Fling! iPhone App Review


The makers of Fuzzle have come together to bring you the next big puzzle game app to arrive on the iPhone.  After a year or two in development, Fling! has finally come to fruition and is bound to provide you with hours of challenging levels and puzzling feats.  There are thousands of different puzzles to pick from on the game, so many that you never have to worry about playing the same puzzle twice.  To add to that, there are also 19 different difficulty levels for you to work up to as you become a master puzzler.

The main point of Fling! is to flick the little fuzzy balls in such a way that only one fur ball is left on the screen after they have all bumped themselves off.  This is a game of strategy and patience.  The more puzzles that you play, the easier it will be to guess trajectories and reach your ultimate goal.  Each puzzle board only has one solution, so until you find it you will be flinging these fur balls all over the place.

The game offers three different gameplay modes to choose from.   The most popular is the arcade mode because it is a race against the clock and you have to solve as many puzzles you can in the time allotted.  After each puzzle win, the next puzzle will be harder to do.  This is a great one for posting high scores and rankings online to see how you fare against other players.  Free-Play is another mode that lets you just play however long you want, and it also keeps track of your score and the puzzles you have done.  Once you have beaten a puzzle on this mode you can go back to any of them at any time to replay.  The last mode is the Challenge Mode, which forces you to complete each puzzle within a certain time in order to move on.  This is a great one to play if you want to try and beat your own high scores.


  • A variety of hints to help you get past the puzzle levels when  you can’t figure out how to do it
  • You can either listen to the game music, or switch it to your iTunes library
  • There are instructions and gameplay tips on Youtube
  • If you need to leave the app quickly, it automatically saves your game so you don’t have to start all the way over
  • Can check global and local leaders online for the arcade mode


Newest update just came out this week so no official customer reviews from iPhone app users but costs $0.99.

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