Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture Android App

Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files Android App acts like a recycle bin for android. Many may not realize that there is no recycle bin in your smart phone. Once you have deleted a file, even by accident, there is no way you could recover it back. Dumpster app lets you undelete, recover and restore video and image files. It is one of the best recycling bin and it offers quick and easy ways to get back all your deleted videos and pictures. There are 20 million people already getting the service of this app.

Recover deleted files with its content intact

Dumpster Recover App for Android is like your recycle bin and has more features than that. It can effortlessly back up Android apps and media files. It has cloud storage facility which is used for all backup purposes including newly deleted files and this saves a lot of space in your phone memory. This helps you easily undelete files even if it was accidentally deleted. Without using any data recovery apps, Dumpster can easily restore files in a few clicks.

You can schedule an auto clean up of the storage after certain term, like 30 days.  It frees up space for more deleted files. Dumpster recover my deleted picture and video files android app can restrict storing files of certain type. It let’s you preview files and you can view them before retrieving or deleting them permanently. You can filter them by type, deletion date and also name.


Dumpster Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files App for Android developed by Baloota app is quite an useful app for those who use their phones extensively. It provides a great way to backup and recover files and also provides security to all your personal images, videos and other files. It doesn’t take much time to restore files. The app can also restore deleted apps with all its data intact. The app is free to download and use. It has in app purchases for various other interesting features and also contains ads. The premium account if the app gives you option to keep all your media files away from others with a four digit secure access code. The premium version provided you with an ad free experience

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