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Homicide Squad: New York Cases iPhone App Review

Homicide Squad New York Cases iPhone App is a detective gaming where we needs to find hidden objects to solve murder mysteries. Our aim in this game is to investigate crime scenes, search for clues from the spot, analyze all the evidences, solve the case using evidences and finally arrest the criminals. The game has been very well designed and it really tests our detective skills. This app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and it has in-app purchases. In this game we need to play the role of a detective and solve crimes to provide justice in the city of New York. The game offers only limited energy to play with and we need to wait for some time to refill the energy otherwise we needs to purchase them.

Show our Detective Skills

The Homicide Squad iPhone App game displays a variety of crime scenes and it is the duty of us to find solutions from the crime scenes and solve it. The gameplay has been really awesome with good graphical support and visuals. We need to accompany with other detectives to restore law and order in the city by visiting crime locations and prove our skill in detective field. The storylines behind each crime is been cool and really engaging ones which attract the player to solve the crime and to find the real culprits. The Homicide Squad for iPhone has an attractive interface with quality visuals and energy meter, money earned etc. been featured.

After finding the hidden objects and clues we can analyze the required clues in the lab and find necessary output which helps to catch the criminal much easier. We can interrogate suspects in our list and may also get important clues from their words. Finding hidden objects is to be done much quicker as possible in order to earn more stars to unlock more areas, analyze clues in the laboratory etc.

Bring justice to the city

The Homicide Squad iPhone App is overall a great choice to all detective game lovers and it has contents to make the game engaging throughout. The in- app purchases can be done to purchase bonus tokens, energy freeze, double energy etc. in the App store. The game requires iOS version 9.0 or above for working and it is available in many languages such as English, French, German etc. Overall this game is a great time pass for iOS users and we can showcase our detective skills to bring justice in the city.        

Via iPhone App Review

Via iPhone App is a maze puzzle game that make players confused and encouraged their level of concentration. The gameplay has been excellent and it develops the puzzle solving skill of the player. The gaming visuals were simple and the graphics promises to the requirement of the game. The puzzles were very much challenging and it definitely will test our critical thinking level. The app is developed by Gonzalo Rodriguez del Cid and is free to download from the app store.

Find your path – Maze puzzle game

The user interface of the game is simple and very much user friendly thereby all users can play the game without any preparations. The developers in the application provides a trial period where the user can play up to first 30 paths that is around 3 journeys. Purchasing the app will give the user the grant to access all paths such as 100 paths in 10 journeys. We can easily understand the gameplay and can surpass first few levels without any difficulty if we have some sort of logical thinking capability. Some paths seems to be really tough and it requires great logical thinking to surpass it.

Another challenge offered by Via iPhone game app is that we need to collect color gems from each path and altogether it makes complete of one journey. This game is a great exercise for our mind and purchasing it for full really is a good choice. Another great advantage is that the application comes up with no ads in both free trial and full purchase period.

Perfect Choice

The Via iPhone App is a great choice for all the puzzle and logical game lovers in iOS platform. The game supports languages such as English, Spanish. The app does not ask for any other data and offers a server to store the information from the users. Navigation, smoothness, gameplay etc. make this app a perfect choice for the users worldwide.   

Animation Desk iPhone App Review

Animation Desk iPhone App is developed by Kdan Mobile Software LTD used for creating animations. The app is only available in the apple app store and it is only compatible with iOS devices having iOS version 9.0 or above. We can easily create animations from our videos, images, PSD layers. The Animation Desk iPhone App has been featured in the top 100 iPad entertainment apps in 86 app stores. Many websites and educational experts recommends this app for learning and creating great animations using our device.

App Highlights

Animation Desk iPhone App is made more advanced in this app by adding more attractive features. We can directly import our export Photoshop layers into the animation and also we can combine each one of the sequence to create an animatic storyboard on iPad devices. Each frame can be edited, add tags, comments etc. can be done. We can export our works in the social media and export GIFs of quality up to 640*480px. We can manually set the frame per second rate as our wish and can also play the animation in rewind mode.  

