Bricks Camera iPhone App Review

Clicking a photo has become too easy these days, thanks to the iPhone. With more mega pixels added to the phone camera, you don’t have to carry around a point and shoot camera any more when you’re on vacation. Your iPhone would suffice to click good resolution pictures. Further, with iPhone, you can have apps that help you edit the photos and make them better. You can’t do this with normal point and shoot cameras. Bricks Camera is one such app that let you capture your favourite moments in bricks. You can get the app for free of cost from iTunes.

Bricks Mode

Bricks Camera for iPhone lets you click your important moments in brick mode. Of course, the brick mode photos are for fun and you can’t use it for any formal use. With Bricks Camera app, you can take selfies and GIFs in brick mode, change the brick size and share your creations with your friends. Using the app is easy. You can change the brick size by swiping on screen to match your style. Simply tap for photos and tap and hold for videos and GIFs. It is possible to switch cameras by double tapping even while recording. You can change the brick size even after capturing a photo or creating a GIF. You can even add brick effects to the photos already saved in the photo library. Once done, you can save your creations to the camera roll or share it with your friends via email or SNS.

The UI design is user friendly. Bricking your photos is an easy enough process. Performance wise, it is pretty slick and responsive as well. Bricks Camera requires iOS versions 10.3 or above.

Final Thoughts

Bricks Camera for iPhone is a photo editing app that allows you to give bricks effect to your photos and GIFs. Simply swipe on screen to change brick sizes. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. It is a nice touch that you can brick even the photos you have in the gallery. Once you have your bricked photos or GIFs, you can quickly and easily share them with your friends in few clicks. We found the app to be stable as well. Check it out if you want an app that let you brick photos.