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Periscope Live Video Android App Review

Periscope Live Video Android App lets you live stream videos around the world through Twitter feeds.The app streams live events from things that is going on around your home to breaking news. The user needs to have a Twitter account and the live videos will be pushed to the Twitter feed. This will let the world to watch the videos live. For those who love live streaming, the app has plenty to offer. Best way to stay connected with the world. There is absolutely no screening and you are never sure what you are going to see on a particular video. A great way to be a part of this new trend.

Live streaming atits best, broadcast, discover and enjoy

Periscope Live Video App for Android is really simple and intuitive app with a beautiful design. Even a novice user can get around it pretty quick. With one tap you can start broadcasting. The app has by now a large community of live streamers and has more authentic content. The app gives you option to activate the location information. Share your active location and this will let nearby viewers to find your stream. This will bring about more interactions. You can also choose the user’s who can comment on your videos.

Also, broadcast privately to just a few friends or family. Periscope Live Video Android App let you save your work before it gets deleted, which is a big advantage. Most live stream platforms will delete the content within 24 hours of streaming. The app does not allow monetization and hence there will be no ads or sales.


Periscope Live Video App for Android let you enjoy the world in real time. You can watch a breaking news, meet new people, cherish old memories, share interests and more.Search and find your favorite videos and you never gonna miss a thing. It is instant and can share it through other social media and not just Twitter. The app is free to download and use. Most of the impressive features are available with the free version. There are in app purchases available to upgrade for additional features.

FamiSafe Parental Control & Location Tracker Android App Review

FamiSafe Parental Control & Location Tracker Android App using which you can track GPS, monitor apps, and check browser history. It is a blessing in disguise for parents. With FamiSafe, parents are out of anxiety with regards to their kids. It is not easy sending your kids out in the open. Be it to the school or to the playground. You may never know the dangers that is lurking out their. FamiSafe keeps you out of such anxiety. It is designed to keep track of your child and all online activities 24/7.

Have no anxiety when it comes to kids and their smartphones

FamiSafe Android App is easy yet powerful. With many functions that is been offered, parental control is how easier than ever. The most frequently used feature is the location tracker and geo fencing. FamiSafe can track the location of your kids all time. Check the location history to know where they have been to and at what time. Geo fencing lets you set a geographical radius within which your kids must stay. You will be alerted if they move out of the radius. The radius can be set anywhere from 100m to 1000m. Screen time limits and schedules can help you block your child’s online activities. Block usage of social media, apps and games for a time period, like during study and sleep time. Get alerts when malicious content is detected. This could be cyberbullying, adult content, suspicious SMS base and more. Filter web content to avoid pornography and gambling sites. Remotely control all of these features and also prevent it from getting uninstalled.


FamiSafe Parental Control & Location Tracker App for Android is a five star rated app and it has an all in one parental controls. You don’t need separate apps for tracking and monitoring. Just FamiSafe, and you will get GPS Tracker, geo fencing, app blocker, app monitor, malicious photo, video and text detection and screen time control. The activity report will give you summary of all that is been done online. The app is available for a three day trial after you sign up. For unlimited access, you need to get a monthly subscription through in app purchases.

Math Bingo iPhone App Review

Math Bingo iPhone app is a combination of math and bingo.The game has a 5 x 5 bingo card. The player will have to set a pattern of five bingo bugs in a row by correctly answering math questions. The questions are mostly additions, subtraction, multiplication and division. A perfect game for school kids from kindergarten to middle school. Kids get to practice their arithmetic and have fun as well. Scoreboard and reward points will motivate kids to play well. Scores depend on the time taken to solve the problem and its accuracy.

Play and learn, master basic arithmetic

Math Bingo app for iPhone is neat and intuitive. The interface is simple and even the kids can handle it without much assistance. The problems are displayed on top of the screen and feedback at the bottom. The correct feedback to incorrect answers will also be displayed. Player profiles are created with unique names with a fun cartoon avatar. Initially, the players are promoted to select a level.

