Catchy Android App Review

When you have a circle of friends, one of the things that you are most surely to get is recommendations. Friends would always recommend movies that they have watched or books they have read. However, we often fail to keep a track of the ‘recommendations’ and miss up on some good things. Not only that, we also have answer when our buddy asks whether we have checked the movie or read the book they recommended! Such things can sour relationships. Thankfully, Catchy app for Android comes to your rescue.

Never miss another recommendation

Catchy for Android is a simple and fun app that lets you share recommendations for movies, music and books. You can check the recommendations of your friends and you can share your own recommendations as well. You can also keep a track of the things that you have seen and the things that you are yet to see. The app also allows you to rate the recommendations. Catchy Android app is fully integrated with Google Books, The Movies Database, The, MusicBrainz and theCoverArtArchive.

App Highlights

Simple Interface
Share recommendations with ease
Integrated with various services
Facebook, Google+, Twitter support


Catchy for Android is a nice little application for people who take recommendations seriously and like to give some of their own. The app is really simple to use and most of the things could be done in a jiffy. So, install the app and never miss another good recommendation.

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