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Endless Excuses Free iPhone App Review

Let’s accept it. There will be instances wherein you might need that perfect excuse to get out of a bind. It could be work, for not going to school, or simply because you did not pay your rent on time. Endless Excuses Free for iPhone will give you some that would come handy in such situations. You can download the app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

It is a reference guide to find the right excuses that you might find handy in specific situations. You just got to pick the one for you from the most common categories. There is even a “General” category for catch-all scenarios. Endless Excuses app contains over 1,000 excuses so that you’ll find or the other in most possible situations you find yourself in. The different excuses are neatly categorized and displayed in a list format. You just click on the respective categories to view the list of excuses. Each of the excuses under a category is numbered at the top, and is presented in an easy to read format. The paper image on the background looks nice. You can navigate the excuses using the arrows given at the bottom of the interface. The color theme does not score any brownie points though. It looks bland to say the least.

Endless Excuses iPhone app also got a paid version, wherein you can email the excuses to your friend to get them out of a bind, if they seek your help. It also got a favourites section to save your favorite excuses for quick access. Performance wise, Endless Excuses Free app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 4.3+.

Final Take

Endless Excuses Free app for iPhone is a funny, yet fresh concept. I have not come across such an app before. It provides perfect excuses for different situations. If you are not creative or quick in mind to find an excuse, simply refer to the relevant category in Endless Excuses and choose one. The paid version of the app even let you email excuses to your friends, as well as mark your preferred excuses a favourite. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Check it out if you think this app will come handy.

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Prisma Photo Editor iPhone App Review

In the older days, painting portraits were all the rage. Great artists like Munk, Da Vinci and others used to exhibit the mastery of colors on the canvas. However, today we have smart phone cameras which would capture anything with a great detail. But sometimes, we have the wish of seeing our photos as works of art as if they are drawn by a great painter of the past. Well, Prisma Photo Editor for iPhone does exactly that.

Transform Your Photos into Works of Art

Prisma iPhone app uses state of the art artificial intelligence to convert simple photos and selfies into works of art. You can transform your photos into a painting in the style of famous artists like Munk, Picasso and the likes. The best thing about the app is that you can do that with a few taps only. The app also makes it quite easy to share these amazing works of art with your friends over social media. Prisma comes with unique Geofeed. You can also get access to more advanced features when you subscribe to the Prisma Premium plan.

App Highlights

Transform Your Photos into works of art
Amazing filters
Unique Geofeed
Easy sharing options


Prisma Photo Editor for iPhone has gained a lot of popularity among iPhone users and it is easy to see why. The app is amazingly easy to use and the results are absolutely stunning. So, install the app today and create portraits from your selfies.

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Unicycle Hero iPhone Game App Review

You might be familiar with javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw and other field events. But how about doing it while riding a cycle. Well, that is Unicycle Hero for iPhone is all about. It is a crazy idea with eight different events to play, wherein you attempt to build the proper momentum and launch angle, while riding a unicycle with different objects to throw. The app may be downloaded for free.

The Game

Initially, Unicycle Hero for iPhone might appear like a quick action arcade sports game. It has eight different games to keep you engaged for hours on end. You can also upgrade your athlete to have more throwing power, throwing accuracy, and cycling speed. This will help you to toss items that much better to improve your overall score. Whether you’re playing practice mode or career mode, you’ll always have a target line to shoot for as well as your career high. Typical of such games, most of us would want to improve our scores by trying ‘one last time’. That is what makes this game interesting.

Part of the fun in Unicycle Hero game app is getting used to handling the unicycle. You will fail multiple times for sure. You will laugh when the shot put goes straight up and falls back on your athlete. The game event even allows you to crash your unicycle before even tossing anything, for added amusement. The commentators also mouth some humorous dialogues depending upon your performance on the unicycle. It is as close as it gets to professional commentating in a track and field event. The graphics looks decent. The animations are reasonably smooth. It was also slick and responsive. We have not encountered any freezes while using the app. Unicycle Hero game requires iOS 9.1+.


Unicycle Hero for iPhone is a fun game wherein you attempt field events such as shot put and javelin toss while balancing a unicycle. It is not an easy task and you’ll fail many times before managing to throw the objects to a reasonable distance. It got lots of replay-ability value as you can try again to improve your scores. The commentary is fun to listen to, especially when you fail big time. The animations are slick. It is also stable. Check it out if you are looking for a time killer game with lots of replay value.

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