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Wildfire Info Android App Review

Wildfire Info Android App helps you find wild forest fires.This app is specifically designed only for the United States to help aid firefighters and the community living close to forest area. The app lets you find the current status of wildfire activity and the prescribed area through out USA. The app shows a 24 hours status using the NASA satellite, MODIS. Access to feeds generated by the state wildfire department will give enough information for the hikers and vacationers to stay safe. Fire maps will show all the hotspots of wildfire.

Stay safe from wildfire using this info app

Wildfire Info Android App is a threat to life and society and this app strives to provide enough of information to stay safe. It has a simple and clean interface with all information categorized into different sections. With simple taps, the Wildfire Info app can share the latest information on wildfires. It has two views, the map and a dashboard. The dashboard displays current situations about various wildfires. Critical facts including rate of speed, maps, images, containment levels and more. Get to see the communication between firefighters, twitter scrolls and hashtags. Information is sort from both the citizens staying near the blaze and the fire fighters.

The map displays the area under siege with contained area and the current fire perimeters. Toggle between different views to see topography, streets, satellite images, infrared, relief and more.It is one if the best tools for all things wildfire.


Wildfire Info App for Android posts accurate information which is possible through the collaboration with NASA, GeoMAC, CAL FIRE, and InciWeb. The app shows the current infrared GeoMAC that shows the active wildlife perimeter in a particular area. It has a section for Twitter accounts that feeds wildfire information. All data are categorized state wise and on chronological order. Incidents are tagged with name of the States. Information on wildfire is posted as soon as it is available from different sources. The app makes it so easy to find wildfire information.The app is free to download and use. There are no further in app purchases. There are ads.

TransferWise iPhone App Review

TransferWise iPhone App is a money transfer app that lets you send money across borders with the lowest possible exchange rate. We are increasingly becoming a global citizen traveling across borders. People earn, spend and transfer money internationally more often than before.There are numerous options to transfer money internationally. Send via banks, PayPal and other money transfer company. TransferWise eases money transfer and helps you save more by making transfers less expensive. Transfer money directly to a bank account or through debit and credit card. The app also supports Apple Pay, Android Pay or SOFORT transfer option.

Transfer wisely to anywhere around the world

TransferWise iPhone App will help you earn more while spending little. An innovative way to transfer money internationally. Main focus is to make money transfer as affordable as possible. If you do a research of bank transfers and other money transfer rates, it is always above market and absolutely no transparency.

 TransferWise app for iPhone provides a mid market that is transparent with speedy process and transfer of money. The money will be transferred within one or two business days and will send you status of the transfer with push notifications. From their inception, they have been disrupting the traditional money transfer model with a massive growth.  Transfer money to about 71 countries from 43 countries across 49 different currencies. A best user interface and easy to use experience. The app is like a finance dashboard that can be used anytime anywhere.


TransferWise iPhone App is now being used by millions and is now the best way to transfer money. Forget paying the exorbitant currency exchange rates fixed by banks and other money transfer options. The app has a streamlined process that is easy to get through and makes use of the standard exchange rates.It is so good to be true for its users with a true mid value rate. The app is called the Robin hood in the world of money transfer. Safe, secure and upfront, you do not have to worry about the transfer at all.It is available in English, European and Asian languages. The app is free to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

Quizlet Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards Android App

Quizlet Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards Android App is a learning app that helps you learn foreign languages, science, math and more. It sets a base for its users to practice, study and become an expert. It is basically text and visual based study materials. The app let’s you create your own flash cards by adding images and audio. Use these flash cards and other tools to test your knowledge on a particular subject. It creates a game like scenario where the player can progress as and when they enter correct answers. It has a variety of objective type questions. The app will assess your performance and increases the level of difficulty based on it.

Test, learn and create your own flashcards

Quizlet Learn Languages & Vocab App for Android has a neat interface that gives a basic framework to display a flashcard. After the initial setup, fill your profile information. This sets the tone of flashcards and the level of difficulty of the questions. Questions will be mostly multiple choices and true or false. Subjects can range from basic topic like numbers or alphabets to highly scientific topics like nanotechnology.

