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Canva Graphic Design Creator iPhone App Review

Canva Graphic Design Creator App for iPhone helps you can create stunning artworks. The app makes use of photos, videos and text to get a creative output even if you are not a design professional. Create that right content to post in Instagram or Facebook. Quickly hatch up a logo that stands for your enterprise.  Make the perfect birthday invitation and many more. If you have an eye for creativity, possibilities are endless. It is so flexible and if you are accustomed to the traditional image editing software, you will feel difference. No complications of Photoshop. Yet, it is a powerful tool and can be used easily by amateur as well.

Design the artwork with the most simplest of tool

Canva Graphic Design iPhone app is the simplest design platform that offers a great chance for individuals, businesses, professionals and other organizations to create amazing quality designs that serves their purpose. You can either create a fresh design using a blank canvas or edit existing images. The app lets you import images from device Gallery or you can pick from its library. They have customized templates to help you with the designs. Add quotes and text to the photos.

There are filters that can make the perfect changes in the images. Change the brightness, color modes, add vignette and more. The Canva Graphic Design Creator App for iPhone also has different kind of themes that serves different purposes. Create invitations, posters, logo, business card and so on. Resize to what you want with the Magic Resize tool, save the images in your device and share it to the world.


Canva Graphic Design Creator App for iPhone is a great experience. It saves a lot of time by simplifying workflow even if you have to design a complex visual. Create from scratch or edit an existing image, Canva does it all like a pro. It is optimized to work well on any screen size and does a great job in iPhone and iPad models. The app is free to download and use. There are in app purchases for additional features. They have monthly subscription for each package that provides unlimited access to millions of photos and illustrations. There no ads.

FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster Android App Review

Ultimate Brain Booster app for android created by FactTechz has a collection of Binaural Beats. Binaural beats are pure sine wave beats and listening to this helps you tune your mind. It is a proven phenomenon that such beats can help your mind achieve a desired state. They can increase your concentration, soothe your mind and relax your body. Your study sessions will be filled with music and helps you concentrate more. Helps you sleep better and do effective meditation. This kind of music therapy has a positive effect helps you achieve a positive mental strength. It is quite simple and does not require too much from your smart device nor does the app need any other personal data from you.

Boost your brain with this ultimate brain booster

Ultimate Brain Booster android app is quite simple and easy to use. They have five types of different waves of Binaural beats, each for a specific purpose. Delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves. Delta waves are for sleep, theta for deep meditation, alpha for relaxation, beta for concentration and gamma for memory. How it works is really simple. Two different sound frequencies in each ear create a two tone effect in the brain and is perceived as one tone. This results in relaxation, reduces anxiety, increases memory and intelligence.

You can listen to the beats anytime and anywhere. You can listen to the music daily about 10 to 30 minutes for better effectiveness. To get the proper result you need to continuously listen for a month. Morning being a divine time is one of the best times in the day to listen to them. You can keep listening to it in an hour’s gap.


Ultimate Brain Booster app for android is quite useful for your well being. With simple technique of varying sine beats, it doves s lot of issues pertaining to mental health. It creates a positive mindset, enhances mood and increases your productivity. Opens your chakras and increases your attention span. The app has a minimal payment for download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

StatusPro – Status Saver for WhatsApp Android App Review

StatusPro Status Saver for WhatsApp Andorid app let you download, save and share WhatsApp status videos. It is now easier to share the status posted by your friends. There could be times that you simply love the status of your friends and you want to use it and share it to the world. It is easily possible with StatusPro. Not just videos, even if you find any interesting photos posted by friends, you can download and share it. These photos and videos are stored in your phone and not uploaded to any server. You can even share it as your own status.

Share interesting status videos and photos of your friends

StatusPro app for android has a simple interface that is just enough for the purpose. The aim of the app is to be able to download status videos and photos, store it in your device and be able to share it. The app does all of this smoothly. You just have to open WhatsApp and view all the status of the contacts you have. StatusPro app will list all the statuses you have recently viewed. If you want to save any of them, tap the download button on the item. It will be saved in the app and you can view it from the Saved page.You can also find it in the devices gallery.

