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PlayerPro Music Player App for Android Review

PlayerPro app for Android is a professional music player application with lots of features. It has a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. You can get PlayerPro app for $4.99.

PlayerPro App Features

The first time your fire up PlayerPro Android app, you’ll be welcomed with a list of your music albums. This is a bit surprising as you won’t notice when and how the app searched your device for music files. At first, the displayed albums will be without covers. The album covers are then downloaded in good quality. If one of the covers is not of desired quality, simply long press on the said album cover and click ‘manage album cover’. You can then pick a source from which you want to download the cover from. The UI is simple. From the top, you can choose to browse and play music by: Artists, Albums, Genre, Folders, Playlist, Songs and Videos, not necessarily in this order. Click on any of these to view the title in full. It is pleasing to see that the title display backdrop is a b/w version of the album cover.

PlayerPro Music Player App for Android

The graphical equalizer has both predefined and customizable presets/settings. You’ll love the ‘shake it’ feature that let you shake your device to navigate through next/previous tracks. The statistics feature gives you a better perspective regarding the recently added, last played, most played, least listened, most voted songs and more. There is an audio button that let you rack up the volume levels beyond what the device normally allow. Clicking on the button the left gives you access to graphical controls.

The bass boost let you enhance the bass. Other notable features include customizable layout, the option to download and search lyrics, five home screen and 2 lock screen widgets, custom music folder, headset support, free DSP plugins and swipe gesture integration. You can also select how much storage space a downloaded picture may take up on your device or SD card. PlayerPro is compatible with Android OS versions 2.0 and up.


PlayerPro Music Player app for Android is a power packed music player app with tons of features and backed by an awesome design. It lists the music files in your device the first time you load the app. The files are neatly categorized for easy access. The graphic equalizer with predefined and customizable presets/settings let you enjoy your songs to the fullest. The ‘shake it’ feature is interesting. The user controls are intuitively placed for ease of use. Headset support and free DSP plugins come handy. Verdict: A pro-music player app worth considering.

Office Suite Pro 7 App for Android Review

If you are a person that requires juggling with numbers in excel or draft mails while moving or creating power points, you must be requiring a good application that can support in all situations. Today number of apps is available in Android market to manage your business needs from smart phones, few are free and some are paid also but certainly Office Suite Pro 7 app for Android will be one of its kinds. This app will allow to multi task at your device. Office Suite Pro 7 app can be downloaded for $14.99 from Google Play Store.

Features of Office Suite Pro 7 App

Office Suite Pro 7 app for Android will become boon for editing Word files, crafting PowerPoint or managing numbers in Excel. Office Suite Pro 7 will also allow sharing your files be it in Excel, Word or PowerPoint presentation with your group. Viewing of PDF file is also possible with this app. The app features numerous templates, from Resume and Invoice templates to Travel Planner and Weight Loss Tracker. It links your device to cloud services like DropBox, Sky Drive or Google Drive for online data storage and management. By using this you can edit your MS Word docs like applying MS Word styles or you can modify spread sheets and MS Power Point slides animations. Office Suite Pro 7 supported nearly all file formats let it be text format – DOC, DOCX,TXT, or spreadsheet – XLS, XLSX or presentation – PPT, PPTX, PPS, or any other formats like PDF, ZIP. It also integrates Outlook for managing mails with very simplified user interface.

Office Suite Pro 7 App for Android

Android Office Suite Pro 7 app requires little bit more internal memory for installation this may leave less memory for other applications. Another thing which it lacks is graphics formatting. But overall Office Suite Pro 7 works well with its new version on board. The app (current version – 7.2.12) can be downloaded for $14.99 from Google Play Store and required Android OS version 2.2 and above. The app size is 25 MB.


Creating and editing in Office Suite Pro 7 app for Android is very comfortable and practically impressive for business needs. Office Suite Pro 7 is a paid app and value for money for business needs. Verdict: A definite pick for business related applications.

JotterPad HD Pro App for Android Review

Lots of writing works using Android tablet, now you have choice of a simplified writing app. JotterPad HD Pro app for Android is a majestic tool for the modest who seeks to write, to save documents and to import/export documents with speed and portability. JotterPad HD Pro is enjoyed by users with an extremely clean editing interface for perfect writing. JotterPad HD Pro can be downloaded for $3.96 from Google Play Store.

Features of JotterPad HD Pro App

JotterPad HD Pro app for Android is combination of numerous writing supportive tools in practical and valuable manner. This application is to offer the best typing experience for the users. The main idea behind JotterPad HD app is to formulate the finest lightweight word processor in the Android Market including top listed features such as Undo/Redo, Day/Night Mode, Export to TXT/PDF and Search. It has very simple but pleasing aesthetics organized very neatly.

