Funimate Music Clip Star Effects Android App Review

Funimate Music Clip Star Effects Android App can edit and make videos that can be published on social media. It is an app used by millions across the world to create videos for fun. Add music and lip sync, create slow motions and add fun effects, and, still images and emoji. Create awesome musicals and get the likes from everybody. Amaze everybody with your creativity. Get to be famous with dozens of viral video in your kitty. You do not have to be an expert in video editing. Experience the feel of professional video editing with Funimate.

Create awesome videos for fun and laughs

Funimate Music Clip Star Effects App for Android is a feature rich intuitive app that can help you create beautiful videos. The app has over 100 effects that are of professional quality. It gets your creative head spinning with numerous ideas on making a stunning video. The app lets you create your own effects using the image you have. Take a favorite video and include that video to make a short musical or short movies.

Funimate Music Clip Star Effects Android App has hundreds of emojis to create extra fun in your videos. Editing tools are available to cut, merge and trim videos. Edit and crop video effects to match the video you have chosen. Create video loops for repeated viewing. There are unique effects to suit your needs. The app is the only editor you require to create great videos. Share your videos instantly in all the social media. It is perfect for editing short videos.


Funimate Music Clip Star Effects Android App helps you transform your casual moments into creative, cool videos. Interestingly, Funimate videos get featured in social media quite often due to its cool effects and creativity. The app lets you be a part of fun community. There are daily challenges which can be showcased on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Musically and TikTok. Impress your family and friends and expand your fan base, who will be your follower for all your creations.The app is free to download and use. The app does not have ads.There arein app purchasesavailable in the app to subscribe for additional features.

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