Fluid Navigation Gestures Android App Review

Fluid Navigation Gestures for Android helps you with navigation gestures on smartphones. This has become quite popular among users, it is brand new and still in the beta version. All the gestures are inspired by breccia’s concept that brings new life to your phone. Gestures are novel and smooth and are regarded as an accessibility service that lets you operate your smartphone with ease.

Make the time spent on mobile worthy and fun

Fluid Navigation Gestures for Android brings in loads of functionality along with it. All gestures are mostly triggered from the phones bottom and its sides which are easily accessible as you hold a smartphone. All gestures are accompanied by a neatly designed animation and this will let you know exactly what you have triggered. Every action has secondary action and all gestures are customizable. There are two main gestures that can be triggered from the bottom and side edges of the phone. They are, quick swipe and swipe and hold. The side triggers work only at the bottom of the phone.

Gestures are used for tasks like navigation, multitasking, adjusting the settings or enabling access to apps, features and other options you most frequently use. You can set every swipe action for each task. For example, swipe from left to middle can be set for back action, swipe from right to middle can be home. Likewise, you can set gestures to open recent apps, toggle split screen, open notifications, power dialog, settings, and keyboard selector. Also launch assistant, app shortcut and voice search as well.


Fluid Navigation Gestures for Android need to be enabled in the Accessibility Settings in your phone in order to use the gestures. It replaces global and common actions you perform on smartphones with gestures. The phone will have to be rooted or connected to a PC as you need to grant systems permission through Adb. The setup and installation is explained clearly in the description of the app and it is quite simple. The app is free to download with in app purchases for pro version that has more features.

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