FX File Explorer Android App Review

FX File Explorer Android App let you easily manage your files. It is a great productivity app that retains your privacy. Similar to your computers file manager with superb file sharing capabilities and network access. This is the only file manager app you would require that does a little bit more than what you expect off a traditional file manager.  It supports cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on. Uses SMB2 protocol for network file transfers over Wi-Fi and other speedy data networks. There are hundreds of app available in play store for this purpose but security is always an issue. FX File Explorer app for android gives you the edge in that area. You will not be tracked nor does your file will be hacked.

Manage your files and retain your privacy

FX File Explorer android app has a neat interface witha home screen that gives access to most of its features. All aspects of your device will be neatly categorized and made easily accessible. The theme and design can be customized and can also be given a different icon design. Allows multiple windows and view two at the same time using split view mode.

Most of the files handling operations are availablealong with other utilities that go along with the app. Apart from copy, move, send, delete and renaming, you can also edit text files, create zip files and also create encrypted zip files. It has an audio and movie player, image viewer and a text file reader. A plus upgrade can give you networking and cloud access capabilities. Device to device file sharing without using any data is also possible.


FX File Explorer app for android is an app that is robust and stringent about security features. Most of the security permission it asks are optional.Security is one of the most important and critical requirement for an app that deals with files and other content. The app is free to download and use. There are additional features that can be subscribed through in app purchases.Add-ons are available for a free 7 day trial period. There are no ads.

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