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Nick Jr Draw & Play HD App Review

Nick Jr Draw & Play HD is one of the top rated applications for children. Developed by Nickelodeon, the app has already bagged title of the Editor’s choice app by Apple and leading into the rank list in the education category. It is an application for children to do scribbling with their fingers and professional artists can explore its more elaborate functions. Nick Jr Draw & Play HD app can be downloaded for $6.99 from iTunes App Store.


Nick Jr Draw & Play HD brings a lot of outstanding features on the screen. The app provides an impeccable interface along with eight different brushes for painting and drawing. The developers understand the mind of children, hence incorporated cartoon characters like Dora, Diego, Bubble Guppies and many more in order to let a kid more addictive to drawing without any stress. The app contains animated tutorials to explain the steps of drawing to a beginner. The app only supports the English.

Nick Jr Draw Play HD App

Nick Jr Draw & Play HD app delivers the best in performance. Besides painting and drawing tool, the app unboxed features like magical effects, fireworks and 60 animated stickers that would create an amazing artwork. The app let you share the artwork via email, Facebook or even you can take a print out. The peculiar feature of the app is to create E-cards which would let your child think out of the box. The only snag of the app its compatibility with iPad only. Besides this, it is a superb app for children to put their sweet ideas on the screen.


Nick Jr Draw & Play HD requires iOS version 4.3 or later. The app is only compatible with iPad. It’s a must have application on your Smartphone as this will keep kids entertained at play time or during journey in an amiable ambience.

ArtRage App Review

ArtRage is one of the top rated sketching and advanced art applications available on the iOS platform. Developed by Ambient Design Ltd, the app has fetched near to a thousand positive customer ratings as indicated on the App Store. ArtRage app brings a lot of painting features on the board to experience a real art studio at finger tips on the screen.


ArtRage app provides an impeccable graphical user interface. The app has been the best drawing and sketching tool as compare to its rivalries. The app offers a reasonable shade mixing alternative and additionally standard computerized RGB based mixing. It is turned off as a matter of course, as it is memory escalated, however could be turned on from the Tools menu. The app comprises painting tools as oils, watercolours, pencils, paint rollers, crayons and many more which are having a set of properties to produce extraordinary sketches. Incorporation of layer blend modes and working on a particular area can be done easily. There are lots of different improvements, the most outstanding of which are the paint symmetry choices that will accelerate painting by copying brush strokes. These incorporate mirroring, adjustable axes and rotation and symmetrical strokes.

ArtRage App Review

The key feature of ArtRage is to record every step of brush movements (painting) made on the screen, later can be played on the desktop version of the app at higher resolutions. The app supports painting resolution up to 1440 X 1440 pixels. The app permits import/export of images from social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Besides this you can pour the features of ArtRage on the imported images or images taken by Camera. The app supports unlimited redo/undo to modify the sketches as per the requirements. ArtRage supports languages as English, German, and Spanish etc. ArtRage is a complete painting package to unleash the creative and innovative sketches on the screen.

Final Thoughts

ArtRage app requires iOS version 6.0 or higher. The only snag with the app is its cost $4.99 and compatible with iPad only. There are few technical glitches which won’t bother a user during the app play. The speed, response, flexibility and performance are splendid feature of ArtRage which definitely let you get this in your iPad and enjoy a next level of sketching digital experience.

Star Rain HD App Review

Star Rain HD is one of the best amazing and astounding applications available on the iOS platform. Developed by Shen Ji Pan, the app brings an incredible fluid star gazing experience at a rate of 60 fps (frequency per seconds) on the screen.


Star Rain HD has a wonderful user interface. The game play is based on solar system virtualization. It shows the movement of particles along with stars group in a gravitational field. The movement can be crafted into numerous ways which would lift your imagination at every moment in the game play. After the successful installation, launch of application begin with options on top and bottom of the screen. The two top buttons are “move star mode” and “respawn particles mode”. Move star mode let a player to move the star round the screen while Respawn particles mode permits respawn of particles at the touch points of fingers to generate an amazing solar system virtualization. The graphics of the game play is outstanding which would never let you down. It’s an addictive app to get from iTunes App Store which costs just $1.99.