Math Bingo iPhone app has three levels, easy, medium and hard. Select the level as per the age. Separate score boards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is made available. Each scoreboard will display the top three score for each level. Bingo bugs are given as reward points for players who earns a high score. Bingo bugs are quite interactive. Players can tap the bingo button in the player profile or the My Bingo Bugs button. Tap on them to make it giggle and spring. Tilt the device to move it around. Reset all scores and delete profiles in the settings.


Math Bingo app for iPhone is great tool that helps instill lot of interest in math. The app is only used for practicing arithmetic as it does not offer any constructive explanations to understand the math fundamentals. Not just the solution but the speed also matters. Correct answers and also to mark the five bingos in line is the real challenge. The app cost just $2.99 to download and use.All the features are made available with no further in app purchases.

Couch to 5K Android App Review

Couch to 5K android app helps you train for a walk and run marathon. The app provides you with a workout plan for 9 weeks. The WPP inspires you to get off the couch and run for health. A well planned training app with stringent but easy to follow workout schedule has helped many reach the finish line. Easily makes you a professional runner with the physique you dreamt off. It provides all the motivation you need keep up with the pace. Make you want to quit all your lazy habits for good.

Get, set, go

Couch to 5K app for android is quite professional in approach. Workouts planned by trainers from, is easy to follow and not strenuous on your body. Just spend about 30 minutes for 3 days a week over nine weeks. You will get in form to win a 5K race. There four different virtual coaches to choose from. They will give us cues to guide us through the workout. The in-app music player let you listen to your favorite music as you workout.

Couch to 5K android app helps to track your performance through graphs. Easily compare the distance and average pace. Repeat your workout to see if you have improved your performance. GPS support helps you calculate the distance and support and can also map routes. Enter the data in app and share in social media. Great communities of fitness enthusiasts are available in You will get a lot of support and motivation from them. Once you are done with the coaching fir 5K, you can take up the next level, 10k.


Couch to 5K android app is quite awe inspiring. It is one of the best health and fitness app and also winner of Appy Award. It is quite safe to practice the workout plan as it avoids injuries. It paces out the workouts and avoids doing too much too soon. A motivating voice encourages you through out the workout. The app cost just $3.52 to download and use. All the features are made available with no further in app purchases. It contains ads.

AdShield Ad blocker Android App Review

AdShield Ad blocker, No more ads & tracking android app let you block ads from all browsers. A powerful content blocker that works well on all web browsers for an Android phone or tablet. Ads are always a hindrance as you browse and read through web. It pops out at odd time and distracts us from our work. This app provides a great way to block them completely and also prevents advertisers from intruding and tracking what you do online. Go through more content than ever before by blocking all unnecessary distractions. The app works fine with almost accuracy in all web browsers.

Browse faster and in peace, you are not going to be interrupted

AdShield app for android uses advance interception technology to block all kind of intruders while you browse. In VPN mode, it uses a DNS based interception and for enhanced browsing it uses Rule-based interception. Apart from the annoying ads, it blocks adult websites, gambling websites and also social networking sites. Trackers that try to get your personal data are also blocked. A few malicious sites can also be blocked but not all of them would be successful. It does not hide your IP address.

For AdShield app to function well on chrome, you need to disable browser compression, search for async DNS resolver and disable it. Otherwise, chrome can bypass ad blockers. Enhanced browsing extension gives you a complete ad free experience easily. It blocks pre-roll ads, pop-up ads and so on. Connect to other VPN application while using the app through the Yandex browser.


AdShield Ad blocker android app has quite a unique task of blocking all unwanted and malicious intruders. It makes web viewing experience smooth and uninterrupted. It is not an antivirus nor a proxy.A lightweight app that does not take up too much of your battery life.It is the most compatible ad blocker for the most modern browsers that lets you browse faster. It is most perfect on Yandex browser. The app cost just $1.13 to download and use. All the features are made available with no further in app purchases.