Baby Breastfeeding Tracker iPhone App Review

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone is an easy to use app that can make tracking your baby’s feedings quick and easy. Designed for busy parents, the app helps you track your baby’s nursing, growth, diaper changes, doctors’ visits and more. It is a simple, streamlined way to track baby’s daily habits and health. You also get to record those exiting first time moments of your baby. With a single tap, log feedings, diaper changes and sleep patterns to aid inaccurate tracking of your child’s data.

Nurse Your Baby and Enjoy Your Work

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone records and tracks all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers. It also enables you to share all the exiting milestones of the child’s development with friends and family. The tracker with all the details in feed, diaper and sleep logs is not time consuming but helps you decide what’s best for your child. The feeding logger have timer which you can start and stop with one tap. This ensures accuracy and convenience. You can use the timer for nursing, formula, solids or any of the combination. It allows you to track feeding per breast and the total number of pumping you do. Jot down important details like formula brand, preferences or any allergic reaction in the notes section. Summary screen will display all important details like the time of last diaper change, feedings and sleep schedule. Accurate logging of data ensures faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation or diarrhea.

With Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone you can easily share documentation on bowel habits from diaper change records with doctors or caregivers. Sleep log helps you to recognize nap time and sleep patterns to better plan your day. Set alarms to plan a more structured night time feeding sessions. Analyze baby’s progress and growth over weeks, months and years by logging the health history including measurement data, medications, vaccine shots and temperature checks. Snap pictures and take videos on the spot and upload into custom made categories in the app and create a gallery style album of your child’s goals and achievements.

Best App To Track Your Baby’s Nursing Progress

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker iPhone app offers a simple, easy and satisfying way to stay on top of your baby’s progress and at the same time enjoy all the special moments. With sync data you can share data among multiple devices or clone data to another device for a faster transfer. It is free to download and ensures great nursing experience for new momies.

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