F-Secure App Permissions for Android Review

In this highly risky scenario due to viruses and malwares, your private data saved in Smartphone is not very secure and safe. Do you know that few apps can share your personal information like contacts, messages with third parties without your permission? So we need an application which can restrict unwanted sharing of information. F-Secure App Permissions for Android is good application to track installed apps in the phone. It provides information that helps you to protect your privacy and uninstall unwanted applications. F-Secure App Permissions for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.


F-Secure App Permissions for Android is a cool solution to stop sharing of sensitive information. It is fully equipped with different set of features to support total security. You can use this app to put check points on installed apps to avoid loss of information, money or privacy. The app does not require any permission to offer its features. It will also send notifications if any app breaches any security measures during installation. The app also implies different filters to simplify the search of apps based on their permissions. You can get comprehensive information about your apps like package name, disk space usage, and installation date. It helps you to decide the app installation based on permission required and offered features. So in case of several apps doing the same thing, you can select the most secure app.

F-Secure App Permissions for Android

With this revolutionary tool, you can easily manage all your important data access credentials. F-Secure App Permissions is very logical in rationalizing applications and provide list of permissions used by installed app. It has great user interface with added security features. Users will love the app as it saves phone memory and avoid loss of private information by installed apps. F-Secure App Permissions is compatible with Android version (2.3.3) or higher.


F-Secure App Permissions for Android offers best in class security for important data and helps users to effectively manage installed applications on their smart phones. You can feel secure by installing F-Secure app on your phone.

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