With the help of Quizlet Android App you can easily learn foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and more with correct pronunciations and vocabulary. It let you compete with your friends. Test your memory and race against time to win a game. Create and share flashcards with friends. Teachers can share flashcards to the class and have aquiz contest. This lets students have a healthy competition and inspires to learn more.


Quizlet Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards Android App helps you learn everything from foreign language to science and history. Want to prepare for any standardized test or exams. It is an easiest way to learn a lot of things about a subject. The app can be used by students to learn and teachers to teach. The app is free to download and use. There are ads in the free version. Quizlet plus and Quizlet go are paid versions with whole lot of additional features and an ad free experience.  It is available forsubscription through in app purchases. Features in the subscription include, night theme, offline access, image uploading, scanning, and more.

Meerkat 2 for 1 on Food and Film Android App Review

Meerkat 2 for 1 on Food and Film Android App let you win deals for food and movies and compare market prices. Several interesting deals can be won including 2 for 1 on movies and restaurants. People who love getting rewards this is a go to app. Meerkat meals and Meerkat movies are the two platforms in the app that helps you with these rewards. Compare products from Compare the Market and buy the ones with best deals. It could be anything from car insurance, credit cards and more. Easily compare prices and get the most competitive ones.

Enjoy movies, films and a lot of rewards

Meerkat app for android simply helps you buying products with best competitive price. The rewards the app offers are plenty. You need to purchase a qualifying product from the website compare the market to get rewarded for twelve months. Meerkat meals let you find restaurants that have great deals. View their various cuisines they offer along with work timings. You can easily take six people for any of the meals. The rewards and offers are available through Thursday to Sunday for the whole year.

Meerkat android app movies let you watch out for movie hall that offer various deals. Discover all genres of movies. Submit your 2 for 1 reward code and take a partner along with you for the movie. The offers are presented every Tuesday and Thursday for a whole year. Auto Sergei let you check on better deals on car insurance, credit cards and energy. The app can check your credit card eligibility and choose the right one before you can apply.


Meerkat2 for 1 on Food and Film Android App has great competitive prices, amazing rewards and the latest deals. All different features available inside one app. Comparing prices on various products makes the app be your constant companion in choosing the best out of the lot. Set up reminders for auto renewal and you will never miss the date.This can let you save a lot of money and you can get rewarded for it.The app is free to download and use.There are no further inapp purchases or ads.

Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App Review

Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App let you stay connected through live broadcasts. It is an interactive live video platform with around 400 million users. The app is where you get live content and also communicate instantly. A big advantage with Tango is that you can monetize your live content. Tango Live lets you broadcast your talent and earn good money out of it. You meet people around the world andmake fans. Go live and broadcast your talents to keep your fans happy. The rewards they send can be redeemed for real cash.

Go live, broadcast and communicate, that’s Tango for you

Tango Live Video Broadcasts iPhone App provides you many ways to connect with people and share content. This includes, live broadcasts, video calls, text messages, group chats, voice calls, music and more. It works really well pretty much the same across all platforms. The users will have to be 13 years and above as per the terms and conditions of the app. You can create a Tango account using your Facebook account.

Tango Live Video Broadcasts app for iPhone will access your contacts and accept push notifications to receive calls. Tap on a contact to make calls. Tap the video icon to make a video call or the phone icon to make regular calls. The app provides various other features. Find other users nearby and group chat with them. Play games and have fun. Post and read news feeds. It is categorized into various groups, like, sports, news, movies, music and more. The app simply lets people connect easily, socialize and have fun. The app has a multitude of different features that let people communicate and share.


It takes two to tango, but in this app you can tango 50 and more people. Apart from broadcasting and communication, the app also has cool games and other stuffs. The Tango iPhone app is available in most of the European languages and a few Asian languages other than English. The basic version of theapp is free to download and use.You can upgrade through in app purchases. The additional features let you see up to ten to fifteen messages.