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Pixelicious Icon Pack Android App Review

Our smart phone is perhaps one of the personal pieces of gadgets that we have. Given the ‘personal’ nature of the phone, a lot many of us want to customize the appearance of the phone so to suit our tastes more specifically. Now, we might have different cases for our phone, but unless we change the appearance of the software of the phone, our phone never become truly unique. If you have Android phone, then you could easily change the look of the software. How? All you need to do is download the Pixelicious Icon Pack.

Make Your Phone Truly Unique

Pixelicious Icon Pack for Android helps you to change the appearance of the icons. By doing this, it changes the look and the feel of the entire software of your Android phone. Now, you might say that there are a number of icon packs available on the Google Play Store, so what makes this different? Well, the icons are designed by expert graphic designers. You would love the colours and of course, the attention to detail. You change choose from a range of different icons for a single app. The app has icons based on devices made by different manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG and more. If you don’t find the desired icon, you can always request an icon straight from the developers with just a few touches.

What You Will Like About the App?

The app supports a number of launchers
Choose from over 50 wallpapers, including live wallpapers.
Get new icons as the app gets regular updates.


Pixelicious Icon Pack app for Android is a great app for people who want to get a ‘unique’ feel from their phone. The app has all the features that you can expect. So, make your phone a bit more personal with the Pixelicious Icon Pack app.

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Melon Android App Review

Meeting new people and making friends with them is always an interesting social experience. Getting to talk to people from different corners of the world introduces us to their culture and lifestyle which is a great learning experience as well. Now, to make friends from different parts of the globe you don’t have to move an inch from your house. Yes, all that has been made possible with Melon app for Android. Melon app helps you to discover, connect and interact with people with just a few taps.

Making Friends Becomes Easier

Melon for Android is a great app for people who want to make friends from all over the world. The app is really easy to use. All you need to do is search for people and you would get people from all over the world in your search results. You can filter the search results based on the regions that you want to explore. This is especially helpful if you are planning a vacation or move to a particular city. Interacting with locals would help you a lot in these situations.

Melon Android app allows you to chat with people via text, photo and video. The video chat is one of the main USPs of the app. The quality of the chat is amazing even on slow connections. You can also add friends so that you can catch with them whenever you feel like.

Notable Features

Discover and engage with people from all over the world.
Advanced moderation features that keep you safe.
Free to use and it would probably stay that way forever.


Melon for Android is really an amazing app for people to discover new people and make friends app. So, if you want a truly enriching social experience, then get Melon app for your Android phone and start making friends.

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VideoShow Video Editor & Movie Maker Android App Review

The smart phone camera gives you the opportunity to turn yourself into a filmmaker. Most of the smart phones today, help you to shoot amazing videos in high definition. However, to make your video look like a movie, you need an excellent editing tool. Now, if you have an Android phone and you are looking to create movie-like videos, then you must install the VideoShow Video Editor & Movie Maker app. Let’s take a look at the app and see how, it helps you to create amazing videos with the help of just your phone.

Create Amazing Videos

There are a number of amazing features of this app. One of the unique features of the app is that you can export your videos without any time limit. This means that you can create videos of any duration with the help of VideoShow app. Another interesting feature of the app is that you can dub your own voice into a video. You can adjust the speed of the movie and also zoom in or out. Trimming and cropping video is also quite easy.

App Highlights

Numerous easy to use tools to make video editing a whole lot easier.
Add more than 10,000 bits of music which you can use as your background music.
Supports more than 30 languages


VideoShow Video Editor & Movie Maker for Android is a great video editing app for beginners and experts alike. Get the VideoShow app and create the most amazing videos easily from your smart phone.

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