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Blitter Social Network iPhone App Review

Most popular social network websites have sadly veered off from the very reasons why they’ve been built in the first place. Either it had overtly became commercial, or the administrators have failed to rein in the rampant racism, hate speech and sexism perpetrated by the socially deranged from across the globe. As a result, many of us have started searching for a social app where love, compassion and empathy are the norms. Blitter Social Network for iPhone is one such initiative that puts the focus back on lively human interactions and nothing else. The app may be downloaded free of cost.

What is it about?

Where Blitter Social Network for iPhone stands out from the crowd is its very purpose for which it has been built – be a social platform where people interact with each other in a simple and effective manner. Its features are typical of social network apps, but tailor-made to keep the social bonding close and purposeful. You can post statuses and videos even though character length (120) and video durations (up to 15 seconds) are limited. Users can like posts from others, and leave comments with hashtags and tags for them. It is also possible to follow your friends and other favourite accounts.

Blitter Social Network iPhone app has a simple and beautiful interface. The white color theme looks nice on screen. You can easily browse popular feed displaying the most popular posts or recent feed to see the latest posts on Blitter. The app also comes with inbuilt photo editing options, wherein you can edit and personalize your photos with 15 different types of filters and effects. You can also record Vine like videos with start and stop capabilities so that you don’t have to record and edit videos using third party software to fit the acceptable lengths. Last but not the least, Blitter Social Network for iPhone let you chat with other friends, or even create group chats.


Blitter Social Network for iPhone brings back the real social interaction to the fore, while cutting out the inessentials. It is pretty simple and straightforward in its objectives, and does not condone racism, sexism, bots or hate speech of any kind. With limited character length, it prods users to interact frugally but meaningfully. Some of us might take a bit to get used to the idea as we’re familiar with blindly posting and forwarding posts and videos sans any second thoughts most of the times. Inbuilt photo editing, video recording and chat features come handy. The UI is user friendly. It is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re looking for a social network app with a soul.

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Buffer: Manage Social Media iPhone App Review

Buffer for iPhone is one of the best internet-based applications intended for managing social media content. Developed by Buffer, the app has fetched an impressive rating of 4+ and more than 4000 positive reviews on the App Store. The app has been as a disruptor as it has changed the methodology for sharing content across today’s well-known social media sites. Even though a free application, Buffer: Manage Social Media for iPhone has capability to connect to all social media accounts while making it easier to create and schedule posts.

Scheduling and Analytics as a package

The interface of Buffer: Manage Social Media for iPhone is pretty simple, smooth and clear to navigate. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins with a Sign in using a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, or one can create a dedicated Buffer account. Once done with signing, one can add the social networks one didn’t use to sign in, as well as an App.net account and any Facebook pages and LinkedIn Groups that one would like to manage. It lets a user to compose tweets and status update, which can be posted across multiple networks at once or put on a buffer with a timeline as when to post it. It has incredible ability in turning numbers into insights, providing a total number of Clicks, Retweets, Repins, Likes, Shares, Mentions and many more.

The main version of Buffer: Manage Social Media app is free, but one can easily upgrade within the app to awesome plan (£7.99 or $9.99 for a month subscription), which provides features as holding 100 posts in the buffer along with synchronizing 10 accounts without any hassle. The app supports only English and Spanish. The app requires iOS 10.0 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Browser extension – an overwhelming feature

Buffer: Manage Social Media provides a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that lets a user to share content from any Web page. It incorporates a small icon to the browser that allows a user to share a link via Buffer, directly from the Web page itself. Besides this, it can suggest text to go along with the link and gives the option of posting it now or adding it to your Buffer. It is a neatly organized app that makes it easy to keep multiple social media accounts in a hassle-free manner. Secure a free copy of Buffer from iTunes App Store to access social media platform in an innovative manner.

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OneShot for Screenshots iPhone App Review

With the advent of Social media platform, the sharing of any information has gained a place of prominence in the contemporary time. Understanding this stated need of millennials, Ian Ownbey has developed OneShot for Screenshots – an innovative application for snapping screenshots and customizing the same. The app is a free download.

3S- Snap, Specialize and Share

The interface of iPhone OneShot for Screenshots is simple, smooth and easy to navigate. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins a standard procedure of allowing it to access the camera. One shot is an app for taking screenshots of articles and sharing them to social media. It’s definitely a Twitter-centric app, but users can share to any platform, including Facebook or Instagram. It also gives the screenshot a makeover; for example, one can pick a background color, the cropping is seamless, and the best part is it uses character recognition software to find the URL of the article and include it in the image. Besides this, one can share directly from the app, so there’s no need to switch apps, reopen a new post, and upload an image.

OneShot for Screenshots app is only available in English. There were some issues related with iOS 10 with respect to highlighting the text in the past; however these are already rectified in the new version available on the iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Play with the background

OneShot for Screenshots iPhone app outpaces its rivalries by bringing a new feature as changing the background of the snaps which is available in case of only image editor applications. Apart from this, one can always crop the snap based on the relevance to trim the size of image to be shared along with highlighting or layering some sensitive information with a dark color. It’s a simple application and delivers what it promises to bring on the deck. The only snag of the app, is requirement of 55 MB of memory space for installation. Secure a free copy of OneShot for Screenshots from App Store to experience a simple and elegant way of sharing snaps with highlighted contents in a while.

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