Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App Review

Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App developed by PLANB LABS OU categorized under education category. The app can be downloaded from Apple app store and it requires iOS version 10.0 or above for working. The application is developed for learning a new language through interesting methods. The app holds a collection of more than 40 languages around the world to choose from. The languages provided by the application for learning include American English/ British English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, French etc. The app only allows 5 minutes per day learning time for users who uses the free version without subscription.     

App Highlights

The Drops Fun Language Learning App for iPhone provides a vocabulary list of more than 2500 words for the users to learn each language where each word is illustrated in a way that it can be understood easily by the users. Drops iPhone App welcomes a new method in the form of illustration rather than normal translation method which is found more effective than other learning methods. The audio is also supported along with the vocabulary thereby making it clear for the users how to pronounce and the audio has been recorded by professional voice actors.

The Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App shows our daily progression in the form of a detailed report soon after every session in the app showing how many words we have been covered and how much remaining. The developers has also made learning more entertaining by introducing gaming method where rather than usual vocabulary learning the app provides gaming sessions to make words more clear. In order to learn how to write a word the character learning feature helps to pick up any alphabet using our device.


The Drops Fun Language Learning iPhone App provides mainly visual learning where learning made easy and the time limit is reduced to 5 minutes a day to improve more concentration in learning. The vocabulary selection is been divided into 100 topics with over 2500 words to practice. The subscription can be done for one month or annually and it will be charged from the iTunes account. The user friendly interface and the great illustrations made the app more simple and attractive for the user. The app is provided with more illustrations and sounds which is been a great initiative for easier learning of new language.

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