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Real Gangster Crime 2 Android Game App Review

Crime is a new word in the Android market and its leading the way by Real Gangster Crime 2 developed by Good Thoughts Affect. It has fetched an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 and more than a million installations on the Google Play Store. It is one of the best simulation games doing the rounds on the Android platform.

Outstanding graphics with zero lag in the game play

The interface of Real Gangster Crime 2 game for Android is intuitive and easy to go through. Once after successful installation, launch of the game begins with you as a player spawn next to a police car in the middle of the silent lakeside location. The theme play is pretty similar to well-known GTA where players adventure around the city accepting missions and accomplishing the same while avoiding hostile enemies. The graphics and aesthetics of the game play is phenomenal to experience as it unveils multitude of scenarios such as observing the city in an aerial view by using a helicopter. As a gangster, a player has to commute using cars and bikes and accomplish the mission to clear the levels in order to rank up the levels to enhance the performance and unlock power-ups to do well in the difficult stages.


Real Gangster Crime 2 Android app is compatible with both smart phones and tablets. It requires Android version 2.3 or higher. The app is a free download from Google Play Store. However, there are in-app purchases starting with $0.25 per item to unlock multiple weapons and powers to clear the mission levels at an ease.

Decent progression system in a simple roaming game

Real Gangster Crime 2 for Android brings new advanced graphics and cash rewards to experience a plethora of nail biting action thrilled levels along with new equipment’s and skills from more health to additional damage. The landscape and ambience are crafted in a way to let a player explore more and don’t ever run away from cops or strangers. If you are looking for a simple roaming game with an added flavor of GTA, then it won’t disappoint you. Grab a free copy of the app from Play Store to get into the shoes of a crime-master to create havoc in the city.

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My Resume Builder CV Free Jobs Android App Review

Getting a decent job is something that is quite tough for people. Now, every job seeker would know about the importance of your CV. It is the ‘make-or-break’ factor for your interview. Often, we search for someone to help us create a resume that would land us our dream job. Now, we don’t have to go anywhere, as we have My Resume Builder, CV Free Jobs app for Android phones. With this one app, you can create a professional resume within minutes.

Creating Resumes in a Fast and Effective Way

The My Resume Builder, CV Free Jobs for Android is a really useful app for all job-seekers everywhere. It allows you to create professional CVs based on templates that are accepted as standard by the industry. You can choose from as many as 10 different templates. You would get a simple, step-by-step guide that would help you to create resumes within minutes. You can create a PDF version of the resume, so that you can send it with your email application and get a printout of the CV as well. You can also create several resumes and then save them in the app. This way you can get the CV whenever you need it.


What You Will Like About the App

Choose from 10 professional resume templates.
Create a complete CV within minutes.
Get a PDF version of the CV.


My Resume Builder for Android helps you to create CVs with ease and that is something that is needed by serious jobseekers. So, if you are looking to land your dream job, then this is one app that you should have on your Android phone.

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ClevNote Android App Review

Every day, we come across a lot of information. Now, to be more efficient and productive, we need to store the information and manage it in a proper way. Thankfully, we have smart phone apps that help us to do that with ease. ClevNote for Android is a note taking app that does a whole lot more than just taking notes. The app is a free download from Google Play Store.

How ClevNote Makes Your Life Easier

ClevNote for Android is basically a note-taking app but it is different in a lot of ways than other note taking apps out there. You can create a general note or a to-do list with just a few taps. However, the app does not stop at that. It also comes with a Birthday List that helps you to remember the birthdays of people important in your life. Whether it’s your girlfriend or boss, you would never forget anyone’s birthday ever again. Today, most of us use a lot of different website where we need to create User ID and password. Remembering the website ID along with the password can be a daunting task for most of us. Thankfully, ClevNote Android app has a ‘Website ID list’ feature that helps you save the website ID and the passwords in a safe and convenient way. It also helps you to save bank account numbers and save them easily.


What You Would Like About the App

You can create lists for birthdays, website ID and bank accounts along with creating to-do lists and taking notes.
It supports Google Drive that would help you create a backup of all the information.
The app is small in size, only 2.79 MB.


If you want to manage your life in a better way, then ClevNote for Android is one that you must have on your phone. So, get the ClevNote app from Google Play Store today and make your life simpler.

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