Disney Coloring World Android App Review

Disney Coloring World Android App lets you create and play with your own Disney world. You can get creative with so many options. Create a Disney or a Pixar character, color them and play with them. Pixar and Disney world and characters are the most loved cartoon characters all over the world. Some of the popular characters are Anna, Elsa, Mickey, Minnie, Lion King, Toy Story and more. There are array of prince, princess, monsters, villains and more to play with.

Get Creative and Become A Disney Artist

Disney Coloring World for Android is an intuitive and creative app that helps kids put on their creative hat. The app has collection of tools like crayons, brushes, markers and more to help you create your favorite character. There are magic tools that can help you create wonders. Change Elsa’s blue dress to green and createSimba with zebra like stripes. Choices are unlimited. If you have the creativity, then sky is the limit. Practice the art of coloring perfectly with the help of the magic color tool. Learn to fill colors to the characters perfectly.

Disney Coloring World App converts completed characters into stickers that can be used again. These stickers can be placed in 3D sticker books. The sticker books have locations from iconic Disney movies. Kids can unearth surprises and play with these characters. As and when a page of stickers are complete, the app unlocks more characters. It is endless fun with funny and scary characters.


Disney Coloring World Android offers an ever expanding world of cartoon characters. You will find all your favorite and the scariest characters in the app. New releases and the characters are presented in the app. It is fun to be creating a whole new Disney world. Become the quest master with Barley Lightfoot and Elf Brothers. Disney Coloring World is regularly updated with new sticker packs. The app is free for download and use and there are no ads placed by the developer.There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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