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Clips iPhone App Review

Video editing and sharing application has become a new trend in 21st century. With players like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram leading the market share, Apple has banked upon its core competency of video technology to enter the arena with an innovative application named as Clips. It has fetched an impressive rating of 4+ and more than a thousand positive reviews on the App Store. Even though a free application, Clips for iPhone stills bring flexibility and a unique combination of video effects.

Narrate a story with animated text, graphics and many filters

The interface of Clips app for iPhone is simple, clean and notably self-explanatory. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins a tutorial that attempts to show how fun it is to use this app. With 11 on-screen controls, its interface seems to be a little chaotic as compared to other similar applications. The objective of the app is to send clever video messages among the contacts and peer group. To start shooting, one has to tap the big button at the bottom of the screen indicating “Hold to Record”. There’s a mic button to the left of this for muting, and a camera-switching button to the right. Besides this, one can also switch to Photo mode to include a still in the movie. It doesn’t restrict a user to employ videos shot live from the app, nor does it restrict recording time; in-fact one can record as long as one wish to, as compared to Instagram’s strict limits.

The only snag of the app is that videos can only be square, so widescreen footage filling the whole screen is a missing feature. It supports more than ten languages, including English, Hindi, German and Russian- to mention a few. Clips app requires iOS 10.3 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A bundle of features to play with

It offers most-Prisma-like effect termed as Comic Book, and there are also pencil drawing, black-and-white, and old-film effects that one can apply while shooting. It provides stickers to add in any clip in the sequence from the star icon. A decent selection of soundtracks from known recording artists, grouped by mood (Playful, Chill, Sentimental) are available and even one can simply use anything from music library as background to the mini video. It’s easy enough to share video directly from Clips, which naturally supports any video-accepting app in the standard Share Sheet. It even offers a direct share option to most-recent contact as a choice above the app icons. There are multiple application whose offerings are at par with Clips, but giving a try to free applications coming from the draws of Apple is always awe-inspiring.

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Emolfi iPhone App Review

Emolfi cut me in & sprinkles for iPhone is one of the best selfie editors doing the rounds on the iOS platform. Developed by VicMan LLC, the app has fetched an impressive rating of 9+ along with more than 150 + positive user reviews to mark a credible presence in the contemporary time. It is basically the first emphatic selfie app and it’s completely free to download.

AI to make selfie remarkable

The interface of Emolfi app for iPhone is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. Once after successful installation, the launch of the app begins with a request to access the camera, gallery and images – a standard procedure. Artificial Intelligence is the new trend of 21st century and incorporation of neural network theory to identify emotions is the new wave. Riding on this wave, the app delivers a unique selfie experience by layering multiple elements on the image to create moments like devil burning in anger, an angel in the rainbow sky or a ghost completely lost in the dark woods. The USP of Emolfi for iPhone is to gauge the mood of the pictures to suggest the keywords like happiness and anger to convert the selfie into a more emphatic facial one. The app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and Italian to name a few.

Collage for more experiments

Emolfi app requires iOS 8.1 or later. It is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With frequent updates, the app keeps on rolling multiple features which lets a user to design incredible facial expression. Besides this, the app unveils a new feature – collage; to create and assemble multiple pictures to be shared among the peer groups via social media platform as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. It’s a simple application and delivers what it promises to bring on the deck. Grab a free copy of Emolfi from iTunes App Store to experience the Artificial Intelligence technology to style your selfie accordingly.

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LivingWith: Cancer Support iPhone App Review

Suffering from cancer can be debilitating, both physically and mentally. LivingWith: Cancer Support app for iPhone is tailor made for unfortunate cancer patients to connect with people, request support you need, improve communication with doctor, and most importantly, stay organized. You can download LivingWith: Cancer Support app for free of cost from iTunes App Store.

The App

It is important that cancer patients receive support from their loved ones. Using LivingWith: Cancer Support iPhone app, they can build a trusted network of support with friends and family. Patients could stay connected and easily update loved ones, all in one place. You can also send requests to friends and family right from your iPhone. Whether it’s coordinating meals, rides to doctors’ appointments or sharing important health updates, everyone stays connected and organized. Regular feedback to doctor also helps patients in their treatment. The app let you keep track of how you’re feeling and share updates with your doctor. You can easily track your mood, pain, sleep and steps, and sync data with other health apps and wearables.

LivingWith: Cancer Support for iPhone also generates personalized graphs and reports to give your doctor a wellness snapshot at every appointment. LivingWith app also let you keep track of questions and important information in between appointments so you can have more productive doctors’ visits. You can also record key takeaways from your doctor at appointments. The app also comes handy to keep all the key documents in one place. Organize test results, medication details, insurance documents and other important information in a central folder so you always have the information you need at your fingertips. As it syncs with Apple Health app, you can produce step and sleep data anytime to create a well-being profile. The UI design is user friendly. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.0+.

Final Take

LivingWith: Cancer Support app helps patients to connect with their loved ones, update doctors, and stay organized in other activities, right from your iPhone. You can send requests to friends/family in one click, not to mention the ability to organize all key documents for quick access. Its ability to generate reports and graphs is a plus. Integration with wearables come handy. We found the app to be pretty stable as well. Overall, a well-made healthcare app for cancer patients.

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