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StudySmarter Android App Review

StudySmarter Android App provides a smart platform for study. It has everything from exercises, summaries, flashcards and performance tracking. One of the best study apps for students to learn in the comforts of their home. During the adverse time if pandemics where people’s life has been restricted and are compelled to stay at home, online learning platforms provides best solutions to continue education. The app provides everything you need within the reach of your palms. You can learn whatever you want anytime and anywhere using the learning materials provided in the app.

Learn What You Want While You Are Quarantined

StudySmarter for Android is an easy to use educational app that has connection with more than 2000 universities around the globe. The app lets you create flashcards and summaries directly from the content using the Magic Marker. The app uses smart algorithm to build the flash card and you can do it with your friends or alone. The app has shared more than five million flashcards. You get access to more than seven million flashcards and summaries and use it as your learning material. Make study groups and share all the learning content. You will get automatically matched with your batch mates.

The StudySmarter Android App lets you join various courses offered by universities and institutes. Access flashcards and summary of your friends and import it in your set. Set and track weekly goals and assess your learning progress with the weekly report. The app lets you save 113 minute of the lecture or lesson for rework.


StudySmarter Android App is a smarter way to study. One of the best ways to learn concepts as you stay at home. It synchronizes learning materials across devices and provides you updated content in real time. All content are from leading publishers and content providers. The basic version of the app is free for download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for premium version. The premium version will give you access to exclusive digital learning materials and other content. It also providers professionally created flashcards and summaries.

Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App Review

Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App is based on styling. You get to style and do makeup for your clients. So, children who have interest in this niche area can be benefited a lot from this app. It is a creative activity that keeps your child occupied. It is app that is based on fashion story game. It is like helping you build a client based on your work. It is a great way to show off your prowess in makeup and styling. It is every girls dream to learn to do the makeup, style and attend celebrity events.

A Game That Plays With Girls Passion

Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru for Android is a cool, intuitive and stylish app. It helps you be the fashion stylist you ever want to be.  The awesome game allows you to create a client base. You have clients whom you need to dress up for specific events like a date night, award night or red carpet event. Dress them up fabulously with clothes you can purchase from your stylist bank. You can sell these clothes to clients for a profit. Carefully select clothes as per client specification. Unlock more clothes as you keep improving your performance.

The Super Stylist Fashion Guru Android App also lets you choose the accessories, shoes and hair style. Help your client look fab from head to toe. Make your clients give you recommendations. Ensure they tag you in their pictures in the social media. The app comes up with new catalogue and brands of dresses with each updates.


Super Stylist Dress Up & Style Fashion Guru Android App lets you be the trendsetter. Developed by Crazy Labs, it helps girls hone their makeup and styling skills. Shop for dresses, style and do the makeup. Participate in VIP celebrity events and photograph in the most stylish looks. Let the world know your talent so showcase the best works through social media. You will soon realize how your skills are going to make money. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance Android App Review

Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance Android App is based on prom nights. It presents the most amazing proms and you get to be the prom queens and king. It us a fun game that keeps most of the kids occupied for a while. You get to know the rules of a prom, learn dance moves and learn how to behave during a prom night. The app provides you with everything you need to get ready for the prom night. The app is one of its kind that helps you to be the best on the d day.

Be the Best On Your Prom Night

Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance for Android is an interesting app that you get to play through all the events for a prom night. From planning to execution, the app covers everything. Get a good makeover to become the cutest prom queen. This includes doing a manicure, selecting accessories and more. Select the right bracelet, rings and an amazing hairstyle.

The Prom Queen App has lots of features like you can dress your boyfriend with a fab tuxedo. Both can go for a spa before the big night. You get to choose the mode of transportation. You get to fly in a helicopter, cruise in a limo or a carriage. Enter the prom like a true celebrity. Prepare new dance moves to dance away the night with your handsome boyfriend. The app allows you to watch the dance videos with your friends and assess your dance skills. Enjoy being in the prom and face the challenging night confidently.


Prom Queen Date, Love & Dance App for Android brings to life all the events that happened during a prom. Do you want your child to get accustomed to the custom. Then, get them hooked to this app. Guide them on what is right and wrong. Help them understand it is just a fun event that lets them be the best and showcase their dancing skills to the world. It is a fun game every kid love to play. The app is available for free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

Over Design, Flyer, Story Maker Android App Review

Over Design, Flyer, Story Maker Android App can edit photos and add text. That is put in a nutshell, it has all the capabilities of a photo editing tool combined with customization options. You can create your own art with several options of graphics, fonts, templates, and stock photos. The app is a fun way to recreate your photos very efficiently and instantly and it will let you customize templates to suit the requirement. The app has amazing templates, effects and tools to create your unique art. Create your project and brand using this app with your phone and amaze the world.

Unlock your creativity with the most creative app

Over Design, Flyer, Story Maker for Android is an intuitive and powerful app. It helps you design your imagination effortlessly and quickly. It has over 84k graphics, 350+ fonts and 500+ templates. All of these can easily be customizable. You can either start from scratch or choose a template to begin with. Add photos, inbuilt graphics, text and effects. Play with colors and other settings making a personalized artwork. Upload photos or logos and redesign it.

Over Design, Flyer, Story Maker Android App has everything you need to build a brand or content of your own. Templates are beautiful and hand curated. All the inbuilt features are easily editable. Remove photo background, hide characters, create logos, business cards, marketing content, social media posts, ads, flyers and more. Access the wide range of graphics, templates and more to create your work and post it instantly in social media.


Over Design, Flyer, Story Maker Android App is one of the best editing tools used by millions to create a brand of their own. The app gives you professional and polished results. The advanced editing tools can create magic on the photos. Use the plenty if stock photos available in your projects. The app updates with new content and you don’t have to know graphic designing to use it.  Its free for a period of seven days for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to upgrade to Over Pro version. The app gives you option for monthly and yearly subscription.

Sago Mini Village iPhone App

Sago Mini Village iPhone App aims at constructing an entire new community for Astrid and Tom. They are moving into a new medieval village and you need to build a place to live. It is up to you to build a place that you feel will be suitable for them. You can build a skyscraper or a cabin that is cozy and warm. You are the chief architect who has to design and build the place. Be inventive and creative and design one of the best places Tom and Astrid would love to live.

Design and Build the most Beautiful Place

Sago Mini Village iPhone App is an easy to use and simple game of blocks. You can build a simple hamlet to bustling city. The more windows and doors you add the more gnomes will get in. Find place for Tom, Astrid and their friends. Move them around the neighborhood, take them to watch play, pick groceries and go for a walk. There are hundreds of unique building blocks. Kids can easily drag and drop them to build homes.

Sago Mini Village Game App for iPhone helps develop motor skills, resourcefulness and creativity. It is perfect for preschoolers of age two to five. Helps them be active and both physically and mentally. The game is full of fun and silly surprises.  One can play offline without any internet. It is an award winning gaming app that helps grows wild imagination. It has three user login profile that is designed after much thought.


Sago Mini Village iPhone Game App is a creative gaming app that introduces you to nuances of building and designing. You are required to build shops and houses some throw life to an entire village. Build a cottage with bricks, thatched roof or tree trunk. The app is available in several European and Asian languages. The app is available in the App store and costs just $3.99 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. The app requires iOS 8.2 and above and works well on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.