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Laps – Fuse iPhone Game App Review

In the game arena, developers are constantly experimenting with new concepts in an attempt to bring exciting and fresher games to the people. Laps – Fuse for iPhone is one such game that gives an addictive and unique spin on match-three puzzles with a dash of Threes! thrown into the mix. You can get Laps – Fuse game for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

What is it about?

Laps – Fuse for iPhone has a unique game play as mentioned. In the game, you got to launch numbered balls onto a circular grid and match at least three like-numbered balls to merge them and make combos to maximize your high score. Fuse color numbers together to score high and level up. You should time and place your shots to create awesome match and fusion cascades effects. The normal mode gives players a set number of laps to match-and-merge to their high score. You’ll earn experience points as you complete rounds and level up, getting more laps for the next time you play. It is just about how high you can score? If you are quick enough, you can earn earn and extend your multiplier bonus gauge that is shown at the top of the screen. If you can keep up, it means more points.

The UI design of Laps – Fuse game for iPhone is clean and simple. Even though the game is in 2-D, because of the depth and texture of the circular board and rotating circle knobs, it feels more like 2.5-D. The rich navy blue background makes the colored circles pop. The bubbly effects that occur when the matches happen are funny. The animations are all slick and smooth with no apparent lag. Last but not the least, the soothing ambient soundtrack is a pleasure to listen to.


You’ll love Laps – Fuse for iPhone for its replay-ability value. The game has a fresh concept, challenging enough game play, and decent 2D graphics that appears like 2.5D. It is all about scoring as high as possible and a lot depends upon how well you time and place your shots. The animations are smooth and fluid, while the ambient soundtrack is a treat to the ears. We also found the app to be stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re scouting for a game with a new and interesting concept.

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OmniGraffle 3 iPhone App Review

OmniGraffle has been the go-to app for designers, both beginners and professionals. Its latest version, OmniGraffle 3 for iPhone, brings to the table more features, including a free trial. It is essentially a free viewer, with a free trial of the standard and pro features.

What is it about?

A thoughtful sketch or professional diagram communicates far better than words. When you need a clear understanding of how information needs to be presented or how processes are carried out, OmniGraffle 3 for iOS is the tool to help you organize your thoughts visually, document them beautifully, and communicate them to the world. Using OmniGraffle 3 for iPhone, you can create quick, beautiful, and portable charts, graphics, designs, and mockups in less time. It has iPhone screen as your paper, canvas, and whiteboard—all in one. Further, the app comes with thousands of searchable objects via Stenciltown, like server racks, space planning stencils, iconography etc.

OmniGraffle 3 app for iPhone provides a thoughtful, professional interface for creating everything from basic wireframes to polished interface sketches, tools to construct SVG graphics for your next website, or designing the layout for your next hundred-server project. You can sync all your documents using OmniPresence, its open source sync technology. For more security, however it is advised to use your own server. The third version of the app comes with cross platform automation with Javascript, SVG Import, ground visibility, app lock etc. The PRO version has additional features such as Artboards and Artboard Layers, shared layers, blending modes, shape tables, and point editing, to name some of them. The UI design is largely user friendly. It is also easy enough to pick the various options. Performance wise, OmniGraffle 3 is found to be slick and responsive. It requires iOS 10.0 +.


OmniGraffle 3 for iPhone helps you to create mockups, drawings, and sketches of just about anything. Integration with OmniPresence account lets you to use the app as a free viewer for all of your OmniGraffle designs. The thoughtfully designed interface makes creating everything from basic wireframes to polished interface sketches a quite manageable task. Shared layers and the option to convert Text to Shape are coupe of its standout features. Support for multiple languages come handy. We found the app to be stable as well. Overall, a nice designer app for users across different expertise levels.

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Flipping Legend iPhone Game App Review

Flipping Legend for iPhone is a fun filled pattern based adventure game that tests your speed and reflexes. It has a charming voxel-style style that is similar to what you would find in games such as Minecraft. You can download Flipping Legend game free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The Game

If you grew up with classic NES games, then you will feel right at home with Flipping Legend for iPhone. The game requires you to be a master of speed and rhythm. You play with powerful heroes and unlock all their abilities and secrets to help better dispense your foes. As you play, you discover the treasures hidden within mysterious chests. Battle your way through new and dangerous lands – new and faraway lands not yet discovered by fellow travelers. The graphics of Flipping Legend for iPhone is retro styled. Its color palette packs in a lot of vibrant shades and even dark, gloomy tones, depending on the area that you are in. There is a dreamlike blur that shows up in the back and this gives a realistic feel to the settings. But this also makes it harder to see what is coming up, therein making it difficult to the players. The animations are slick and smooth. We’d experience no lag whatsoever while playing the game in an iPhone 7.


Its rocking soundtrack is impressive. The music is important in the context of the game as you got to move along to the beat. You’ll get the best gaming experience by turning on the volume. Mastering Flipping Legend game for iPhone involves knowing the songs and moving in sync with the rhythm. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Last but not the least, support for multiple languages comes to the aid of non-English natives. The game requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.


Flipping Legend game for iPhone comes across as a perfect combination of modern retro aesthetics and amazing music. The game play is nevertheless challenging as your survival depends on your speed and rhythm. The graphics impresses so does the rocky soundtrack. Game animations are smooth as well. Performance wise, the game is stable and responsive. It is a nice touch that the game is available in foreign languages other than English. Overall, a nice and well-rounded retro themed pattern based adventure game worth checking out.

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