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Google Meet Android App Review

Google Meet Android App is a video conferencing app that is a part of Google’s G Suite. It is an upgraded version of the popular app Hangouts. It is a secure app that is used for setting up meetings through video conferencing. The app supports up to 250 people to join in one meeting. It has high quality, high definition video rendering with unlimited features that makes conferencing quite convenient. It is quite safe, secure and has high level of encryption. There is absolutely no hassles about accessing and you can join immediately as and when your hosts join.

Meet Up With Everyone Easily And Safely

Google Meet for Android is an easy to use app that has simple tools to facilitate video conferencing. The app interface displays who is in the meeting, the chat room, some details about the meeting, audio on/off buttons, and camera. Joining the meeting is as simple as clicking the link provided by the host. The host can share the screen, presentation, spreadsheet or any other files with the members. HD videos can be accessed.

Use the Google Calendar to invite participants. People can join in through their phone, desktop or laptop. All meetings has a phone number that can be dialed in directly. The meeting is recorded and all members will receive a link to the recorded meeting once the meeting is over. The app integrates well with other tools in the G Suite offering hosts of additional features.


Google Meet Android App lets you securely connect and collaborate on the go anywhere and anytime. The app allows international dial numbers for any meeting anytime. The service include valuable feature like recording options, screen sharing and more. You can dial in with your phone. It has the best video conferencing service reviews for the year 2020. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app. It is a part of G Suite which has to be purchased. There are three service plans, namely, Basic, Business and Enterprise. Each plan come with different cost, storage capacity, number of hosts among others.

Spark Mail by Readdle Android App Review

Spark Mail by Readdle Love your email again android app  provides you a great experience as you mail. It lets you fall in love with email. It is a mailing app for professionals which brings together simplicity and collaboration. The app is polish, beautiful and has depth in features that make mailing effortless. The app lets you create an experience that works for you. You can create the right revolutionary emails for your team. It is easy to take control of your inbox and create a customized mailing experience that works for your team. It can be called as an email superpower that has rich, cutting edge tools to help you workaround emails really easy.

Have Supreme Control Over Your Inbox With Spark

Spark Mail by Readdle for android is a beautifully designed app that is intuitive, secure, fast and collaborative. The modern design and features will make you love your email experience.  It is no more a messy chunk of emails anymore but a beautiful thread of messages that works best for you. It works smart. Notification  alerts are only for mails from people you know. Emails are stored into email cards that works like a folder. You can batch read, delete, archive or move all emails from a card with a swipe.

Spark widget in home screen let you know the number of emails, search and even compose new emails. Create shortcuts to frequently used cards. Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads. Create different signatures and choose the right one before you send emails.


Spark Mail by Readdle for android  is an intelligent email app that gives you a smart way to workaround with your email. It helps you focus on top priority mails and reduces any distraction. The app lets you add multiple email accounts and that includes professional accounts and private emails accounts like gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more. You can create secure links to specific email or conversation thread and share the link on any messaging platform. The app is free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

TaoMix 2 Relax with Nature Sounds Android App Review

Taomix 2 Relax With Nature Sounds Android App mashes music together to create unique soundscapes that is personally for you. It is a dynamic library of sound that is designed personally for you. Stress, fuss and frantic are constant in life and it is not easy to get away. But with Taomix 2, you just have to listen to the music and you will be transported to a different place. It helps you to immerse instantly into what you want to do and provides soothing music that is created to suit your mood. Relax and enjoy mindfulness and sleep like a baby.

Learn To Relax, Sleep And Focus With An Ambient Music Creator

Taomix 2 Relax With Nature Sounds for Android is a simple, easy to use app that helps you create your personalized soundscapes. You can add relaxing melodies and ambient sounds to create unique sounds. You can select from the wide range of sounds or record your own music.

The Taomix 2 Relax With Nature Sounds App for Android has a collection of 130 ambient sounds and melodies. You just have to try and mix different combinations. You can set alarm with soundscapes so you can wake up listening to soothing music. The timer will help you set time limit to fall asleep, relax, meditate, and do yoga. The app let’s you organize your creations. You can save and rename your files. The developers keep updating the sound pack list which is already enriched with natural noises and beautiful melodies.


Taomix 2 Relax With Nature Sounds Android App is developed by two developers based at Montreal, Canada. It is the second version of the original app that is developed after taking into consideration customer feedback. The app combines sounds of nature to help keep calm, enter a state of deep relaxation and reduce stress. It also helps raise environmental awareness. It provides a mindful way to travel to the peak of mountain and to the depth of the sea as you sit relaxed in your home. You can listen to the music as you work with other apps. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional 3.

Lorna Jane Active Living Android App Review

Lorna Jane Active Living Android App helps you stay fit and healthy. It is one of the best fitness app that has everything you need to stay healthy and fit. Being active is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are self motivated while others need an extra push. The app has that much needed motivation factor that you need to follow a regular pattern of healthy lifestyle. It brings all forms of exercises together and let you plan and customize based on your requirement. It is built in with GPS to track your move.

Get Your Body In Shape With Expertise From Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Active Living for Android is a simple app that can plan your whole wellness. The app has free workouts, delicious recipes that can be done quickly, wellness programs and believe feeds. It is a collection of much needed things a busy women require to keep well.

The Lorna Jane Active Living Android App has a library workout that can be scheduled in your calendar or you can customize certain exercises to suit your need. Move tracker tracks your activity and records it in your activity history. There are trainers who can guide you in cardio, stretch and strength. Plan a nourished meal with mainstream or vegetarian option. Meal prep tips will help you plan ahead. Weekly believe plan will help you have a positive mindset with inspirational quotes, tips and news.


Lorna Jane Active Living Android App is developed by Lorna Jane is a smart app that can keep you active to be fit. The app has been designed to suit the schedules of a busy women. The workouts are designed in such a way that it can be done anytime anywhere.The app has covered everything from fitness, wellness, food, and more. The app has everything that can be planned ahead and done in the shortest period of time to make you healthy and fit. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer.There are no in-app purchases available in the app. 

Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App Review

Swoot Podcasts with friends Android App let you find podcast shows you love to listen. You get to see podcast shows that are popular, podcasts your friends are listening and more. You could be a newbie in this area or a long term podcast listener, the app helps you out to discover popular podcasts that you love to share with friends. It is designed to discover new shows from friend to friends. The main aim is to help small time podcast producers find their audience and monetize their efforts by getting the friends community to share the podcast.

Entertainment In Your Fingertips As You Get To Listen New Podcasts

Swoot Podcasts with friends for Android is a simple, intuitive app with an easy to use interface that will help podcasters and listeners alike. A unique concept of getting to know what your friends listening right now can give podcasts and episodes the much needed visibility. The users are encouraged to share their contact list, Twitter and Facebook account. You can also follow friends who are using the app so you will know what they are listening. You can also get to know what they recommend in an activity feed. A green icon will appear next to their avatar whenever they are listening to an episode.

The Swoot Android App nullifies the discovery issue every podcasts have. It gives each listener a disease of confidence when you find that a podcast or an episode already have listeners you know. You can always ask your friend about the show and decide.


Swoot for Android is an app that is a blessing for podcast listeners and help podcasters name their own  money. It is founded by Pete Curley and Garret Heaton has given emphasis on what people are listening at the moment. Audio is hard to share and be made viral. Swoot takes this challenge one step ahead and provides a platform that can help even one episode from a podcast get noticed. Theapp is free for download and use. There areads placed by the developer.There arein-app purchases available in the app.You can subscribe for podcast channels using the in app purchases.