Face Swap Live Beta Android App Review

Face Swap Live Beta Android App is a fun, entertaining app developed by Laan Labs in 2019. This app can be downloaded and used in all the devices. Face Swap Live Beta helps you to shift faces with a companion or a photograph progressively.

Face Swap Live Beta App Features

The mobile phone has made it feasible for anybody to effectively utilize propelled photograph altering apparatuses, for which you would generally need Photoshop abilities. One such capacity is to swap individuals faces in picture. There are various apps that enable you to make fun pictures by changing faces with only a couple of taps. Face Swap Live Beta App for Android is one among such apps. The capacity to swap faces and produce recordings or pictures in seconds with no expert aptitudes unquestionably seems like a positive headway. Be that as it may, there are various drawbacks to these broadly accessible capacities too. You can shoot recordings or photographs of yourself swapping faces with celebrities, companion or any fun picture from the web or from your phone.

Dissimilar to different apps that just can utilize static photographs, the Face Swap Live Beta App for Android switches faces live right from your camera’s video feed. This Face Swap Live app is like Facebook’s MSQRD, yet has a couple of outstanding contrast. First of all, Face Swap Live can utilize the photos you as of now have privately put away on your phone. So you can either take a selfie directly before applying the impacts accessible. Face Swap Live Beta Android App is in the class of entertainment with the component watching live. You have the choice to confront swap recordings alongside photographs. The Face Swap Live Beta App is perfect with both the front and back facing cameras.


Face Swap Live Beta Android App is a fun app simply consistent changing the camera while adding new photographs to utilize. Additionally needs improvement when the hud is covered up and perceiving faces in pictures with the goal that time isn’t squandered making minor modifications physically.

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