Smartphone Apps Herman the Hermit for Android

Smartphone Apps Herman the Hermit for Android

Smartphone apps herman The demand for games for the Android continues to be met with another in a long line of cartoonish gaming apps based around a wacky character.  There’s already at least forty apps on the Android Market with the same development plan; simply because it keeps meeting with incredible success.  It’s funny to think back to years ago when games like these would sell for over thirty dollars on a PSP.  Smartphone apps like Herman the Hermit have a welcomed place in the heart of avid gamers though because it returns them to a simpler time where arcades were the proven grounds for manhood.

I digress, Herman the Hermit is a jump from this platform to the next game.  It is rather entertaining and has excellent graphics.  It’s much better on a high resolution smartphone, although it can be played on lower resolution models.

If you would like to add another cartoon type diversion producing smartphone app to your arsenal then Herman the Hermit should bring you at least a few hours of entertainment.  At a $1.99 on the android market, this app is worth it.

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Smartphone Apps to Check Out This Week

Smartphone Apps to Check Out This Week

Tower Defense: Lost Earth for iPhone

This is one of the most popular paid apps available in iTunes right now, and for the extremely low price at which its being offered its surprising more people haven’t downloaded it yet. This game has many different levels to play, multiple maps, and hours of game time. Many people may be turned off by this after playing the demo, which can be easily beaten, but that is their mistake. The full version of the game proves to be much more challenging than the demo and has a full range of weapons for you to use instead of a select few. While some may argue that this game requires little or no strategy, there are five times as many who have listed this as one of their favorites, earning it the title of Best Tower Defense game currently available.

Flick Golf for iPhone

Golf has never been easier or more fun to play, especially on days when you are stuck in the office or traveling, or if the weather just isn’t suitable for a day at the course. This game is great for any age and you’re proficiency at golf is irrelevant to this game. A simple flick of your finger sends your golf ball flying down the course, but make sure you take into account the wind to get the most accurate shot possible! This game has recently expanded, now with even more holes and courses to play. There are also different tour modes available, as well as QuickShot, which allows for even more game play. They are constantly creating new holes and levels for this game, just keep an eye out for updates and add-ons.

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Smartphone Apps What’s Going on with Android?

Smartphone Android

The Google OS keeps smacking down other app operating systems but keeping up with all of the changes that the Android OS undergoes can be a serious pain if you are a developer working with the software. Right now, it’s kind of like the WordPress of app development; super popular, brand familiarity, but there’s just a ton of cooks in the kitchen and that’s not always a good thing.

Android Market

One thing that WordPress does have that is completely different from the way that Android apps are handled is an organized forum for their plugins. We are definitely not the first to comment or complain about this, but the Android Market is seriously lacking an fluidity or concept of useful organization. Hopefully, as more sites point this out to z’Google, they will take steps to improve upon it. They could easily knock Apple down a few pegs if they could make the Android Market user friendly.

Google Please

We will give Google credit as they are trying to make improvements. The customer reviews are still a nightmare of nonsense and babble, which is probably why you are visiting this site. A lot of the problems that the Android Market is having is with their virtual open door policy for app makers. They ran into some problems before with a bit of an attack, but the content control just isn’t there like it is with Apple’s App Store. We completely appreciate the free society mentality of the Android Market, but it isn’t quite a Utopia yet and is much more like a state of anarchy.

It really becomes a problem when it comes down to trying to get an app through your smartphone. Going to the Android Market on a smartphone can be an incredible pain because it lacks any kind of intuitive feel. One thing for instance that we can point out that really bugs us is that you can search for an app, it will Googlize what you type in and bring up the name of an app, you click it and the Android Market doesn’t even have it. That’s kind of a problem. We still love you Android, just please make the Android Market better.

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