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Timepage Calendar by Moleskine iPhone App Review

Timepage is a powerful calendar and to do app available for iPhones, iPad and the Apple Watch which provides an excellent way to get organized and plan your day. It is a smart calendar that is easy to use and makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one app. You have even more features than the regular calendar app.

Events and Reminders, in a powerful, smart way

Timepage Calendar for iPhone has a beautiful, elegant and simple user interface and amazing animations when you are either adding event or just checking existing events or while navigating through the app. It is more like turning the pages of a digital day planner. Appointments are present within a single scrollable page, with a chronological list of dates which can be tapped to easily jump between appointments. Tapping on a day expands to display schedules events and a weather forecast. You can swipe to go to the next day. You need to tap on a date and swipe down to display the input screen in which you can add a new event and fix a time using the time slider.

When in a daily list view, swipe left to see the monthly calendar. Search and settings menu are accessible by swiping right on the screen. There are plentiful customization options. You can change the color of your timeline, days and events. The colors can be shaded with different intensity. Choosing the right color for different events is vital for the use of this app. The heat map view of month with blobs of chosen color indicates how busy a day is. Taping on the blobs displays list view. The app sends you a summary notification of how today is for you. The app searches contacts and other personal social networking sites to suggest names and events as you enter details about your appointments.


Timepage Calendar for iPhone is an easiest event creation and calendar app that works well with any calendar you already have on your phone. It syncs quickly with all the apps and sites you are using to keep you up to date and has an inbuilt weather forecast that suggests what to wear for the day.

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Quora iPhone App Review

Quora for iPhone is a popular question and answer platform available for iOS users. It is a simple question and answer site with a voting system attached. It is different from a typical Google search or a Google Now query, in Quora question is posed directly to a large group of like minded communities. Like in Yahoo Answers forum but with more focus on the kind of responses you get mostly from professionals and experts in specific field.

Hassle free travel like never before

Quora for iPhone has an attractive interface and integrates well with native search and share functions. People use Quora to ask questions about any subject, read articles that are relevant to them and share their knowledge with others. It has attracted experts in numerous fields, so most of the questions and answers are from people who are top in their respective fields. To avoid displaying junk answers, the voting system keeps only the best answers visible. The app has an inviting color scheme and the navigation bar at the top has smooth controls. You just need to use the tabs or swipe left and right between pages. You don’t have to see Quora as just Q and A platform. The vast amount of content that is available paves to innumerable ways by which you can use Quora. It leads you to save lots of money, learn great things and find interesting perspectives in life. You don’t have to just pose a question or find an answer for someone else’s question. You can find reviews of anything and everything. Be it software, hardware, blogs, hosting service, new gadget or lawyers. There will be an expert on most of the topics offering advice.

Quora iPhone App Review

Find new learning avenues, products or a service from Quora where people often make off the wall recommendations that are worth checking out. You can have questions and answers specific to your interests emailed. Quora integrates well with native search function. When you search in Google you will get results from Quora as well. Also, the native voice search can be used to search in Quora.

A place to share knowledge

Quora for iPhone is an impressive app that offers most of the functionality you need to engage with the Quora community while on the go. It empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge thereby brings a better understanding of the world.

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Baby Breastfeeding Tracker iPhone App Review

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone is an easy to use app that can make tracking your baby’s feedings quick and easy. Designed for busy parents, the app helps you track your baby’s nursing, growth, diaper changes, doctors’ visits and more. It is a simple, streamlined way to track baby’s daily habits and health. You also get to record those exiting first time moments of your baby. With a single tap, log feedings, diaper changes and sleep patterns to aid inaccurate tracking of your child’s data.

Nurse Your Baby and Enjoy Your Work

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone records and tracks all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers. It also enables you to share all the exiting milestones of the child’s development with friends and family. The tracker with all the details in feed, diaper and sleep logs is not time consuming but helps you decide what’s best for your child. The feeding logger have timer which you can start and stop with one tap. This ensures accuracy and convenience. You can use the timer for nursing, formula, solids or any of the combination. It allows you to track feeding per breast and the total number of pumping you do. Jot down important details like formula brand, preferences or any allergic reaction in the notes section. Summary screen will display all important details like the time of last diaper change, feedings and sleep schedule. Accurate logging of data ensures faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation or diarrhea.

With Baby Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone you can easily share documentation on bowel habits from diaper change records with doctors or caregivers. Sleep log helps you to recognize nap time and sleep patterns to better plan your day. Set alarms to plan a more structured night time feeding sessions. Analyze baby’s progress and growth over weeks, months and years by logging the health history including measurement data, medications, vaccine shots and temperature checks. Snap pictures and take videos on the spot and upload into custom made categories in the app and create a gallery style album of your child’s goals and achievements.

Best App To Track Your Baby’s Nursing Progress

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker iPhone app offers a simple, easy and satisfying way to stay on top of your baby’s progress and at the same time enjoy all the special moments. With sync data you can share data among multiple devices or clone data to another device for a faster transfer. It is free to download and ensures great nursing experience for new momies.

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