StatusPro Status Saver for WhatsApp Andorid app lets you download, save and share WhatsApp status videos. It is now easier to share the status posted by your friends.

Share a status or repost it by tapping the share or repost icon. All of these work really fast and you can save and share as many videos you like. You can always set the raid receipt off so you will be unseen as you view the statuses.


StatusPro for Andorid is a neat and professional app and it is not associated with WhatsApp. It has a built in video player with which you can watch the video and immediately repost it. It safeguards the privacy of the data downloaded and you can save as many status videos as you like. The app let you delete the saved content as well. The appis free to download and use with no in app purchases. There are ads.

Document Viewer Android App Review

Document Viewer Word Office, PDF reader & xlsx android app is an efficient office reader that helps you read all office files. A productivity tool that help you with all the popular document types like word, pdf, PowerPoint, Excel and text files. The easy to use and powerful pdf file features makes working with Adobe documents a real fun. It is so easy to convert them into different file formats for editing purposes. One of the best feature is that it enables you to view files offline. The app is fully compatible with other office applications and you can easily view any of the files from the app. The PPT viewer will gather all the ppt files in one location for you to select and view.

View and read your office files with this ace document viewer

Document Viewer App for android is an office for viewer and reader that has excellent features to manage all office files. Not just word documents, it also includes spreadsheets, PowerPoint and pdf files. You can view spreadsheet files from any application and the app can create, edit, manage cell styles and also search for texts. The powerful pdf functions let you view read and convert pdf documents. It let you write, underline, highlight on a pdf document. It functions smoothly and annotates pdf files. The app also let you edit doc, excel and text files. Create and read all format files.

Document Viewer Word Office, PDF reader & xlsx android app is an efficient office reader that helps you read all office files.

Document Viewer works like simple word application. You can copy and edit chunks of text. Also, view and edit ppts with ease. Add text, change font, fast scroll with lots of zoom in and zoom out animations. It supports most of the PowerPoint features that makes it quite useful.


Document Viewer is quite an interesting app. The experience you get as you easily work with different office document is amazing. Access files through document viewer anytime anywhere. Create, read and edit any office files, be it word, excel or ppt with lots of ease. The app is free to download and use with additional in app purchases for add on features and there are ads.

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android App Review

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android is a pdf viewer and reader. Most documents are encrypted and converted into pdf for security concerns. One most important aspect is that editing a pdf document is hard. So, instead of keeping documents in an editable format it is safe to convert them into a non editable format. qPDF is one such app that makes viewing and reading pdf files as easy as it can get. It is a best in class app for its reliability and usability. The performance is in par to deliver the most advanced Android pdf technology. It is available for all Android phones and tablets.

Read and view pdfs with this friendly App

qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader App for Android is a user friendly app that helps you read and view Adobe pdf documents.With a neat and simple interface, the app has all the features required for a pdf reader. It renders a pdf document instantly with high fidelity. It supports text reflow, navigation using document outlines, add personal bookmarks and create links. It offers good viewing mode. It has horizontal mode, single page, night view and so on. You can set annotations and comments for the author to read. Apart from the bookmark feature, the app actually remembers your last page.

Navigation is smooth with efficient controls. Quickly zoom in and zoom out pagesby pinching in and out on the screen. Specify the page number and go exactly to that page. Double tap to fit to the size of the device screen. Displays page continuously and scroll like a web page. The app requires permission to modify SD card, find cloud service accounts and access networks.


qPDF Viewer Free PDF Reader Android App is quite easy to handle and use. It integrates well with other apps like Dropbox and Google Drive to access and save files. It supports encrypted or password protected files. It can also validates digital signatures.It optimizes well on all devices be it small devices or big screens. The app supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The app is free to download and use within no in app purchases and ads.