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Shadowgun Deadzone Android Game App Review

Shadowgun Deadzone for Android, a shooting game app, is an intense online multiplayer third person shooter for mobiles. You want to experience the ultimate war and bullet fest, then you need not look beyond Shadowgun Deadzone. You will not find anybody as sharper a shooter as the Deadzone. The best multiplayer shooting you could ever experience in mobile. A no frills shooter game with so much potential as it is better, complete and more entertaining.

Satisfy your itching hand with this heck of a shooting spree

Shadowgun Deadzone for Android is an adrenaline pumping action game which is intense, fast paced combat that allows up to 12 players. It is a third person shooter puts you right in the middle of a war zone with plenty of bullets for company. There are two game modes, Deathmatch and Zone control. Deathmatch is nothing but a blind shooting spree and Zone control is a capture game where you need to take control of the situation by capturing the flag. There are 10 different memorable characters to choose from and customize them to match your style.

Deadly weapons are available at your disposal, that includes, sub machine guns, assault rifles and plasma throwers, sentry guns and other 20 different unique, lethal, futuristic weapons. The graphics is great and quite realistic, you will enjoy being in a war torn country. If you get tired with too much of action, take a break, just walk up to an object and you can take cover without much ado. Earn game points as you jump into the badass game.


Shadowgun Deadzone for Android is gorgeous to look and ultimately frenzy to play with, get to feel like you are a part of a full on Hollywood action movie. You will find a great variety of guns and strategies with good controls and smooth movement and the maps used are quite big and open. Fight, kill, die… and the history repeats.You get into an atmospheric world of action and get transported to an even more slick. This ultimate death-match multiplayer game is free to download from Google Play Store.

Glow Hockey 2 Android Game App Review

Glow Hockey 2 for Android is a gaming app that gets you to play hockey in a new style. It is quite easy to play but also hard to master. You get to challenge yourself with computer generated opponents or play with friends. Glow Hockey is a fun and addictive game to play with great graphics and a great concept to kill the time. The setup is simple and you get to choose between two players. The game suits all ages that does not make its player a wee bit boring.

A hockey tournament to fetish your hungry sporting spirit

Glow Hockey 2 for Android has two multiplayer mode and three themes to select. The interface has a pretty simple menu. To start playing, select either 1 player for single player mode or 2 players for multiplayer mode. The interface, graphics and audio can be tweaked in Settings menu. You can change the color palette, paddles and puck. If you have played air hockey then this would be pretty easy. As you hold the device, you are at one end of the small hockey table and your opponent is on the other end. You have two objectives. One, knock the puck into your opponent’s goal. Next, protect your goal from the pucks of opponents.

The air hockey table is causing and is filled with air and hence the puck moves pretty quick. You really need to be vigilant to prevent the goal or hit one. You need to concentrate on the speed and angle as you hit the puck to bounce it into their goal. There are various levels available, like, easy, medium, hard and insane. Scoring takes you to the winning streak and the first one there will be taken back to the menu.


Glow Hockey 2 for Android has a colorful glow graphics that is quite smooth and responsive. The realistic physical elements will make you feel like a real player on a real playground.You have four selectable paddles and pucks.The app vibrates when you get a goal. The game is offered for free from Google Play Store.

Puzzledom Classic Puzzles Android App Review

Puzzledom for Android is one of the most addictive puzzles gaming app with a collection of best games packaged in a minimalistic design. The puzzles are logic based and bring to you the best of the world like connect, blocks, rolling ball and escape. It is both easy to learn and fun where you can quickly master all the puzzles in the collection. It trains your brain and improves visual processing, logical reasoning, increases attention, planning, and strategy. Puzzledom – Classic Puzzles All in One – app is downloaded for free from Google Play.

