Cover Photo Maker Android App Review

These days promoting ourselves in social media have become necessary. There are leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where you can market yourselves. For those who use social media, cover photo needs no introduction. If we go to any page, it gives the impression whether it is good or bad. So it is extremely important to maintain a good cover photo. Choosing a regular image as cover photo has lot of headaches. It needs to be resized according to the ratio given by those social media sites and other logistical issues. To solve all those problems, here comes Cover Photo Maker – Banners & Thumbnails Designer for Android.


Cover Photo Maker for Android is an app which was specifically designed for social media posts. With one click, you can select an image that’s perfectly suited for Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. So you don’t have to bother about resizing an image. For those, who doesn’t know anything about designs too can use this app very easily. Cover photo maker is super fast and super easy, making it ideal for those with little design experience. Within seconds’ time, your job will get done.

Now we will see how this works. First choose Background. Either you can upload your own photo or select from wide range of images available with Cover Photo Maker. There are different kinds of themes as well. Next, select the required size you want. That means you have to choose a ratio. For example, for Instagram it is 1:1. After that if you wish, you can add images and stickers and place it on background as well. You can also write text on cover photo and choose the best font for the sentence you write. Boast about your cover photo.


Already there are 10 million installations which mean that it is a blockbuster among users. This app will also has necessary updates promptly, they are updating time to time. More than 14K users rated the mobile app out of which 11.5K users have given 5 star rating which suggests that it is users favourite.

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