Gala360 See the World in VR Android App Review

Gala360 See the World in VR Android App let you see the world in virtual reality.You just have to relax and view the world in 360 degrees from your living room. The app lets you create content and publish them for other users. There some of the most beautiful collections of photos from different parts of the world. Take a step back and see the world in different angles that you have never seen before.Get on this adventurous trip around the world.Become a part of this exciting content that is loaded with awesome new adventures.

Get on this world of virtual reality and enjoy awesome photos

Gala360 Android App is a professional app that has high quality resolution of 5k and 6k. It gives you a lot of photos and videos that takes you on a tour. View everything from San Francisco bay to the towers of San Diego.  Get mesmerized in the beauty of the Grand Canyon. A view that will end with scintillating and eye catchy Yellowstone. All of this you get to enjoy from the coziness of your living room.

Gala360 See the World in VR App for Android has over 300 tours that covers all the important attractions from around the world. The tours are labelled with different icons. Tours labeled with foot icon are hot spot tours. It helps you in walking tours. The ones that cone with narration  icon will have audio stories recited in English. The tours labelled with 3D icon are stereoscopic tours that come with high resolution picture quality.


Gala360 See the World in VR Android App gets you addicted immediately. The app showcases virtual reality that is beyond your imagination. It is perfect for those who love traveling and viewing different attractions around the world. The app has different types of tours each with different perspective and quality.The app is free to download and use. Most of the photos and videos are available in this version. There are certain photos that can be purchased from in app purchases. It is a small fee and a part of it goes to the photographers. There are no ads.

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