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Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipes Android App Review

Eating healthy is essential for staying fit and active as well as to look beautiful. However, in today’s modern world, doing that is quite difficult as we eat a lot of junk food. We often look for healthy recipes so that we can stay healthy and keep glowing. One of the leading celebrity cooks who focus on healthy eating recipes is Angela Liddon. Angela Liddon is a New York Times bestselling author and she also runs the popular blog Now, you can get all her healthy and delicious vegan recipes of Angela Liddon from the app that is aptly named Oh She Glows –Healthy Recipes for Android.

Get Delicious Vegan Recipes Right in Your Phone

Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipes is an app that is designed from the Android OS. So, if you are a vegan or you are just looking for some healthy recipes, then this is one app that you must have in your phone. You would get the recipes to over 90 delicious, vegetarian dishes on this app. Each of the recipes is accompanied by attractive pictures that would excite your taste buds, just by looking at them! Out these recipes, about 75 recipes are absolutely gluten free. You can search for a particular recipe by using the name of the recipe or the ingredients. You can also ‘filter’ the recipes based on the season, the type of dish and dietary and allergy information. It also comes with offline access as well. You can also create your own loved recipes.


What You Would Like About the App

You would get more 90 vegan recipes from Angela Liddon herself.
You can search for the right recipe based on various factors.
It comes with offline access.
Your device would not go to sleep as it comes with an anti-lock feature.


Oh She Glows – Healthy Recipes for Android helps you discover healthy and delectable dishes that are purely vegetarian. Eating vegan food has lots of benefits for your health as well as for your beauty. If you are just looking to start eating vegan or you have been eating vegan food for quite some time, then this is one app that you must have.

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Tasker Total Automation Android App Review

The modern day smartphone has become capable of doing a multitude of tasks. Now, needless to say that has made life simpler for most of us. But at the same point of time, it has made life a bit complicated. After all, we often have to manage a lot of different things at the same point of time. That makes things a bit hard for us. However, there are certain apps that help us to automate a lot of those tasks. If you have an Android phone, then one of the best apps for you is the Tasker – Total Automation app.


Tasker app for Android is designed with a single motive – to make it easier for you to manage the vast amount of tasks that you manage everyday on your smartphone. What this app does is to help you build triggers. These triggers help you to manage the different actions on the smartphone. With Tasker app, you can create a lot of triggers that would help you manage the apps, Hard/Soft state, Location, Time, Day, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins and much more. But the app is not limited to the creation of these triggers, you can do a whole lot more with the app. You can create a variety of tasks like Loops, Conditions and much more. The actions you can do are divided into several categories like Alert, App, Media, Network, State and much more.


Tasker – Total Automation app for Android comes with a real simple interface that makes it easier to get around and use it without any hassle. You can also design your own screen overlays and make your phone more personalized. The app comes with its own file browser which allows you to browse files with ease. It is really useful for people who want to get more out of their mobile.


Tasker Android app is a great application if you want your mobile to make it a bit easier to execute all the tasks on your smart phone. The app does a lot of things along with having a really simple interface. So, there are a lot of different things that you can do with app and that are probably the best feature of the app. The Tasker app makes it real easy to manage different tasks on your mobile and get more performance out of your mobile. So, get the Tasker app today for your Android phone and make life easier.

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Graby – Icon Pack Android App Review

Personalization apps are a great way to add a unique flavour to your mobile. Now, your phone might come with some customization options but sometimes, that is not enough. This is when you need to get the Graby – Icon Pack for Android. The app allows you to set gradient coloured rounded shaped Icons that help you to bring more variety to the phone. Graby – Icon Pack app costs $0.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Making Your Phone More Exciting

Graby – Icon Pack for Android comes with a wide variety of icons. It has more than 1915 icons. All the icons are high quality and vector based and comes with the Rugos effect. This makes the icons different than what is provided by other icon packs on the Google Play Store. The app supports dynamic calendar and Muzei Live Wallpaper. You can also request for new icons from the Smart Icon Request Section.

graby-icon-pack-android-app-reviewa few simple swipes. So, if you want to make your phone cool, then this is the best app for your Android phone.

What You Will Like About the App

The Huge Variety of Icons – There is about 1915 icons that you can choose from and they keep on adding new icons.
The Design of the Icons – All the icons are high quality and they are vector based with the Rugos Effect.
The Ease of Use – The app is really simple to use and you can set icons with ease.


Graby – Icon Pack for Android helps you to make your phone look even more attractive. The app is a paid app but considering what you get, it is worth the money. So, get the Graby – Icon Pack app and make your phone a bit more unique.

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