Simple puzzles that are easy to learn and fun to play                   

Puzzledom Classic Puzzles for Android has tons of levels designed aesthetically that inspire you to challenge yourself. There are over 8000 free levels. The interface is simple and suits the ambience of the game. The collection of games can be played by all age groups. The app allows you to start at difficult level straight away.  The levels vary from novice, regular, advance, expert and master. Some games are given like incentives when you reach certain level. There is no time limit to finish a round. The games also provide clues to tackle obstacles so you can climb to the next level.

Puzzledom Android game app collection currently includes, connect, blocks, rolling balls, escape and many more are being added. Connect involves connecting dots of same color by drawing lines. Blocks need you to fill the entire board with different shapes by dragging the right block and placing it in the correctly. Rolling ball will need you to make a guiding path so the balls can start from one point to another. Based on Chinese sliding block, escape needs you to move the red block to the exit.


Puzzledom Classic Puzzles for Android is simple and most people get addictive playing this game. Reminiscent of earlier online games that most of us grew up playing, you would always prefer these game collections than just surfing the web or YouTube videos. Though there are violent games the app requires you to complete certain levels to reach there. At the end of every game you will find ads for the next games.

SWOORDS Android Game App Review

SWOORDS for Android is a free multiplayer word game you can play with friends. Swoords is considered to be the most competitive word game in today’s challenging world. It is also one of the most original and creative word games for Android devices. You can play with your friends or with a casual opponent; Swoords is just not going to bore you. Swoords is a word power tester for all those people who love to keep their vocabulary tested and updated every day.

Challenge them All!

A free download game which is kept free from all invasive advertisements. Swoords is such fun that just challenge anyone to play against you and then get in to the most exciting game ever. Not only friends, here you also challenge Doctor SWO who is considered to be the creator of the game. Get started by finding and creating a word from the last letter of the previous word created by your friend. Each letter has a different score at each level and you get to win weapons and bonuses in this game. You get 20 seconds to create a word and five rounds. There is also a training section in this game which lets you play at the most easy and comfortable level.

A Complete New Level of Gaming

We get to play or download a lot of similar kind of word games and then one would certainly think why Swoords? Swoords is already considered to be the most innovative and challenging word games in the current era of several such word games. Since, it has been newly launched in the market, it would take some time for it to grow but not late that people once they play it will be addicted to this lovely clash of words and letters.

The limitation of Swoords is that once you log out of the game, it would not let you log in again and not even help you recover your password. But hopefully, the developers will fix it up soon. This game is a must try for all and undoubtedly, everyone is going to get hooked to it. The game requires Android 4.1 and up. The app has a few in-app products ranging from $1.49 to $3.99.

Vidogram Messenger Android App Review

Vidogram for Android is a messenger app that is based on telegram. It is a fast and secure messenger that can be used to quickly send video, audio and messages. Telegrams, though, a thing of past, has a lot of relevance even today, when you want to send urgent messages almost immediately. The app is based on this concept of telegram, infused with technology and features that helps with better performance. Create multiple accounts and send messages, live stream and play with family and friends.

Send digitized telegrams, innovatively with Vidogram

Vidogram Messenger for Android let’s you make secure video and audio calls with live stream facility. The app let’s you save live stream for future reference. It lets you create up to different accounts so you can use it a number of times. Anti censorship tools lets you add additional features as you message. The app not just lets you make calls but also has a fun element to it with lots of multimedia and games. Chat separately with different users on different tab and simply swipe between them to switch tabs easily. Without quotes send messages and also edit messages before forwarding to anyone. Advanced forward features bring in a lot of flexibility while you forward messages. Bookmark feature is also available that lets you mark messages for future reference.

Reply to messages quickly by swiping left. Time deletion of messages up to 48 hours. The messages will get deleted automatically after 48 hours. Send stickers, voice messages and gifs. The app will get your confirmation before sending messages. The app lets you customize its interface with different themes and color schemes. Easily find username with the username finder. The main page can be arranged with last state of contacts and view all the people who have your number.


Vidogram for Android is loaded with features that make using the app a delight. You can do more than what a normal telegram does. Safe and secure messenger with speedy messages to those who need it. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases or ads.