Byte video communities Android App Review

Byte Video Communities Android App helps you create video communities. It is a perfect app that let’s you share your world with new people and connect with them in an interesting and exciting new ways. You get to upload videos of up to 6 seconds. You can call it a smaller version of TikTok where you can upload videos of 1 minute duration. Creativity in a condensed form is the motto of Byte. The app is from the makers of Vine, and a perfect replacement of Vine which disappeared after being sold to Twitter. The app gives you a perfect platform to showcase your creativity.

Celebrate Life And Community With Condensed Creativity

Byte video communities Android App is quite easy to use with a simple and sleek interface. Like any other video content app, you need to capture video and upload it in the app. The only thing you need to take care is the time limit. It offers its creators a limited platform for creativity. The videos in byte are minimalistic in nature. There is no text or video effect. You can add a cation to the video. You get to showcase your raw videos sans any frills and fancies.

The Byte video communities Android App is community focused. It is easy to explore content and upload videos. You need to create a user name and choose a display option.  You can follow who has liked and commented on your content from the Activity tab. In the profile session you can see all the user profiles who are following you.

Connect and Share using Byte

Byte video communities Android App is the latest social media app that is all about creating video content for 6 seconds and share it to the world. There is no private accounts. All user profiles have default public setting and though the content is not searchable, user profiles are searchable. The app lets you block accounts and also allows you to monitor users who decide to follow you. You can search and add any user profile to follow. Byte doesn’t allow direct messaging or have live content. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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