The Animation Desk App for iPhone consists of different tools to create great frame to frame animation. The copy and paste tool, brushes, colored onion skinning, Apple pencil 1, 2, Wacom etc. are some of the main tools in the Animation Desk iPhone App.  It also provides the option to add suitable soundtrack to our animation. To create great animated videos we can import videos, images, PSD layers and ad.package to the app. The final output animated video can be exported in the form of GIF, PDF, MOV etc. The screen ratio in which the videos can be exported include 16:9 and 3:4. There is also option to share our animation works to the AniZone which is a community of artists to showcase our talents.


The Animation Desk iPhone App overall performs almost the same as a software does in a desktop or laptop. The app has been well build and its simple design make it a great choice for the users globally and offers subscription plans for providing cloud storage in annually, quarterly and monthly period and the subscriptions will be charged from the iTunes account.

Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App Review

Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App developed by PLANB LABS OU categorized under education category. The app can be downloaded from Apple app store and it requires iOS version 10.0 or above for working. The application is developed for learning a new language through interesting methods. The app holds a collection of more than 40 languages around the world to choose from. The languages provided by the application for learning include American English/ British English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, French etc. The app only allows 5 minutes per day learning time for users who uses the free version without subscription.     

App Highlights

The Drops Fun Language Learning App for iPhone provides a vocabulary list of more than 2500 words for the users to learn each language where each word is illustrated in a way that it can be understood easily by the users. Drops iPhone App welcomes a new method in the form of illustration rather than normal translation method which is found more effective than other learning methods. The audio is also supported along with the vocabulary thereby making it clear for the users how to pronounce and the audio has been recorded by professional voice actors.

The Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App shows our daily progression in the form of a detailed report soon after every session in the app showing how many words we have been covered and how much remaining. The developers has also made learning more entertaining by introducing gaming method where rather than usual vocabulary learning the app provides gaming sessions to make words more clear. In order to learn how to write a word the character learning feature helps to pick up any alphabet using our device.


The Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App provides mainly visual learning where learning made easy and the time limit is reduced to 5 minutes a day to improve more concentration in learning. The vocabulary selection is been divided into 100 topics with over 2500 words to practice. The subscription can be done for one month or annually and it will be charged from the iTunes account. The user friendly interface and the great illustrations made the app more simple and attractive for the user. The app is provided with more illustrations and sounds which is been a great initiative for easier learning of new language.

ToonCamera iPhone App Review – Real Time Cartoon Effects

ToonCamera for iPhone is a paid iOS platform application developed by Code Organa LLC for transforming our media into cartoon effects. The app can be downloaded from the app store and is selected by Apple as App store essential app and also as iTunes Rewind Hot Trends in Apps list. It is one of the best cartoon creator applications available in the App Store and has some really cool features in it. We can apply real time cartoon effects to the media in our device, record video, snap photos etc. using the app quite easily.

Apply Real-Time Cartoon Art Effects

ToonCamera iPhone app offers a great variety of cartoon effects to enhance the image and different pencil, stipple, ink effects are also available to add more beauty to the media. We can directly add our media from the device and add necessary editing to convert it into cartooned image. We can also take photos and videos real time using the app with viewing effects real time. The app can also be used to create attractive canvas prints, posters and many other things. The option to customize the effects is also another advantage where we can edit the styles to satisfy our own requirements. The final output of the image can be directly shared to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. and via Email, YouTube etc.

The app is user friendly and can retouch images and videos with simple steps. The interface of the app is simple and easy to use for beginners. The toolbar is set up at the bottom of the screen with camera icon to take pictures. The photo album icon will display the photos in the device and video camera icon begins video recording. Other effects can be added from the toolbar including pencil effects, ink effects etc.

Amazing Video & Photography App

The real time photo editing provides a great experience to the iOS users and the output images and videos are simply elegant and artistic. ToonCamera app costs $1.99 download from iTunes App Store.  This app supports in all iOS devices having iOS version 8.1 or above and is available in languages such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian etc.