Dr. Web Security Space Life Android App Review

Dr. Web Security Space Life is one of the best security applications for Android devices. The app provides complex protection from all kinds of threats for mobile devices, anti-virus for TV sets, media players, and game consoles based on Android TV with a lifetime support. The app protects from unwanted calls and SMS messages. It helps locating a device in case of its loss or theft and its data can be remotely deleted if necessary.

Protect your Data, Protect your Device

Dr. Web Security Space Life for Android provides a quick and full file system scanning that scans individual files and folders in real-time. It can unlock data from ransomware, Trojans and data safety. The app is capable of unlocking even when a phone is fully blocked, even by blockers unknown to the Dr.Web virus databases. You don’t need to pay ransom to cyber criminals. Using the unique Origins Tracing™ technology, the app can detect new, unknown malicious programs. Restores files by moving detected threats to quarantine. Password protects anti-virus settings and access to applications. The app is lightweight with minimal load on the operating system and optimal use of battery resources. You can protect yourself from unwanted calls and messages with selection of filtration modes and filtering profiles. It reviews blocked calls and messages and black lists those contacts so you can be free of unwanted calls.

Dr. Web Security Space Life Android app blocks device after a restart or with a request to enter a password for unlocking. You can unlock by sending SMS through the website https://asc.drweb.com and use the GPS coordinates of device to find its location. It is possible to remotely delete data from a device memory and its SD card. You can create a list of contacts that will receive a notification on a change of a SIM card on the lost device with the number of the new SIM card. These numbers can be used to unlock a phone, if you forget a password.


Dr. Web Security Space Life for Android costs $59.99 to download from Google Play Store. However the app is available for free with the purchase of Dr. Web Security Space or Dr. Web Anti-virus for PC/Mac. This is an effective anti virus, data and device security package and a must use for all types of cyber attacks.

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