JotterPad HD Pro App for Android

JotterPad HD Pro app featured with Undo & Redo option, Backup & Restore option and supports many keyboard shortcut keys. You can share document, search for the document and also find exact phrase in document. It is excellent in Grouping and Synchronizing as you can have Dropbox sync including subfolders too. Other useful features of JotterPad HD Pro are Word Count, Full Screen Preview, Day & Night mode, Adjustments of fonts, Width, Line Spacing and Alignments. In document support this app amazingly favors you Import & Export as .txt and Export as .pdf. It’s great for creating Time Machine works for your Android device.
JotterPad HD Pro supports English and Chinese languages. It’s compatible with Physical and Bluetooth keyboard. Theme based ribbon make its visual more attractive.

The app (current version 0.4.1) can be downloaded for $3.96 from Google Play Store and work over Android 3.0 & above version. The app size is 6 MB approximate.


JotterPad HD Pro app for Android is all around a nice minimalistic writing app and does everything as promised. It is easy and quick to use perfect word processor for the users on the go. Verdict: Highly recommended app for hassle-free enjoyers as well as solemn writers.

Soundhound App for Android Review

If you have unconditional love for music, but missed few melodious songs. Here comes the technology breakthrough, sound to sound recognition bypassing the traditional system of sound to text conversion. Soundhound app for Android is a music finder application which can explore right music by humming or singing. Soundhound can identify more obscure music with faster and accurate results. Soundhound Android app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. So you have free and unlimited music recognition in your hand.

Soundhound App Features

Soundhound app for Android is the best music app available for those moments when you discover a new song you must know all about or those songs you can’t really remember but you just know a few lyrics. Soundhound is regarded by music buffs as the world’s only viable singing and humming recognition. It has instant response to large scale speech recognition and automatic alignment of lyrics. It also follows real time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists. By using this app, you can also purchase new songs from various music sites. If you are looking for information about tagged artists & their bio, related songs, videos, purchase song options, lyrics and more, Android Soundhound app will be great tool to your smart phone.

Soundhound App for Android

Soundhound features are not only useful for when you don’t know that song and want to find out what it is but have serious WOW factor! Plus there are instances where you know the tune or can sing some of the lyrics but just can’t think of the song or artist, Soundhound can identify pretty accurately by that.

Using Soundhound Android app is a great experience but one drawback which hits its quality review is that the search doesn’t get freeze once the song you required is found, app will continue searching. The current version Soundhound 1.0 can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and work over Android OS 2.10 & above version. The app size is just 1.5 MB.


Use of Soundhound app for Android will revamp your search of music across globe. It really helps to gather information about songs and album artists. Verdict: A definite try for music lovers to redefine their music experience.

Resolution Changer App for Android Review

Resolution Changer app for Android is handy application to change the operating resolution and aspect ratio of your Android phone. Such a feature comes handy in situations wherein you want to connect your phone to a TV or another output display device. You can get Resolution Changer Android app for a nominal $1.99 from Google Play.

Resolution Changer App Features

Have you ever tried to connect your phone to a TV and got black bars? Or have you failed to get the full resolution output on TV? Resolution Changer app for Android could be the solution. However, the app requires root access, which means that your phone got to have root access to use this app. Using Resolution Changer is pretty simple; when you tap on the Resolution Changer icon, an overlay of menus pop up. You got four options: tablets, phones, custom and fixes. As the term suggests, tablet and phone options house tablet and phone based resolutions respectively. Custom let you pick a custom resolution whereas Fixes let you reset the display to the default resolution and fix the navigation keys.

Resolution Changer App for Android

If you pick tablet or phone options, you can choose an aspect ratio from the three choices given: 16:10, 16:9 and 15:9. A DPI setting is also accessible from this menu. Once you pick the desired aspect ratio, you’ll see the supported resolutions of your phone. Once you select a resolution, the app will change the operating resolution of your phone. Should something go awry, simply go to ‘Fixes’ and reset the display.

In some phones/tablets, once you change the display resolution, it was observed that the navigational keys will disappear. In some cases, it remained missing even after resetting the display. If you encounter such a trouble, go to ‘fix navigational keys’ option in the ‘Fixes’ menu. It will soft reset your phone and change all the resolution settings back to the default options. Resolution Changer app works with Android OS 4.0 and up.


Resolution Changer app for Android let you vary your device’s aspect ratio and display resolution. It comes handy in many situations such as connecting to a TV or playing graphic intensive games on an older phone/tablet. On the flip side, to get Resolution Changer working, you got to have a rooted device. It also requests superuser access. However, to those who need this functionality, Resolution Changer is just perfect.