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AR Dragon iPhone App Review

AR Dragon for iPhone is a free virtual pet simulator for iOS using which you can hatch and care your own Dragon. These giant flying reptiles are popular and have quite a lot of stories attached from most of the human culture which formed the basis for a variety of movies, books and TV series. iOS users can now experience this fantasy themselves with AR Dragon that brings these giant creatures to life using augmented reality technology.

Train your Dragon

AR Dragon for iPhone allows users to hatch, feed, find, customize and play games with virtual dragons. When you launch the game for the first time you see option to choose a dragon of your choice. You can choose between common, epic, or legendary dragons. It allows users to watch their dragon grow right from hatching into full adulthood. You need to take care of the dragon like any other baby. If given proper care during their baby hood, they will transform into an adult in 6 days and will become a full-fledged adult in 14 days. Make use of AR technology by bringing your dragon into the real world. For this, you will have to summon the dragon onto a smooth surface in your world. Scan the area in your place. The progression bar at the bottom will let you know if the surface is optimal to spawn. Bring out the dragon when you find a suitable surface. Once the dragon comes to life, it is your responsibility to feed him, play with him and visit him else he would get bored and upset.

The dragon is quite interactive. You throw a ball at him he throws it back using his head. The looks and behavior is so adorable. He will wag his tail, smiles at you and looks into your eyed. You will have give him you attention and the dragon responds with so much love that you would want to spend more time. AR Dragon for iPhone will reward you with purple coins once you spent a good amount if time playing and feeding the dragon. You can use it to buy new skins to personalize it. As it grows you can unlock new hats for it. You need to play and feed your dragon every day so it would grow.


AR Dragon for iPhone is a cute game even a kid can enjoy their first man AR experience. As your dragon grow older and bigger you can collect up to 20 unique hats and fancy skins to dress them up. You can collect rare toys to play with them and food to feed them. The game is for free however you could purchase extra items for the dragon.

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Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards iPhone App Review

Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards for iPhone is a chore management app available in App Store which is used to create some house work harmony within your family. This works similar to the chore charts you stick on bulletin boards to manage and get chores done by your kids. Like in real life, this system too provides rewards for the chores that are done in the form of stars within the app. It is changing the way families get their chores done. Assigning chores to children helps them become more responsible. Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards, Beautifully Themed app is priced at $4.99.

Getting Your Chores Done

Chore Pad for iPhone is a powerful chore chart that helps you teach your child responsibility that is more fun and engaging. There is a tutorial available on all the basic tasks to be done in the app. These include, setting up the chores and the individual charts, assigning points, earning rewards. Each user gets a flip card pinned to a virtual cork board. You need to create each chore and assign them to specific user’s card. Flip the card to view the number of chores completed and rewards earned. As you complete the chores, all you need to do is open the card tap the date and the chore you have completed to record the status.

There are two modes in Chore Pad iPhone app – Parent Mode and Child Mode. In parent mode, you can pass code protect to prevent unwanted changes or to keep certain set up or features away from your kids. There are payout rewards, trophies and bonus you can earn for completing the chores on time. Each completed chore will earn you a star. When enough stars are accumulated you get a payout reward. Chore Pad automatically delivers trophies on timely completion of chores. Star modifiers allow you to give out bonus stars or take away stars. You can change the order of chores in each chore chart at any time with a simple drag and drop. Users can with ease access their chart with a single tap on the card and also can change users from the start screen. There are quite a lot of customization and template creation options that you can explore to make Chore Pad personalized.


Chore Pad for iPhone is a well organized, simple system to use. However, the successful implementation will depend upon how the people in the house use it. It suits any number of kids for a family of any size. The system depends on how well individuals get motivated or demotivated to do the chores.

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Noisli iPhone App Review

Noisli for iPhone is an ambient app that helps drown out distractions. This helps you focus on your work or generate a serene, peaceful environment to relax with a book or sleep. This is one of those apps that make life easier, better and good. Those who are used to listening to music while working, the idea of a simple and convenient sound generator will surely appeal. Noisli app drowns out annoying noises around and allows you to concentrate and enhance productivity.

Work, Relax and Sleep

As you open Noisli iPhone app, you are greeted by a block of charming colors subtly changing into another equally charming one. Create an account or login using Google or Facebook accounts. Menu features are on the left and sound controls are on the right. The centre has two buttons; on to select your favorite saved combos and other for to access the timer. Scroll down the main page and there is a selection of sounds. Noisli mixes different sounds to create that perfect sound ambience tailored to your personal need and taste. The app features 16 different sound loops. Any sounds can be mixed together or have their volume adjusted. Favorite sound combos can be saved and reused. It a built in timer and a distraction free text editor. Color changing background to helps you with your productivity or relaxation. What you see is what you get in Noisli. There are no add-ons or upgrades. You can activate one or more sounds and adjust the volume slider. This creates a different sound every time you try to play the music and gives pleasing sound environment.

Noisli iPhone App Review

Noisli for iPhone is useful in situations like insomnia, reading, reduce stress, soothe headaches and migraines. It can be used at does during massaging sessions and also helps your baby fall asleep. The user interface is easy to use, sleek, multi colored with chromo therapy backgrounds. There are fewer loops compared to other apps but they are represented by neat icons that helps app keep focused on what it is designed for. There are two different modes in which you can play your sounds, productivity mode and relax mode.


Noisli for iPhone is easy to use and an exiting one. The app can be used in many ways, you can use it to soothe the sick or you can take it to yoga and meditation classes. The web app is free and the paid version is priced $1.99. The app is recommended to anyone who is looking for a way to use sound to help them focus and relax.

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