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Mint: Personal Finance & Money iPhone App Review

Getting in total control of your personal finances is easier said than done. Fortunately there are apps available in the market that help you save money, and budget for upcoming expenses. These apps help you to avoid paying overdraft fees, pay down debt and build up savings, using your smart phone to keep you on track. These budgeting apps can turn your smart phone into a personal finance advisor that helps you to know when to spend money, and identify where you waste money. The best personal finance apps automate much of the process and help you quickly learn habits and alert you to costly money mistakes before they happen. Mint: Personal Finance & Money for iPhone is one of the best budgeting apps available on the market.

How Mint App Works

Mint: Personal Finance & Money iPhone app helps you to track your balances and transactions with just one swipe. It gives you a single pane view of your finances: account balances, investments, spending, credit score, net worth, and more. You receive constant notifications of your spending, account balances etc. The app enable you to get a quick overall view of your financial health both on-the-go and on desktop at You can track bills side by side with your account balances. Useful bill pay reminders lets you know what’s due, when it’s due, and the money you have keep in your account balance. Mint displays your free credit score whenever you sign in without ever asking for your credit card information. You can also get fraud and identity alerts and updates to your credit score. Mint also offers a feature called MintSights that can unlock exclusive money-saving insights based on your real financial information.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money iPhone App Review

Budget, Bills & Credit Score

Rated among “The best budget apps of 2019”, Mint: Personal Finance & Money for iPhone has won multiple Editors’ Choice awards thanks to its simplicity, usability, and smart blend of financial tools. One of the unique features of Mint is that as soon as you set up your account, it already sees habits and trends in your spending because it’s analyzing a few months’ worth of data. In other words, you get insight into your financial health right away. With millions of downloads, this 100% free app is clearly the go-to when it comes to your personal budgeting needs.

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus is an iOS platform free application provides a unique custom acoustic environment which makes ourself stress free and much relaxed. Wants to have a good sleep, having a stressed mind? , this app is a best choice. It offers better refreshment and relaxation through soothing music’s and ideal visual background. The app was selected as the best app of iTunes App Store in 2018 and it is one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. The application comes under the category Health & Fitness in the app store.

TaoMix 2 Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone App Review

Relax and Get Better Sleep

There are 3 classes of sounds such as Wind, Birds and Water in TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus iPhone app. The user can manually mix the sounds or can select from the library in the application and can add it in to their soundscapes which can played or shared and also can be deleted. The app provides the option to customize and change the sounds according to the user’s interest. The soothing classic noises includes gentle raindrops, chirruping birds, thunderstorms which all makes you relaxed and feels like it is happening around you. One of the attractive feature is that timer is included in this app which allows you to play soundscapes which shuts off after a specified time period. The timer can be used to fall asleep or to set a time limit for meditation or yoga sessions. TaoMix 2app can be controlled by using airplay devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. The user can also listen to the soundscapes while using other music application at the same time.

The interface of TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone contains three colored circles along with a white circle. The white circle can be moved to hear different sounds in different combinations. The blue circle indicates the sound of water, the pink for birds and the green circle is for wind. The white circle can be navigated around different circles and also their combinations. The automatic mixing setting allows to automatically moving the white circle around the screen at different speeds.

Calm Meditation & White Noise

TaoMix 2: Sleep Sounds & Focus for iPhone is one of the best apps available in the App Store. The soundscapes are really amazing and soothing. The premium version of the app can be subscribed from the app store which provides unlimited access to all sounds. The user can create relaxing visual atmosphere along with the sound and also can record their creations.  

Stump Riddles iPhone Game App Review

The brain is perhaps the largest and the most important muscle in the body. Like every other muscle, it needs a good deal of exercise to stay fit and active. Now, one of the most effective ways to do that is to solve riddles. Solving riddles don’t require any special knowledge but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to solve. They challenge your grey matter in most challenging ways. It challenges your logical thinking, reasoning and the ability to think outside the box. Nowadays, getting access to riddles is easy nowadays as you have a number of apps that has riddles. However, most of the apps available today, rarely pose a challenge. However, there is one app which has got amazing riddles that will surely challenge you. The app we are talking about is Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone.

