Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

Battery Widget Reborn for Android is one of the nicest looking battery apps which is used to monitor your battery and help you save. It has a stylish widget that lets you access advanced functionality with ease. The app has a nice circle battery meter with a holo theme interface that displays battery statistics and other information. The resizable widget can be fit anywhere on the screen. Statistics include information on how long it takes to fully charge and how long the battery lasts.

An elegant battery caretaker

Battery Widget Reborn for Android has a material themed interface with great features required of a battery saving app. It has a beautifully designed Widget that can adorn any screen with a cute circle battery level indicator that supports main and external dock battery. All details are summarized and you will find shortcuts to information on power, background sync, WiFi, and BT settings. The app displays status bar notification of battery status. Know how long the battery lasts, voltage, temperature and battery health. It is completely customizable with multiple icons and fonts. Simple yet powerful battery saving functionality that saves power while you are asleep is available, the automatic power saving mode.

Battery Widget Reborn Android App Review

A charging and discharging chart can be easily understood and acts as a notification for your battery power. Details about other power related toggles like wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode also finds its place in the chart. Tools like torch, shortcuts and dash clock extensions are also available. The app in itself is highly optimized and hence does not drain your battery power. There are three versions available, free, pro and classic. The pro version is priced $4.33.


Battery Widget Reborn for Android is currently in beta and has been incorporating features and changes in every updates. The app works fine on Android 2.3 and more. It’s the best in the market if you want to keep an eye on your battery life of you smartphones, tablets and other devices. It has the auto flight mode that saves battery at night.

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