Blue Quest Android App Review

Blue Quest for Android is a retro style arcade game inspired by old classics. The game is suited for both long-time fans of this genre of games as well as new players who wants to have some fun. You can download Blue Quest game for free from Google Play Store.

Game Features

Blue Quest for Android is a throwback to classic style arcade games. In the game, your objective is to steer the spaceship around the galaxy without touching its borders. Also, you got to avoid being hit by enemy drones, and blown apart by the mines. Strap yourself in and shoot the enemy or even bomb them at the same time while you are making your way around the galaxy. You’ll earn points as you destroy the enemies. The number of points you earn depends upon the type of enemy you slayed. You got to collect all of the blue crystals displayed on the current screen before you can advance to the next round.


Even though the overall appearance of Blue Quest for Android might look simple, don’t be fooled. It will take some effort, and gaming hours, before you could get a hang of the game play. But it is still challenging enough to keep you on your toes. The design and color theme is impressive. The graphics, even though basic, is decent. The movement sensitivity and sound levels may be adjusted from ‘options’. It might vary a bit for different phones. Performance wise, the app is found to be stable and responsive. Blue Quest game requires Android OS versions 2.3 and up.

Best Retro Style Arcade Game

Blue Quest game for Android is for those who appreciate retro style arcade games. The appearance and game play is basic, even though it does not spoilt the fun. The game play is challenging for sure. It will take few games to get a hang of the game play and its dynamics. The graphics is decent, if not great. You can adjust the movement sensitivity from ‘settings’ page. We found the app to be slick and responsive as well. Overall, a well-made retro style arcade game that is perfect to pass time. It’s great for players of all ages, and it provides enough challenge to keep you motivated for continuously play.