Fruit Ninja HD Lite

You can finally try out the game everyone’s been buzzing about where you can become the Fruit Ninja! Fruit Ninja HD Lite is the HD version of the addictive app game that lets you slice massive amounts of fruit with the swipe of your finger/s. The addictive gameplay, the comprehensive scoring system and the other great features are finally put in for your iPad. Slash fruits in the glory of HD.

Fruit Ninja HD Lite features the same addictive gameplay of slashing fruits with your fingers. Your objective is to slash fruits and that’s it but you have to avoid bombs which will hamper your progress in getting scores and fruits. It features a sample of the Classic mode and multiplayer. It also features The Dojo, an achievement center where you can see your achievements from the game. You can also unlock new stuff to unlock for the game based on your progress. From designs to levels, you can unlock in the Dojo.

Fruit Ninja HD Lite is very easy to use and anyone can pick up and play. The easy gameplay of swiping to slice fruits is intuitive and is definitely addictive. There’s also the ease of using all your fingers to slash more fruits at once. This induces strategy. I rate this app 4 out of 5 because while gameplay is great, the features are a bit lacking. This is the LITE version after all so you’re only getting a sample of the great features from the full version.

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