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NCIS: The Game From The TV Show iPhone app Review

NCIS iPhone App Review


In the NCIS: The Game from the TV Show iPhone app you will be able to live the exciting cases straight from the popular television show.  You will get to join the team of the Major Case Response Team that is led by Leroy Gibbs.  You will have to search crime scenes, interrogate and interview suspects and ultimately narrow down the case in order to find the criminals and murderers who would otherwise get away.


  • This game will have a lot to keep you busy and interested as you are playing it.  You will have at least 5 exciting and thrilling cases that you will have to try and solve.  These cases have all been developed and created by the same team that writes and produces the actual television show
  • The crime scenes that you will find in the app are actually pretty exciting and you will find that there is a ton of evidence scattered all around.  In order to find the suspects for the crime you will have to organize the evidence and make sure you put it together correctly
  • There are a lot of different mini games that you can play as you go along the way and there are also some other really hard puzzles that you can try and figure out to give you a break from crime-solving
  • One of the other cool things about the game is the amount of interaction that you will be able to have with the characters.  You will be able to pick whatever strategy you want in order to find out the most possible information from people
  • You will get to try out a bunch of different things that they actually do on the show.  You will be able to use investigation techniques as well as interrogation techniques to find out who the criminals and murderers actually are.  You have to work fast though before it is too late!


If you love the popular NCIS show then you are bound to enjoy this little iPhone app.  You will be able to go through five incredibly exciting cases and see if you have what it takes to gather all of the information and figure it out.  You will have to use all of your wits and resources in order to catch the criminals and make sure that justice is upheld.

This app has been given great reviews by iPhone app users that have reviewed it online.  It has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and you can actually download it onto your iPhone for only $4.99.