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Imgur Funny GIFs, Memes & Viral Videos Android App Review

Imgur Funny GIFs, Memes & Viral Videos is an android app solely for all things funny. The app has everything that is in the internet for entertainment.  It could be memes, gifs, movies, TV shows, comics, pundits, science facts, art and funny pictures. It is purely for those who have a funny bone. The team chooses the content wisely. It is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Laughing is the best medicine for most of the stress related issues. Doctors advise laughing therapy to fight depression and anxiety issues. The Imgur android app helps you laugh out loud with its amazing content and you can always rely on it for a good laugh.

Enjoy the Internet’s most funniest content in one go

Imgur Funny GIFs, Memes & Viral Videos Android App is an easy to use with a clean interface that can be customized. There are dark background and color themes to choose. It is an easy way to discover all funny things going around in the web world. Collection of memes for all occasion and you will find spoilt of choice. There are viral content immediately available and you are not left behind. The Imgur funny app keeps note on what you access frequently and intelligently pushes content of your liking. You love funny cats, trending meme or you are a fan of a particular comic.

The Imgur Funny GIFs, Memes & Viral Videos Android App has it all in your fingertips. Videos are easy to access and can be viewed in any device. You can comment and vote a post. It is home to funniest gifts, photos and viral videos. Some of the collections are the best you find anywhere over the internet. Install the Imgur app and have a great time. Content is updated almost every day.


Imgur Funny GIFs, Memes & Viral Videos Android App is for those who love all things funny. It is a one stop place for anything funny on the internet. It has some of the best collection of funniest videos, memes, pictures and gifs.The team keeps improving and has constant updates from time to time. The app is free to download and use. There are ads placed by the developers. It has no additional in-app purchases available in the app.

Tinycards Fun Flashcards iPhone App Review

Tinycards Fun Flashcards iPhone app is developed for educational purpose by Duolingo. Inc, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tinycards utilizes divided reiteration and other shrews learning system to assist you with recalling new material. Create your own decks and offer them with companions, or pick from an assortment of instant assortments. You will discover flashcards for your subjects like biology, chemistry, geography, history,languages and more. Learn nearly anything with wonderful, enlivened flash cards. Have a ton of fun opening new levels and keeping your memory quality bar full while you learn.

Tinycards iPhone App Features

Tinycard – Fun Flashcards app for iPhone is a flash card app made by the designers of language- learning application Duolingo. At the point when you dispatch the app just because, you can pick whether you are a student, an educator, or not one or the other. You would then be able to decide. To pursue some expert flash card makers, including Duolingo (which gives foreign- language flash cards) and different engineers that represent considerable authority in foreign language, history, anatomy, geography, and science. You would then be able to peruse your new source to see flash cards created by different clients. You can likewise transfer your own flash cards by making them individually by means of an internet browser.

Your cards can include pictures and content, and there is an inherent component that will change over your content to discourse in a few languages. At the point when you study a flash card deck, cards show up in an organized, vital way: First you will see one, at that point another, another, and then pick between them. At that point you will approached to accomplish something all the more testing, like composing or picking the correct answer among three or four choices. Students can utilize the app without a record and survey flash card decks at freedom; they likewise can make a record and spare decks to their “Favorites” and audit their exhibition after some time. Educators can share their flash cards decks with their students, and they can follow their student’s advancement with these common decks.


The main missing component is an approach to transfer cards in group, which is an element of some other test and flash card apps. Up until now, Tinycards iPhone app just lets you make your cards individually. In any case, there are sufficient solid flash card decks created by specialists that you probably won’t want to assemble your own. By and large, much the same as learning languages with Duolingo, utilizing flash cards with Tinycards can just take you up until this pint, yet in the event that you have content that demand retention, this a commendable, immersing approach to think about and learn.

Walter Travel Compass iPhone App Review

Walter – Your Smart Travel Compass is a free iPhone app provided by Travel Guide with Offline Maps B.V. This app is compatible only on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Walter is an excellent travel compass. Rather than pointing your directions like north, south, west and east this app focuses you towards sight, shops, eateries and bars. Just hold your phone with you to where you need to go and Walter will show you the hotspots close by. With Walter you will generally know where things are.

Walter Travel Compass iPhone App Features

On the off chance that you wanted to go out from your house or you like to visit in another spot to revive your psyche yet you can’t on the ground that you don’t have idea about the correct location. You didn’t visit on any obscure spot because of absence of information on right course. In the event that you are confronting these such issues, at that point you need a compass which encourages you to know the right location. If you have a mobile phone, at that point you don’t have to take an additional compass gadget, Walter -Your Smart Travel Compass iPhone App will help you to go wherever you want to go.

