Fashor Android App Review

Who doesn’t love shopping? But then, shopping also involves hassles like driving in heavy traffic, finding places to park, walking around malls just to find that one pair of shoes or clothes. And more often, you don’t find what you need. Well, all that is history since the arrival of online Shopping apps. Now all you have to do is sit in the comfort of your home, browse through tens of thousands of selections and choose what you want. Just with one tap of your smart phone. In today’s hectic world where time is in short supply, shopping apps are a blessing. Fashor is one of the thousands of fashion retail apps available to the discerning customer today.

How it works

Fashor App for Android specializes in the latest and best fashion, clothes and accessories from trending designers across India. The specially curated collection offered by Fashor ensures you get your pick from the very best. Fashor believes not just in selling clothes, but in giving access to fashion that matches your lifestyle. The inventory offered by Fashor is wide to accommodate different tastes. But the common theme across the selections is exclusivity and uniqueness of each item. Despite the up-market feel, the pricing offered is quite sensible and pocket-friendly.

The selection is updated daily with new creations curated by fashionistas from all over the country. The selections include daily wear and party wear for women. The Fashor android app offers you easy-to-browse sections such as New Arrivals, Indo-Western, Premium, Kurta Sets, Under 1000 etc. offers you easy-to-browse sections such as New Arrivals offers you easy-to-browse sections such as New Arrivals which makes selecting and shopping simple. The color and size filters make it easy to zero in on exactly what you want. The no return policy is a bit of a dampener.


Fashor android app is free to download on the Google Play Store. It  is a good app to download for women who want to stay ahead of the fashion curve, Fashor app offers exclusive fashion at not-so exorbitant prices. 

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