Get Stumped with Stump Riddles

Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone comes with a lot of simple yet challenging riddles. Let us give you an example – you might be given the image of an eye and given below the word ‘stand’. Below that, you would be given a blank followed by a number of letters. You have to choose the right letters that make up the answer to the riddle. What do you think the answer would be? Well, it’s simple! It’s not one word but a phrase – ‘I understand’. Yes, it is that simple. There are many such witty riddles that you can solve. As you go on solving, the riddles becomes harder and harder. When you solve a riddle, you can get rewards which you can use later on for things like hints, and solutions. What we liked and what you will like is the fact that you would get a lot of different Riddles that would surely make your brain cells work and also give you hours of excitement.

Stump Riddles iPhone Game App Review


Collection of really easy but puzzling riddles

You can play it offline

The game is free, with in-app purchases

New levels are added monthly

You can play with our friends


Stump Riddles – Guess the Word for iPhone is really a fun app to have in your smart phone.  At the same time, it really offers a good deal of exercise for the brain. You will love the riddles, and also its simplicity. You can play with your kids, or even ask your parents to play – this app is for everybody. So, download the app and get solving, Sherlock!

Filmborn – Better Photos iPhone App Review

Filmborn for iPhone is a camera app that lets you use the native camera of the device and apply the edit features of the app. On the contrary, the app also has an in-app camera that can also be used which has more functionality than the device camera. There is no need to import images as the app connects to the library and can access photos. It is delight to professional and amateur photographers. Filmborn is an app for better photos in less time.

Shoot the picture perfect shot with Filmborn

Filmborn for iPhone is feature rich with clean and simple interface. The live preview enables you to compose and expose photos as you preview with a preset applied. This will help you click the perfect shot. The gestures are easily mastered. You just need to slide up and down to adjust exposure and left right to set the white balance. You can keep these features turned on as you click with live preview to achieve a zero click edit. The true to film presets has no comparison with any other app for its timeless look of real film for each shot.

The highlight clipping tool can preserve details of the highlights. This tool let’s you find out where all the highlights are being replaced by pure white. You can lower the exposure of that area to bring back the details. Filmborn app provides three custom cameras and each can be configured for your specific tasks. Select a different viewfinder, virtual lens and a film preset from the configuration panel for each camera and switch between them by just tapping.

Better photos. Less Time

Filmborn iPhone app gives a stylish classy look to your photographs. The app is light on your battery life and your work is always safe. It is designed to bridge the gap of film photography with digital advancements. It encourages people to film movies by seamlessly blending the world of films with technology. There are detailed specifications on each film stock that helps users learn about real films and how effectively it can be shot. The app costs $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer iPhone App Review

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is an iOS synthesizer app which is created by over 100+ volunteers as an open sourced project over the course of several years of efforts. An ultimate music instrument for iPad and iPhone, Synth One, is a professional level software that involves professionals from the fields of musicians media alike. Sound designers and music technicians who have worked with artists like Rihanna, M83, Kanye West and software companies are active developers of this app.

Synth and play the music of your life

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is a robust software that works very well with other audio routing tools and music apps. You will be able to import sounds produced in Synth One into other apps like Sybase and GarageBand. Synth One comes with loads of features. It has over 300 presets and five oscillators. There are two digitally controlled oscillators and a FM with mod wheel, sub noise. The app can be controlled with MIDI keyboard as well. It has 2 LFOs with over a dozen routing possibilities. Touchable ASDR envelopes for amp and filters, both high pass and band pass filters and more. There are a bunch of effects that allows you to go full on electro god. It has mono glide, legal with 4 pole vintage low pass filter. You can import as well as export your sound files and share them to the world.

AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer iPhone App Review

There are millions of people in the world who are in love with music who gets benefited with AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer app. The whole list of features can be found in AudioKits website. Synth One comes with so many amazing features that pleases your ears and soul alike.


AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer for iPhone is completely open source and if you are interested in creating such a synthesizer you can very well use the code. People who love to make their own music and those who would love to make some noise, this app is for you. It makes high end music creation more accessible. The app is free to download with no ads or in-app purchases.