Autodesk SketchBook iPhone App Review

Autodesk SketchBook iPhone app is a sketching app from Autodesk. Any artwork starts with sketching. It is the basics of this creative process and involves a lot of effort. SketchBook is a powerful tool. You may be a serious artist or just a beginner, SketchBook makes your job simple and easy. It is a complete sketching app that has an array of tools for creating art. It is not the same as other drawing apps. The app is designed to solely cater to sketching and nothing else. It is an excellent professional tool that can be used to create digital art with ease.

Get set and sketch your vivid imaginations

SketchBook iPhone App has a neat and tidy intuitive interface. It is fully featured tool with all the needed tools for sketching. The focus is only on drawing and sketching and it pays great attention to detail. You can effectively present your idea in a very less time. You just need to get used to the tools and even a novice can master it.

SketchBook app for iPhone has about 200 customizable brushes. Pens and inks aid in free drawing. Canvas can be scaled up to 100 mpx. Color library has loads of colors that can be customized. You can export files in different formats, including, psd, tiff, png, bmp and jpg. Use both pen and stylus to draw. Both can be used interchangeably. Pin the most used tool on the canvas for easy access.


SketchBook  iPhone app is apt for creative professionals like architects, designers and other artists.It is a pretty sturdy app, considering that it is from the developers of popular apps for engineers, architects and designers. It is compatible with all devices and those who are used to the desktop version can easily adapt to the mobile version.Thigh there could be differences in features across different platforms. The basic version of the app is free to download and use. It has enough tools for an avid artist. There are other advanced and professional features available in enterprise version. It has a free trail and an upgrade to individual or enterprise subscription.

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