Star Rain HD App

The objective of the game is to revive a user senses and explore a wonderful experience in virtualization. The other two buttons at the bottom of the screen are to add/remove stars. The maximum number of stars on the screen can be accommodated as nine. A user can relish upon decentralizing of stars, forming pentagon, hexagonal and many more arrangements in the solar system. It’s all about a player permutation and combination, one can utilize in creation to relish a new gaming experience.


Star Rain HD is just amazing. It’s a good companion when you have a boring or sparing time. It’s an innovative game and stands apart among its rivalries. The app requires IOS version 3.2 or higher. The app is only compatible with iPad. It’s a good bet to download this app to experience star and particles interactions in a gravitational field on the seven inch screen.

Penultimate App Review

Penultimate is the best app under the productivity category with a 4+ rating available on the iTunes App store. Developed by Evernote, the application gives you a convenience and freedom to feel and write the natural digital handwriting experience with added strength. You can download Penultimate for free from App Store.


Penultimate inking innovation produces pen strokes that look far superior to true ones. The app not only allows you to write and draw in an impressive way on your choice of papers styles but let you import any image to create your personalised papers. One of the best reasons to use Penultimate is its Automatic Wrist feature which prevents stray marks from appearing on a page for writers of all grips. The copy and paste feature works well in Penultimate, so anything you compose can be chosen and then a single tap inside the selection will offer you the Cut or Copy option and paste it according to your prerequisite. There are other features like zoom in, zoom out, and pinch to help you focus on a spot of the document. Drift is one of the unique features of the app which make the page move along with you effortlessly, automatically adjusting the pace you are working on it. The app allows you to store your notes sorted by category, project or topic.

Penultimate App for iPad

Penultimate support more than fifteen languages such as English, Urdu, Chinese and Dutch. It has rapidly turned into one of the core productivity app on your iPad. The app let you browse or search through your handwritten text or drawings which can be duplicated, inserted and deleted as per the user’s requirement. Penultimate stands on its own as a great app, but if you’re an Evernote user, it’s like a cherry on the cake. Penultimate notes get synchronize with the Evernote account automatically where you can view, search and share them across all your gadgets. The application is still not available for iPhone. Penultimate includes precision point stylus to experience a wonderful handwriting as you intended it.


Penultimate app requires iOS versions 5.01 or higher and compatible with only iPad. It’s a spectacular free app to make notes in class or a meeting, outlining your views, or contour your next big idea whether at the office, on the way, or at home before it fades away from your memory. A definite download to make your life easy and one step ahead in your business.

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook is an app that redesigns Facebook to make use of everything on the iPad. Instead of just putting Facebook in it, it makes it iPad friendly and adds more features to make it a great Facebook experience. It’s an app that finally lets you use Facebook on the iPad the way you always wanted and more.

Friendly for Facebook features everything Facebook has such as uploading pictures, making status updates and more. But it adds tons of features that make it a unique experience for people who use Facebook. Besides featuring the chat option and uploading photos, it lets you customize your Facebook profile however you want it. It also features the ability to switch between multiple accounts so you don’t have to log out every now and then. It also lets you add effects to your photos without the use of a third-party software. There are more features that give you a personalized Facebook experience.

Friendly for Facebook is daunting to use but you’ll have the hang of it once you get used to it. There’s a lot of things you can do to really personalize your Facebook on Friendly so take your time and you’ll be able to make profiles that are really yours. But there are times Friendly isn’t quite friendly at all. As reported by some users, the app sometimes crashes and certain features such as notifications don’t work as well as the original version. In my experience, I found the app to be slow to respond. There was a time it worked well but now it doesn’t work so well. I do like the features but so far, the issues of lag haven’t been solved. I rate this app 3 out of 5.