. The Read Along app will help encourage new learners to learn independently at their own pace. It tracks your learning progress as you make advancement in the reading journey.

The reading buddy listens to you as you read aloud supports whenever you struggle. You can tap on a word to hear it pronounced accurately.  The Read Along app does not require any of your private details like name, age, location, email, contact or phone number thereby providing complete privacy and security.

Safe Fun Reading

Read Along Learn to Read with Google for Android is a fun app that engages children in the process of helping them to read. The languages includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu among others. The app is great if you want your child to gain confidence in a language and have a lifelong passion for reading. The Read Along Android App works perfectly well offline. You just need the internet connection for the download.  The simply focuses only on reading and have enough exercises for the children to practice it. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

Recipe Calendar Meal Planner Android App Review

Recipe Calendar Meal Planner Android App helps you plan your meals, recipes, diets and grocery lists. The app is an absolute savior for those who are managing work and home. Cooking can take a lot of your effort. Apart from the time spent to do the actual cooking, you also need to spend time planning, buying groceries and prepping. The app is your perfect meal planner that saves a lot of time for you. You get to plan your regular meal, plan something special and also learn yo cook them easily. Find good recipes and update your meal plans regularly.

Enjoy Cooking And Planning Meals With This Calendar

Recipe Calendar Meal Planner for Android is a simple and easy to use app that helps you make a meal plan that matches your style and habits. The app follows a healthy diet meal which includes vegetarian, low carb, paleo, low calorie and others. You get to schedule meal plans, decide how many people will eat and update your plan. Simple menus are available for beginners. You also have complex and interesting menus. There are meal plans for those who wish to lose weight.

The meal plans are based on real nutrition statistics as suggested by a calorie counter app. You can schedule your weekly meals yourself with Recipe Calendar and the app also lets you add your own recipes and add it to the meal plans.

Schedule your weekly meals yourself

Recipe Calendar Meal Planner Android App give you a unique experience as you plan every meal. There are choices of recipes which can help you add a zing to your regular meals. All your meal plans are synchronized across all devices. The data is saved on the server and is never lost. You can use your grocery list on your phone as you shop and use a tablet for meal prep. It is a community driven app where you can find friends, plan meals with them and also share meal plans. The app is free for download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for additional features.

Hey! VINA Android App Review

Hey! VINA Android App is solely for the women. It is a great platform where women can meet new friends, the app stands for women friendship. It is quite interesting where you get to make friendship and be happy in a community of like minded people. The app helps you live the best of life. You don’t have to worried about getting in touch with strangers or being targeted. You will not be alone when you travel or visit a new place. A social circle is within your reach whenever and wherever you go. A perfect app that will help you grow your friends base.

Have A Perfect Companion With Like Minded Girl Friends

Hey! VINA Where Women Meet New Friends for Android is a simple and beautiful app that lets you tap and make friends wherever you are. The app allows you to sign up with a Facebook account. This will enable to find contacts you already know and also confirms your gender. You can take up a quiz that will let you find compatible matches. You can join a community to be able to be in a social circle of your interest.  You just have to swipe to let others know that you want to meet.

Hey! VINA Android App has personalized introduction that makes things easier when you meet a potential friend. You can make virtual meeting and then meet up in real life. The app let’s you add your friends list and form groups.


Hey! VINA App for Android is something women will get addicted. There are varied and interesting choices of community. You are not alone if you are pregnant, cancer survivor, engaged, gamer or have any other quirky interests. You will find a group of community for something or the other. The app has certainly made life easy for you to find the companion with whom you can share your worries, thoughts and plans. You just have to match and then meet up. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.