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Snack Video Android App Review

Snack Video Android App is used watching funny and entertainment video, downloading our favorite ones instantly, posting our own fantastic moments, making new friends across the globe etc. The app contains endless stream of short videos that helps the users to refresh their minds. The creativity and acting skills of common people can be exhibited through this platform and with the app they can show-off their talents globally. Snack video for android is a free to download app developed by Snack Video for exploring engaging videos.   

Explore most exciting, funny short videos

Snack Video Android App is filled with all types of engaging videos such as mostly funny including prank, news, games, entertainment, pets etc. The app also provides personalized video feed which is based on our interests, for example the type of videos we mostly watch, like and share. The user interface of the app has different options at the bottom including home icon where different short videos can be streamed in which we can like, share, comment, add music   and download videos right from the sidebar. The home icon includes videos that are been in the trending list, videos of our followers and also videos of those who are nearby. We can sign up to the app by either using our mobile number or email id.

We can edit the details in our profile and also can easily upload videos from our gallery where we can add suitable music from online, add stickers, add filters and effects, add text etc. can be done. The name of the video uploaded account and the music used are also displayed corresponding to each video. The interface also consists of icon to search for videos, upload button, notification icon and profile icon to view our profile.

Watch customized videos specifically for you

Snack Video Android App is an entertaining app developed to match up with other short video streaming apps in the app store. The app is available in the Google Play Store and in-app purchase can be done on products using either credit/debit card, internet wallet or by Google play game account wallet. The infinite amount of videos can be discovered from the app and is a great choice for entertainment.  

Noizz Photo Video maker Android App Review

Noizz Photo Video maker Android App formerly known as biugo is a free, in-app purchase android app developed by biugo used for video editing. This app is supported in android devices of android version 4.4 and above can be downloaded from Google Play Store. We can easily create short videos with life oriented effects and themes using this app. We can also easily transform our pics to make stunning short videos and can easily share them with our friends and family or save it to our device.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is been easy to control and the interface is simple so that beginners can also create videos easily. The smart auto cutout feature available in this app is a great help for all video editors because it automatically detects the face or the full body of the model and selection is done only at the required portion. This helps normal users to save a lot of time and selection becomes much perfect than free hand drawing. Another great feature of the app is that allows the user to add their favorite music to their videos from their device. The video effects added in the app are been user preferred such as it includes beautiful video effects such as changing the color of the sky in one second, wishes, flying eagle etc.

The Noizz Photo Video maker for Android also holds a large collection of themes and effects thereby the user can select the magic effects that they wish to add to their pictures. These personalized effects are easy to add with just one tap and new effects and themes are updated every time. After creating interesting videos and photos we can easily share them through social media channels such as Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, YouTube etc.


The Noizz Photo Video maker Android App is easy to use and helps users to create some great memorable moments. The in-app purchases can be done within the app using Google play game balance or internet banking facilities. Unlocking the app provides users a vast variety of features such as tons of filters to choose, 3D stickers and many other features to make our creation live. Altogether this app is a great choice for all video editing lovers and also for those who want to showcase their editing skills.                   

Steam Link Android App Review

Steam Link Android App allows you stream games to TV, tablets and phones. The app for android device brings all the joy of desktop gaming to the android device. You just need to pair a Bluetooth controller or a Steam controller to the device and connect to a computer on the same network that has Steam installed. You can start playing all the steam games on your device. For best performance with computer and android  TV, connect using the Ethernet to the router. For best performance with android devices, connect the device to 5 GHz of your network.

Streaming Games Like Never Before

Steam Link for Android is an intuitive and user friendly app with an easy to use clean interface. You can setup the whole system in three simple steps. You need to first enable and install the apps streaming feature on the desktop steam application which is on a host system of the same network. Next, you need to connect the Bluetooth controller to the device. Lastly, launch the Steam Link app on the device and choose a host computer and pair a controller to connect.

The default minimum bandwidth is 15Mbps and for best performance it requires 30Mbps. The bandwidth has to be constant. This process completely takes over the desktop and displays the streaming game on the monitor. The Steam controller also supports Bluetooth just in case you are planning to move from device to device.


Steam Link Android App can easily let you access your game library from any android device that shares the same network. A cloud gaming technology, it requires a Ethernet connection between the router and the host and between the device and the host. It gives immense capabilities like voice chatting and third party controller. It is a perfect replacement for Steam Link box to stream on a TV. The app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Android App Review

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Applock and Web Security Android App provides antivirus support for android devices. You want to protect your data from the menacing virus. It is a total internal protection and security. You phone is vulnerable to malicious things that are surfing around the web. With increase capability to access anything and everything from the web has increased the threat to the privacy and the security if your data. All your private information can be out in the open if you don’t employ a security feature that will prevent such threats. Kaspersky is a perfect antivirus solution that can prevent your device from all the online threats.

Prevent Your Android Device From Things Unknown And Dangerous

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus for Android is a powerful and intuitive app that works like a breeze to protect your phone. The antivirus protector is the perfect virus cleaner that automatically blocks all malware on your device. It does a background check and scans all on demand and real time data for spyware, ransomware, Trojans and viruses. It has anti theft protection that protects all personal data from thrives by wiping them from the phone.

You can lock your phone and also locate it when you misplace it. The app lock feature can give additional protection to private messages, data, photos and more. It filters out all dangerous links when you go online. It keeps all your financial information safe and secure when you shop online. The app is constantly updated for optimum performance.


Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Applock and Web Security Android App provides an outstanding protection from virus and it really stays by its words.  It keeps your sensitive data secure. It helps keep your device away from all the online threats. The performance is stable and it works like a magic in all trying situations. Your bank details, credit card details are never let out. The basic version of the app is free for download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for the premium version. A subscription will ensure access to all the premium features in the app.

Seamless Food Delivery Android App Review

Seamless Food Delivery Android App helps you with finding the best place to eat out in New York. The app will give you a quick view into what the New Yorkers are gorging on. You want to find the best place to order food, find a popular joint to treat friends or simply order food from your favorite restaurant. The app seamlessly features all aspects of dining and ordering food. You are bound to feel lazy to cook or have a craving for sushi, you just need to pick up the app and find what’s cooking close to your locality.

Happy Feeling Lazy To Cook With Seamless  

Seamless Food Delivery for Android is an easy to use app where you can easily order food from the nearest local joints. Easily pick the restaurant, joints, order food and wait for the food. The order updates are sent to you as push notifications. You can also pick up the food at the restaurant. The food deals are not easy to give up. You can earn points and get deals worth $100. You can order food with these exclusive deals.

The preorder and express reorder features can help you when in need. You can preorder from two hours to up to 4 days in advance. You will get the food delivered at the right time when you need it. You can access the previous orders to bring a meal directly to checkout.  You can find the reviews and ratings of local restaurants which will make it easier to find orders from places you can trust.


Seamless Food Delivery Android App is a perfect food delivery and take away app, that is solely for New York. The app is available for food delivery in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Bronx. Almost all the popular branded and local joints in these areas are available for food delivery through the app. Along with great food, the app also provides seamless gifts as e-cards. Some popular brands include Atomic Wings, Buffalo Wild Wings, Del Taco and Dunkin. The app is free for download and use. There no are ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.