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OfficeSuite Pro 6+ App for Android Review

OfficeSuite Pro 6+ app for Android, by Mobile Systems, is a set of Microsoft Office-compatible apps. Using OfficeSuite Pro 6+, you can view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. And it got smartphone and tablet interfaces in the same app. OfficeSuite Pro 6+ can be downloaded for $14.99.

OfficeSuite Pro 6+ App Features

With OfficeSuite Pro 6+ app for Android, you don’t have to pay separately for the tablet and smartphone versions unlike competing utilities such as QuickOffice Pro. Based on the screen size of your Android device, it automatically chooses the right version to initiate. When you first launch the app, it might prompt you to purchase an additional font pack for $5. However, for most users, they can live without this pack unless you got some documents with obscure font types such as Wingdings.

OfficeSuite Pro 6+ App for Android

The options to create, edit, view documents are available on the main menu. It even tells you the exact difference between internal storage and SD card on smart phones that got both. Further, you can create your ‘my documents’ folder (or in any other name as you wish) in a custom location – internal/external memory. This will come handy to those who wish to have their own organizational system rather than the one provided by OfficeSuite Pro 6+ app. Once you’re in the folder, you’re provided with a single-screen view that shows the important details of all your files, without any need to scroll up/down or look at one file at a time.

The editing controls are easy to use; you’ll have options for alignment, fonts, formatting, highlighting etc. Regarding supported file types, Office Suite Pro 6+ supports different document types that include DOC and DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT, LOG, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPS, PPTM, PPSM, PDF etc, to name some of them. It also supports EML Email files and opening ZIP folders. Further, you can print documents with Google Cloud Print or previously installed third party print solution. The spell check facility, based on Google’s ICS spell-check, ensures that you don’t leave any misspelled word anywhere in the document.

Other notable features of Android OfficeSuite Pro 6+ application include thumbnail preview in slideshow mode, animated slideshow, the option to have embedded images in Excel module, embedded charts, widget for recent files, WiFi Direct support, and extended cloud support.


In terms of its features and utility quotient, Office Suite Pro 6+ app for Android is a worthy rival for biggies such as QuickOffice Pro and Documents To Go. It got everything you expect from a Microsoft Office compatible mobile suite. Online storage integration comes more than handy if you tend to access your files across devices. Simple and easy to use interface makes your job a lot easier. Verdict: a feature rich Office app worth considering, if you’re looking for a new one to replace your existing office application.

Numbeez App for Android Review

Numbeez app for Android is a unique app that let you create and share personalized infographics based on the numbers in your life. The app will come handy to those who love to have combine visual representations with numbers of relevance in their lives. Numbeez Android app is as free application.

Numbeez App Features

Numbeez app for Android offers you an easy and fun way to track and share the interesting numbers in your life, while creating cool infographics to tell your story. The app basically is very simple with little complexity involved. Essentially Numbeez will visualize anything that can be represented with nos. This may include the value of stock, how many win/loss your favorite team had this year, or stats about your workout routine. However, you got to update your numbers manually. There is no other way of doing it. This is a bit of inconvenience to say the least.

Numbeez App for Android

Creating new stories is simple: name your story, decide what you want to measure or what you are tracking, and add a cool photo. To add a new number to your story, pick a story, type the required number, add a photo/comment if you wish so, and it is done! Now you can share your new and cool number with your friends on Facebook. It’s also easy to look for interesting stories to start tracking – just check out the explore tab and you’ll know how straightaway.

At the moment, Numbeez Android app is very basic in its offerings. According to its developers, in the next couple of months, users will be provided an option to track any number from anywhere on the web. Also, users will be able to invite friends to add numbers to your story and create truly “social content”. Numbeez application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and upwards.


Numbeez app for Android combines numbers that are important to you with your story. These personalized infographics gives you a visual perspective of unforgettable events happened in your life. Creating infographics is easy and pretty straightforward, even though having to update the numbers manually is a bit of a downside. Hopefully, with the new features added, as promised by the developers, the app might appeal better to potential users. It appears a bit stripped down at present. Verdict: Try it out.

Pixlr Express App for Android Review

I love to click pictures with my phone camera. These days mobile phone cameras are way better than they were a couple of years ago. Of course there is still some way to go before they’ll be as good as digital cameras, if not better. Hence a decent photo editor will always come handy, and one such tool worth mentioning is Pixlr Express app for Android. This free app is powerful enough to let you edit photos on the go, and it is quite easy to handle. You can download Pixlr Express Android App from Google Play Store.