Walter Travel Compass App for iPhone is unique in relation to all other travel app since its exceptionally intended for unconstrained and cheerful travel. There is no signing up pages in this app. You just have to download this app and start it and you will get a radar view of what’s around you. Walter displays four different colors indicating sights, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. The more extensive the band, the more things towards that path. Alongside these you can likewise get remote charging app alternative utilizing this app. It is easy to understand compass applications which enables you to get temperature, climate,wind speed, pressure and other on your place.


Having a compass app like Walter Travel Compass in your phone or tablet is simpler than carrying original compass. Be that as it may, while compass apps might be helpful and handy, some may not be as precise as their handheld partners. You can trust Walter in that way.Walter will be your best travel partner.

PhotoPills Android App Review

PhotoPills is a photographic app for android developed by PhotoPills, SL. This app can be used in all devices functioned with Android or IOS. PhotoPills is the best weapon for all photography matters in your pocket, at your administration. Regardless of whether you are a prepared photographer or somebody who is not much familiar with photography, PhotoPills will help you.

PhotoPills Android App Features

You can see three menus in PhotoPills; they are MY STUFF, PILLS, and ACADEMY. Widgets is one the features of PhotoPills App which will help you to know about the sunrise or moonrise timing. It will be more useful when you are traveling. PhotoPills will help you to combine a lot of things in one screen. You can also use this particular feature, Widgets without switching on your mobile data. AR that is Augmented Reality is yet another feature of this app, this feature is so useful for photographers who want to click pictures in night because the Night AR of this app exceptionally good. The Augmented Reality makes things so natural. In addition, and this is especially sharp, you can change an opportunity to perceive how everything develops, just by looking on the screen with your finger.

Another feature of PhotoPills app is Planner, as the name suggests this feature will help you to plan when to take photographs, of scenes you wanted to. By using this feature you will get to know about the right time, you will get best picture. Also in this app you can make a to-do list, which help you to remember your creative side. Point of Interest is also a feature of this app which will help you to save your interested area while you traveling. There are four features of PhotoPills which will help to schedule your shooting spot and time. They are Long Exposure Calculator; Spot Stars Calculator; Time Lapse Calculator; Depth of Field Calculator. Long Exposure Calculator – as the title says by using this feature you can calculate the correct exposure of the scene. Next is Spot Stars Calculator- by this feature you can fix you exposure to capture the right brightness of the star. Also this feature will allow you to be aware of your fault while increasing or decreasing your exposure. PhotoPills also save s feature to save your time, which is Time Lapse Calculator. Depth of Field Calculator is more useful in night time; it will help you to focus on correct spot.


PhotoPills App for Android is an essential app for the photographers who love to take pictures of sceneries. It helps the beginner photographer to flourish in the field. All the features are well maintained and perfectly structured for the photographers. The app is available in Google play and cost just $11.13 to download and use.

Face Swap Live Beta Android App Review

Face Swap Live Beta Android App is a fun, entertaining app developed by Laan Labs in 2019. This app can be downloaded and used in all the devices. Face Swap Live Beta helps you to shift faces with a companion or a photograph progressively.

Face Swap Live Beta App Features

The mobile phone has made it feasible for anybody to effectively utilize propelled photograph altering apparatuses, for which you would generally need Photoshop abilities. One such capacity is to swap individuals faces in picture. There are various apps that enable you to make fun pictures by changing faces with only a couple of taps. Face Swap Live Beta App for Android is one among such apps. The capacity to swap faces and produce recordings or pictures in seconds with no expert aptitudes unquestionably seems like a positive headway. Be that as it may, there are various drawbacks to these broadly accessible capacities too. You can shoot recordings or photographs of yourself swapping faces with celebrities, companion or any fun picture from the web or from your phone.

Dissimilar to different apps that just can utilize static photographs, the Face Swap Live Beta App for Android switches faces live right from your camera’s video feed. This Face Swap Live app is like Facebook’s MSQRD, yet has a couple of outstanding contrast. First of all, Face Swap Live can utilize the photos you as of now have privately put away on your phone. So you can either take a selfie directly before applying the impacts accessible. Face Swap Live Beta Android App is in the class of entertainment with the component watching live. You have the choice to confront swap recordings alongside photographs. The Face Swap Live Beta App is perfect with both the front and back facing cameras.


Face Swap Live Beta Android App is a fun app simply consistent changing the camera while adding new photographs to utilize. Additionally needs improvement when the hud is covered up and perceiving faces in pictures with the goal that time isn’t squandered making minor modifications physically.