Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone App Review

Celebrity Voice Changer for iPhone is a text to speech app where you type whatever you want and get converted it to a speech with your favorite voice. Stickers and emojis have become a trend in mobile messaging using any of the apps. Developed by Talkz, Celebrity Voice Changer now lets you share variety of characters that can actually talk. The talking emoji and stickers are animated and are given a cloned voice for all the typed messages.

Talking emoji and stickers, a unique way to communicate

Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone app has animated characters that can be sent over messenger just like any other emoji and stickers. The app uses deep learning technology to replicate audio automatically. It creates text to speech animated voices that match the emoji and stickers. It really gets boring seeing the same static characters without any sound any while you can create funny moments with Talkz. Talking stickers liven up your chatting and it will aptly convey what you had in mind without any misunderstanding. You can upload your own voice and sync it with the animated characters. You can also create your own stickers by uploading the necessary files and audio in Talkz website.

Celebrity Voice Changer iPhone App Review

The impersonated voices fall under public domain and you get to use voices of Barrack Obama, Xerxes and the like. As it is an animated impersonation it will not have infringement issues and is protected. This is a more dynamic way to converse with your friends and family. A totally a new way of communicating in a more innovative and interesting technique. The app is geared to meet the challenges in a broader perspective.

Celebrity Video Maker Emoji

Celebrity Voice Changer for iPhone is an awesome showcase application that has all capability to become a part of big mobile messaging applications. The app has got better with each update and it has tons of celebrities. All characters have impersonated voices. It is funny and quite useful in a way when you want to convey tricky information. The app is free for three day trial period with in-app purchases for monthly and weekly subscription. Subscription unlocked additional features and voices with unlimited use.

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