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Screens Screen Sharing Remote Desktop iPhone App Review

Screens: Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop for iPhone lets you control your computer from anywhere. It lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from anywhere in the world. It is the best remote access solution used that is developed based on industry standard technology for remote access. It is easy to setup and removes the requirement to use a static IP address or configure router manually.

Remote accessing like a breeze

Screens Remote Desktop for iPhone is a VNC client which stands for virtual networking computing. You have VNC server and a VNC client. The client connects to the server from port 5900 and allows the client to see the display of the VNC server. It has an easy to use beautiful interface with Apple’s ever changing design standards. Once you open the App, you will find a display of available server screens. Double tapping on a machine icon launches it and you can log in by typing in the pass code. Screens iPhone app have various other features that makes it a fast, secure and reliable solution. It can connect to your computer through a secure connection. You need to enable remote login on your computer and you can connect it from a client making it easily reachable from anywhere in the world. Trackpad controls can be used to operate your computer from a remote device.

The scrollable shortcuts toolbar ensure you have all your favorite shortcuts that you more often use is at hand. Screens allow you to select from several displays of the server and also remembers the last selection for future sessions. If there is someone logged on to the remote server, Screens will either ask to share their desktop or it lets you start a new session. You can also turn an iOS device into a trackpad to control your computer’s cursor.


With Screens Screen Sharing for iPhone, you can gain access to your friends and relatives’ computer’s and helps them troubleshoot issues, update apps and so on. The app is the best remote access solution for iOS to access Macs when away from home. The app costs $19.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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Brain Bumpers iPhone Memory Game App Review

Brain Bumpers for iPhone is a memory game app which is challenging and tests your working memory power. The game has many different levels that tests IQ and train your brain development. It is a perfect way to spend your free time with family and friends and they will love it. Playing the memory games present in the app will improve your IQ and overall brain health.

Bump your Brain Cells to Eternal Health

Brain Bumpers iPhone game is pretty simple to play with. The strategies applied tests your working memory or rather short term memory. The app will show you the bumpers for 3 seconds. You will now have to remember their position in your short term memory. The game will next hide the bumpers will give you a red ball to place. Based on your memory of the bumpers, you have to decide where the red ball will have to land. The interface is simple and minimalistic which is easy to use and play with an ample support for multiplayer environment.

Brain Bumpers app allows retina graphics display support for iPhones and works well with iPhone 5 resolution with iOS 7. It has HD graphics support for iPad that makes it a very smooth and bump free experience. You can access your scores for the games played so far in the game center. There are loads of benefits that have been bestowed upon the users. Apart from training your working memory, it also improves short term memory, concentration and development of cognition skills.

A Game for Overall Brain Health

Brain Bumpers memory game for iPhone is the best way to improve your brain by training your working memory which is called the short-term memory and it is also linked to your IQ and overall well being of your brain. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases.

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Timepage Calendar by Moleskine iPhone App Review

Timepage is a powerful calendar and to do app available for iPhones, iPad and the Apple Watch which provides an excellent way to get organized and plan your day. It is a smart calendar that is easy to use and makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one app. You have even more features than the regular calendar app.

Events and Reminders, in a powerful, smart way

Timepage Calendar for iPhone has a beautiful, elegant and simple user interface and amazing animations when you are either adding event or just checking existing events or while navigating through the app. It is more like turning the pages of a digital day planner. Appointments are present within a single scrollable page, with a chronological list of dates which can be tapped to easily jump between appointments. Tapping on a day expands to display schedules events and a weather forecast. You can swipe to go to the next day. You need to tap on a date and swipe down to display the input screen in which you can add a new event and fix a time using the time slider.

When in a daily list view, swipe left to see the monthly calendar. Search and settings menu are accessible by swiping right on the screen. There are plentiful customization options. You can change the color of your timeline, days and events. The colors can be shaded with different intensity. Choosing the right color for different events is vital for the use of this app. The heat map view of month with blobs of chosen color indicates how busy a day is. Taping on the blobs displays list view. The app sends you a summary notification of how today is for you. The app searches contacts and other personal social networking sites to suggest names and events as you enter details about your appointments.


Timepage Calendar for iPhone is an easiest event creation and calendar app that works well with any calendar you already have on your phone. It syncs quickly with all the apps and sites you are using to keep you up to date and has an inbuilt weather forecast that suggests what to wear for the day.

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