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Shopping Apps for the Holiday Season

Consumer Reports Shopping App

If you’re shopping for the holidays then you might have run into what people are now calling shopping anxiety.  That’s the dreaded fear that overwhelms you when you just aren’t sure if you are paying the lowest amount for your purchase.

Years ago it would have taken a lot of research, maybe even stopping by several stores to do price comparisons.  Now that all of that data is online, a comparison only takes a few minutes.  That’s why Android apps for shopping like Amazon Price Check and the Free Barcode Scanner can make that anxiety drift away.  Let’s take a look at Barcode Scanner.



Barcode Scanner lets Android users scan a product’s UPC and then it searches online through Google products, a web search or a product search.  It’s a fairly simple scanner and completely free.  Now, even before you start your comparison shopping, you should check out the ratings on the products you are interested in.  That’s why the Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper is very handy.  It not only tells you about the product, but it also has a built in scanner and lets you comparison shop right from the app.  This is one of the more versatile shopping apps and we recommend it even though it has a $4.99 price tag.


·          Fast, Easy to Use
·          Includes User Reviews
·          Shows Specs and Features
·          Let’s You Browse Local Shops Carrying the Product
·          Gives a Reliability Rating for Each Product


We give the Consumer Reports Mobile Shopping App a 5/5 for its simplicity and reliability.

Smartphone Apps Angry Birds Space

Smartphone Apps Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds, you know them, you love them and you made them the number one smartphone app of all time.  Well, they are back and in an all new venue as Angry Birds head to space.  There are sixty new levels and a new twist to the game, zero gravity, slow motion and lightspeed chaos!

There are some great new features to this version in the Angry Birds continuation.  With regular updates for free and brand new Angry Birds powers, you’ll have a blast as you did with the other Angry Birds games.  You’ll also enjoy the new birds that have been added for these new missions.

Angry Birds Space HDAngry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds RioAngry Birds

Smartphone Apps Herman the Hermit for Android

Smartphone Apps Herman the Hermit for Android

Smartphone apps herman The demand for games for the Android continues to be met with another in a long line of cartoonish gaming apps based around a wacky character.  There’s already at least forty apps on the Android Market with the same development plan; simply because it keeps meeting with incredible success.  It’s funny to think back to years ago when games like these would sell for over thirty dollars on a PSP.  Smartphone apps like Herman the Hermit have a welcomed place in the heart of avid gamers though because it returns them to a simpler time where arcades were the proven grounds for manhood.

I digress, Herman the Hermit is a jump from this platform to the next game.  It is rather entertaining and has excellent graphics.  It’s much better on a high resolution smartphone, although it can be played on lower resolution models.

If you would like to add another cartoon type diversion producing smartphone app to your arsenal then Herman the Hermit should bring you at least a few hours of entertainment.  At a $1.99 on the android market, this app is worth it.

Smart Phone Apps LauncherPro for Android

LauncherPro Smart Phone AppsSmart Phone Apps LauncherPro for Android


If you are looking for a simple way to customize your Android then LauncherPro is the ticket. LauncherPro has a clean design and offers a great solution to bringing more usability to your home screen. The drawer for apps lets you keep your of your apps and widgets in one place giving you more space and a lot more options. The dock bar is also an improved way to launch your apps and is the solution to those that have a multitude of apps but are running out of usable room. In comparison with other launcher utilities on the market, LauncherPro offers the best set of widgets, utilities and overall functionality.


Icon Pack Support
Hide Icons
Smoother Scrolling
Seven Home Screens
App Drawer
Shortcut Dock That Scrolls


LauncherPro offers a great way to tidy up your home screens while giving you a lot more options and space management. One of the best utilities of its kind on the Android Market.