Byword iPhone App Review

One of the top text editors for iOS, the Markdown-powered Byword for iPhone has been much favored with its effortless iCloud and Dropbox amalgamation and fresh, disturbance-free layout. This application has been updated with a more fitting UI and some other improvements that make writing any extent of text even more of a delight. Byword is available for download at iTunes for $5.99, but you have to make in-app purchase to publish.


Byword still keeps hold of the option to toggle between a light and dark theme and Byword’s dark gold intonation within the dark theme is more or less perfect fit for those lucky enough to have a gold iPhone 5s. The options to arrange files and folders by name or date are placed inside the app’s settings to make the search bar better and to make room for a button to produce a new document. The alterations also do away with the need for the title bar and the storage choice name now exists in within the search box. Unfortunately, the font choice within Byword is still woefully small, with only 4 fonts available to choose from: Avenir, Helvetica Neue, Courier and Georgia.

Byword iPhone App Review

Byword’s iOS keyboard accessory gets a revamp as well and it takes full advantage of the fact that iOS 7 is only available on retina devices. A text depiction of the Markdown syntax shortcuts is included and the keyboard mirrors the iPad version with the same positioning and further panel that displays word count and selection information. Byword influences some of the new features of Text Kit to have more granular control over how text is displayed. Within Byword, swiping gestures consent you to navigate back through folders within the navigation view.


Byword feels akin to a sold update to a great text editor. Its own take on the appearance and use of Markdown syntax highlighting have made this a doubly trendy and efficient app than the ones around. Byword still has some oddities and performance concerns that can by and large bang the experience of using it. Toggling between the light and dark theme, for instance, takes an annoying few seconds of unresponsiveness before the changes come into effect.

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