Pixlr Express App Features

With Pixlr Express app for Android, you can do much more than adding pretty border or other effects to the photo. However, let’s start with borders. You can choose from more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image. Use the ‘favorite’ button to mark the borders/effects that you use the most. Such an option makes some sense as it is cumbersome to go through the 600 choices every time you sit down to edit a photo. But the best part with Pixlr Express app is that you can add much more than ‘glitter’ and ‘stars’ to your photos. You can crop, resize, straighten and rotate images easily, remove red eye, whiten teeth, adjust colors/contrast as per your liking, or adjust the mood using overlays. You can also add lighting effects, with an option to adjust the intensity and orientation of each effect.

Pixlr Express App for Android

If you’re too lazy to add the effects one-by-one, make use of the ‘Auto-fix’ feature that provides a one-click fix to balance out colors, adjusting for dark photos and poor lighting conditions. It works most of the times, even though sometimes it throws the colors way out of sync. Another ‘downside’ is that the app got too many options to adjust the pictures – too much for the context of a phone, if it can be put that way. Once done with editing, you can share your photos via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or save it back to your gallery. Pixlr Express application is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and upwards.


Pixlr Express app for Android gives you lots of options – perhaps too many – to touch-up your photos. But it works fine 9/10 times, few shortcomings notwithstanding. SNS integration comes handy if you wish to share your photos with your friends/family. Verdict: Clearly one of the best free photo editing apps you’ll find in Google Play Store.

Smart SWF Player Pro App for Android Review

Smart SWF Player Pro app for Android let you view flash files (.swf) stored locally on the device (including SD card). Of course, there are apps with similar features available in the Google Play Store. But Smart SWF Player Pro makes the process a lot quicker and simple. Smart SWF Player Pro can be downloaded for $2.99.

Smart SWF Player Pro App Features

There are lots of games, apps and animations that use flash to run. Most browsers got the ability to run flash. But it can be a lot of hassle if to play flash games when you’re offline. Smart SWF Player Pro Android app brings some respite to this conundrum by providing a means to play flash locally in your Android device anytime. No matter whether you’ve downloaded the flash content from some website or had it transferred to the device from your PC, Smart SWF Player Pro for Android plays them seamlessly. If your phone got a physical keyboard, playing flash games using Smart SWF Player Pro is pretty easy. But if you use a touch screen keypad, things can get a bit tricky as the app counts your tap on the screen keypad as mouse click. So if you attempt to use keypad and perform a mouse click at the same time, the app will get confused.

Smart SWF Player Pro App for Android

Smart SWF Player Pro Android app is not about playing flash games alone. You can view any animation or application that runs as a .swf file. The app supports portrait and landscape modes so that you can choose to watch your games/apps/animations in the view you wish to see it in.
One apparent downside is that you got to have the .swf files already saved in the phone for the app to play it. While it is not something disruptive, the additional step to do so might annoy some users.

Smart SWF Player Pro Android application is designed to work with Android OS versions 2.2 or higher. Another notable feature of Smart SWF Player Pro is its small program size (247k) unlike other apps in the Play Store.


Smart SWF Player Pro app for Android makes your Android phone a seamless flash content player. Its only limitation is that you got to first save the flash files you wish to play in the phone before invoking the player. Verdict: A handy option to play flash content offline in your phone.

History Eraser App for Android Review

The term itself is self explanatory: History Eraser app for Android let you erase history data on your Android smartphone. What it takes is just one click to clear all cached files and free up memory to enhance performance. History Eraser Android app can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.

History Eraser App Features

History Eraser app for Android helps you get rid of app cache to improve system performance. It should be read in the context that sometimes cache takes up as much as ten times the size of the app itself. So, if you got multiple apps installed in your phone, chances that you got a very big cache hogging your device’s performance are high. This effect will be pronounced in low-end devices with limited RAM.

Apart from clearing cache, History Eraser app for Android let you get rid of browser history and clipboard as well as search history, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Map search history. You can also erase call log, frequently called contacts, SMS, and MMS. Simply tick the boxes to select which histories you want to get rid of and click ‘clean selected’. You can also opt to clear everything in one go, if you’re in a hurry.

History Eraser App for Android

With History Eraser Android application, these actions need not necessarily be manually performed. You can activate to have certain options be applicable when the display becomes active every time. For example, you can have schedule clear by menu-> setting -> select Clear When Screen Off. It will auto execute your last clear operation when screen off. Similar settings are available to delete frequent call lists as well.

The user interface of History Eraser is user friendly for most parts. The app got a download file size of 114.26 KB.

Final Thoughts

History Eraser app for Android does what it promises. It let you free memory in your phone, therein improving its overall performance. The app provides one-touch means to clear cache, web/ search history, and call lists. You also got the option to automate some of these actions. Lack of a single click widget is a bit of a downside. Overall, a decent history eraser application you won’t mind having in your Android smartphone. After all, it is free!