Fast for Facebook App for Android Review

Let’s accept the fact that the original Facebook app for Android is below par. But now here is an Android client – Fast for Facebook app – to manage your Facebook account. The app is lightweight, quick, and gives a great user experience, even on a less powerful device. You can get Fast for Facebook for free.

Fast for Facebook App Features

Most Android users will agree to the fact that the stock Facebook app is a bit slow to respond and not as nimble as one likes it to be, especially if the handset in question is not a powerful top end one. Fast for Facebook app for Android is a simple yet nimble footed Facebook app. It is intuitive and got a similar look to it that is reminiscent of the original Facebook app. You don’t feel that you’re using a different app altogether. Fast for Facebook is amazingly fast, got tons of features, and has a very low memory footprint. On the other hand, the color theme is not so quite impressive; it is white and bland even though you got an option to customize the colors. But it looks more polished with its default white theme. The user interface is easy to use for most parts.

Fast for Facebook App for Android

Feature wise, using Android Fast for Facebook app, you can send and share contents, read notifications, read and send private messages, chat, view albums and download photos, access to groups and pages etc. You can download and install optional push notifications add-on from Google Play Store if you wish. Overall, we’re quite impressed with Fast for Facebook for Android. For people who have low powered phones, or even moderately powered phones for that matter, might find this app more than handy. No wonder, after trying out you also want to use Fast for Facebook as the main Facebook app. Fast for Facebook is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 and up.


Fast for Facebook app for Android is a viable alternative to the stock Facebook app in Android. It is lightning quick, has a low memory footprint, and intuitive enough to provide a decent user experience. It also got tons of features that you don’t miss the stock Facebook app. The color theme however is quite monotonous. The best part is that it works fine with low end smartphones with less processing power. Verdict: 3.5/5.

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