Enlight Photo Editor app for iPhone Review

Editing photos on your iPhone has become quite easy thanks to the numerous apps on the iTunes store. However, people often download a number of photo editing apps on their iPhone. This could make the process a bit hectic. Well, now you don’t need to use multiple apps. Try, Enlight for iPhone – the most rated all-in-one photo editor in iTunes App Store. So, is the app really that powerful to solve all your editing needs? Well, let’s find out.

The All-in-One Photo Editing App

Enlight app for iPhone basically combines the features that you see in different editing apps and throws in some unique features to the mix as well. This makes Enlight quite versatile. It gives precise control on the tone and color of the image. You can also blend in the effects seamlessly to create stunning imagery. One can also add a vintage feel to the images or convert images to artistic images with just a few taps. Apart from making your photos beautiful, it also helps you to correct them. For example, if you have an over exposed photo, then you can easily correct it. Similarly, you can also reduce the ‘noise’ in your image as well. Another innovative feature of Enlight app is that it lets you change the perspective as if the photo is taken from another angle. The app costs $4.99 to download from iTunes.

Enlight Photo Editor app for iPhone Review

App Highlights

Loads of editing options including crops, filters and more
Power tools like mirrors and bloating
Meme creation for social media
Share multiple photos at once
Save sessions for later
Export to PNG, JPEG, TIFF formats


Enlight app for iPhone is a must-have photo editing application for people who want to make their images more stunning. This is probably the only app you would need to edit photos on your iPhone. So, install Enlight and make your images truly amazing.