Flipboard App for iPhone Review

It is important to keep yourself updated with popular events and news from all around the world especially from your areas of interest. Sometimes it may not be possible for us to read hard copy or access data from various sources due to physical limitations. Now this problem can be sought it out by installing Flipboard app for iPhone. This popular app is designed in a way that it seamlessly supports all your reading habits and keeps you posted on the move. You will easily get connected to your dream world. Flipboard app can be downloaded for free from Apple`s iTunes Website.

Features of Flipboard App

Flipboard app for iPhone has quite useful features which can give more personal touch to your reading habits, just as per your requirement. It is technically simple to use and can give unique reading experience in comparison to offline reading. As a user, you can customize view on the app; when it is launched for the first time you need to pick a few topics of your choice to start reading. It has different categories like travel, tourism, sports and many more to offer to its users. You can also opt for popular publications directly from Flipboard application so no time lag in doing that. As we know that there are lots of RSS feeds and websites that offer news content on multiple subjects, Flipboard allows searching them efficiently based on the selected criteria.

Flipboard App for iPhone

Flipboard is also very useful to share your reading on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also tag these networking sites in Flipboard app to get updates directly and view them in a beautiful magazine reading mode. Users will find very easy to read on the app as it allows flipping through for news headlines and excerpts. One thing which may bother you is its data usage as Flipboard app requires updating database to have current affairs on it. This app is compatible with iOS version (5.0) or higher.


Flipboard app for iPhone is one of the popular ways to enjoy reading on the move that too in your favorite magazine style mode. You just need to tap any of your tiles to start flipping through the pages of your Flipboard. Cool application with smart reading experience.

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